Where’s the Modern-day Church in Book of Revelation

Where’s the Modern-day Church in Book of Revelation

In the modern-day church today, they would probably say that things are going to get better in the coming days with no regard to the prophecy of the book of Revelation. However, common sense ought to tell you and me that there is something wrong in the religious system today. When there is stated two different answers that are given about the word of God and its prophecy recorded in the 66 books of the Bible. Therefore, our common sense should tell us that there is something wrong. The purpose of this study and writing is with a personal question: Where is the church after Revelation 3? Therefore, as we study where the church is after Revelation 3, it will be done with selected verses of scriptures that I believe pertains to the church then and today.

Nevertheless, it is well for this pastor to state that our common sense ought to tell us that there is something wrong when there is indifference within the church of the living God. Yes, our Lord spoke of this indifference when He had John to write to write unto the seven churches. Now this pastor has been struggling with this issue for many years to state boldly that that the church is at war with itself over the prophecy of what will happen to the church in the coming days according to Bible prophecy. In this brief message that many are closing their eyes to the indifference that is going on within the whole church all over the world.

It is sad to state that because of this closing our eyes to the indifference within the word of God, to where that many are saying it makes no difference what an individual believes, just so they are sincere. What is even sadder to state that men and women will not accept this kind of reasoning in any other field other than religion. The point of logic that I am stressing is that so many individuals just through up their hands and yet knowing that the scriptures hold the right answers and that it is God’s grace. Yes, the Holy Bible is right for it is the word of God.

Revelation 4

As we begin to unpack this study of where is the church after Revelation 3, it is well to say that this is not a traditional teaching about the prophecy that has been translated by many scholars and theologians.

It is well to start with one of the issues that is addressed by many scholars and theologians and yes, many Christian people about the door of heaven standing open and the apostle John being called up, Revelation 4:1. Now here in Revelation 4 is where we will begin to unpack where the church is after Revelation 3 and how it reveals the prophecy of future events. From this point on in Revelation 4 where that we will be dealing with why there are those who believe that the church is no longer mentioned after Revelation 4. In addition, with this personal point of view in this question: Why does so many believe that the church is gone after Revelation 3?

Again, remember that this is my own personal study of where the church is mention in the book of Revelation after chapter three in the book of Revelation. Furthermore, why are there so much discourse over the literal prophecy of the book of Revelation. This is why that this pastor studies the book of Revelation to find the truth the literal truth about the prophecy in the book of Revelation. Yes, many of these prophecies are recorded in the prophecy of the Old Testament where God makes it clear that there will be a day of restoring Israel and that there is the time of the Gentiles. Therefore, remember that God is very specific in His prophecy regarding Israel.

Key Phrases to Study in Revelation 4:1-2

Note: Revelation 4:1
“after these things”
“a door standing open in heaven”
“the voice which I heard”
“come up here”
“I will show you the things which must take place after this”

As we begin to consider this passage of scripture and this vision that John now is seeing, we need to remember that it is after he had heard Jesus tell him to write what he saw and send to the seven churches, Revelation 1:11. In addition, as we study these two texts of scriptures how incredible heaven must be according to John’s vision of seeing the surrounding of God in heaven. Yes, and especially the constant worship of God for the things He has done.

“after these things”

Now, in the book of Joel it also states the word “afterward” is translated in the New King James Version of the Bible and the King James Version translate it the same. The point is this that I would feel safe in saying that the apostle John is referring to what will take place after this vision. Taking it a step further to where that one might interpret it as John indicating an introduction to the events that will come after this vision.

“a door standing open in heaven”

Yes, there are many things that one could interpret in this phrase of an open door in heaven standing open. What does a door standing open in heaven mean? One of the very first things that comes to this pastor’s mind is that God is giving access to Him by opening the door to heaven. Secondly, it is the means of entering into the kingdom of heaven. Yes, one might also interpret it in this way that God is inviting you to come in and fellowship with Him. Again, there are serval ways that we can consider about the door standing open. Yet one might also interpret that in John’s visions of the book of Revelation is rapidly coming to past right before our eyes in the modern-day church and this door standing open is the Divine prophecy of the Lord God Almighty and His Son that is opening the door of revelations of the coming days.

