The Ultimate Covenant of God Introduction


Let me begin my introduction with this statement with Israel, the church, and the last days. In might come a shock to your understand about covenants and to a lot of the Body of Christ that all covenants that have been made in the Holy Scriptures have been made with Israel alone. Moreover, there is not one made with the Body of Christ. I thank God and My Lord Jesus Christ that one of the covenants God made with the house of Israel and the House of Judah has been opened to the Gentiles that we have become partakers with Israel. This is God’s New Covenant. One of the big questions with most scholars and theologians is: When was this New Covenant made with the House of Israel and the House of Judah made? Another question: Does it still have to be made with the Jewish people, as some people think? Let me say this with all honesty, I personal cannot answer fully this question, however, Body of Christ and Christian community that note and be not astounded at God’s grace toward you. Remember God will never neglect His faithfulness with Israel. For they are His chosen people and God will bring them home. The New Covenant is about God’s restoration for Israel and that means that they can accept Jesus as Lord any day.

The purpose of this book is to expound upon God’s New Covenant and the teachings of His Son, the prophets of old, and the Son’s apostles of what they wrote and taught about the New Covenant and its saving works. It must also be made known that God’s New Covenant is more than just a covenant of grace and grace alone for it is God’s law of the heart. Moreover, it is a law that will be written within the heart of Israel and Judah as well as the Gentiles and the law of the New Covenant is to maintain the balance of Christianity and our daily living in the knowledge of grace with the assurance our sins are forgiven in the New Covenant by our Lord Jesus Christ.

This New Covenant is it just for Israel and Judah to be restored and regenerated or is it a transformation of all humanity? If so why or why not? Today within the Body of Christ God has poured out one of the greatest truths or revelation concerning what He will do and what He will not do in His New Covenant. However, it is sad to state that very few Christians have been enlightened concerning the truth and meaning of God’s New Covenant. The results taking place today regarding the New Covenant is that many a marvelous blessing and benefits are not being received because the Body of Christ is not walking in the New Covenant.

Therefore, to unpack the full meaning of the New Covenant and its significance to Israel, the church, and the last days we need to understand first the Old Covenant and its provisions God made with Israel at Mount Sinai. Furthermore, we need to understand what I will call the, I will factor of God for it is stated many times throughout the pages of the Old Testament. For you find what God says He will do and what He will not do. In today’s modern world and the Body of Christ understand that a covenant is a contract drawn up between two parties and they agree with the terms of the contract or its conditions. This is just one of the personal factor I see about the New Covenant and that is God has open our eyes and our hearts to see His Great love and salvation for His chosen people as well as the Gentiles by pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh Joel 2:28.

One of the very important facts that we the Body of Christ must examine the New Covenant its works of ministry for Israel, the church, and the last days, in the Body of Christ today. I state this because there is so much discourse over this issue of law verses grace; however, have you ever consider this factor that the New Covenant verses the law of the heart? Note “I will” stated many times, about the terms of law and grace and therefore, I will have to uses these terms throughout the writing of this book in order to reveal and relate the terms of the God’s New Covenant. It also needs to be added that much of the discourse is just one of Satan’s tools to destroy God’s New Covenant in the heart of all humanity so that they do not understand the provision God has made by making a New Covenant.

Therefore, before, I write any further on interpreting this Ultimate Covenant in this introduction, it also needs to be stated how my God has brought me to the understanding of His Ultimate Covenant both natural and spiritual.

Where and How it all Began!

It all began when I was called on the top of the mountain in West Virginia the night the Lord also walked with me. At that time of my calling, I could not even imagine all that God intended for me to do in my life; much less what would take place in my life into this journey of ministry. From that time I was called till the day I made a complete commitment to do whatever God told me to do was 23 years. I was called in 1953 and it was not until 1975 when I made my commitment and told God that I would do what I had told Him I would do. However, like the House of Israel I was still not living up to what I had promise to the Lord God. It was just a few months after I had proclaim in a small Methodist church that God revealed my first assignment and that was do the work of an evangelist. Then my second assignment was to be a pastor which I done for twelve years, it was after this that the Lord God gave me the assignment I am now doing and that is writing for the Lord God that His glory might be made manifested by writing and living in the New Covenant within the Body of Christ and the world.

Yet with each and every assignment God has proven to be more than just the one who called me or the one who created me. For the relationship I have with Him I can state with all honesty that He is my counselor, teacher, comforter, strength, guide, and more, much more. From the day I made my commitment God, and my Lord Jesus Christ has become my all in all, that entire dimension I have a deeper relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I have made this statement because in my walk of faith it would be void without their presence in my life. For 10 years I did the work of an evangelist, and for 12 years the work of a pastor, again now I am writing for training men and women for the work of ministry and for the glory of my God. It was out of the first two assignments came more of the spiritual knowledge I have gain out of those experiences which has become a natural part of my relationship with God and my function within the Body of Christ and the Christianity I live today.

Therefore, the writing of this book about the Ultimate Covenant is my new assignment that the Almighty God has assigned as well as blessed me with such an honor to write about His New Covenant. I cannot explain how thrilling the Word of God has come, to mean to me with each and every assignment, in addition, the impact I have discovered from His, Holy Word in serving as a minister of that word. I can say with all honesty I wish I had known all of these truths about the New Covenant 52 years ago for my ministry would have been completely and totally different. In addition, my whole attitude would have had a more intimate attitude for a higher