Before, we study further it is well for me to note that we are now embarking on a new way of looking at where the church is in the book of Revelation that might change your life. Yes, this is again, a very controversial subject about the Lord’s return and the many opinions about it. The reason for stating controversial is because of all of the different understandings of the tribulation period and the resurrection of the church or to what most call the rapture which is not stated in the Bible. However, one might also interpret that this door standing open is God is saying that we have and open door for praying to Him.

the voice which I heard

Now the apostle John first heard this voice in Revelation 1:10 the voice that sounded like a trumpet. Therefore, this voice like a trumpet is the voice of authority that when it speaks out, we should pay attention to what is about to be stated. Yet we must also consider that this is a supernatural voice that is speaking unto John the revelation that he is to write what He saw Revelation 1:11.

come up here

Now in this text of scripture states where that the apostle John now hears the voice like a trumpet calling him, this is the same voice which identified itself as “Alpha and Omega” Revelation 1:10-13. Here in Revelation 4; is Jesus, telling John to come up into heaven. Then there are also the similarities between the call unto John and the call come up to heaven, and the first resurrection in Revelation 20:6 are striking when we compare the two. I firmly believe that God and His Son wants us to understand Their prophetic message from Their point of view. Furthermore, God’s and His Son also wants us to understand the spiritual context, not just from our human sense of knowledge or from the human point of view.

Again, I find it interesting in this phrase that many times most of us Christians overlook the fact that God’s Son in inviting John to come and see what is inside the open door. Furthermore, this does not mean that the apostle John gets to see what is in the midst of God, however, it gives unto us the modern-day church a glimpse of heaven and what is surrounding God. Moreover, the introduction to what will happen from the commands of God from His throne about the coming days.

I will show you the things which must take place after this

Yes, one could interpret that God’s Son is showing unto to John the future of the things that must occur before the Lord’s return. Therefore, according to what John writes in Revelation 1:1 refers to the fact that Jesus is going to show unto His servants the things which must shorty come to pass unto the church that is living in the last days. Now we do not begin to see these prophetic events until chapter 6 in the book of Revelation. It is interesting to this pastor the significant that God gives to His Son the revelation of the coming days and the events that will take place in the coming days to show unto the servants of Jesus. Furthermore, according to Revelation1:1 the things which must shortly come to pass is no longer a hidden behind the veil, for God has now opened the door.

Revelation 4:2
“immediately I was in the Spirit”
“a throne set in heaven”
“One sat on the throne”

immediately I was in the Spirit

The apostle John had already experience being in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day in Revelation 1:10, and we see that it is happening again. Yes, John was caught up or transported up to heaven immediately or instantly after he was in the Spirit. Therefore, it is well for us to keep in mind that the apostle John represent the writer on the things that will take place unto the church and the inhabitants of the earth from the throne of God that he saw and now, John now describes in his vision.

a throne set in heaven

As for this individual pastor there is no way that I can fully comprehend what John saw standing in the midst of the sovereignty of God in the throne room of God. In addition, we must also remember that this is the place where that absolute authority takes place in the prophecy of the word of God for the church living in the last days. Furthermore, this throne has always been and will always have the stability of God, the firmness of God, and the durability of God’s word ruling. In addition, there has never been a time when God was not on His throne to rule His creation.

If I may be so bold as to state that there are many of those individuals who feel and think that they are in charge, however, the truth is that God is in charge and will always be and there never was a time that God wasn’t in charge. Taking it a step further with this thought there is not a force or enemy anywhere or anyplace in all of this earth that can remove God from His throne. As for this individual pastor I am personally happy about the fact that God is still in charge! Yes, and from the throne of God that by His Divine mercy and love has provided for us redemption.

To our human weakness I believe that one could state with all honesty that when it comes to picturing God on His throne is more than this human mind can comprehend in all of His sovereignty. My person logic for this statement is that in all truth that none of us likes the idea that we have a judge for our life, and if we are going to get into heaven then we are going be judged by the Almighty God pertaining to how we walk with God.

One sat on the throne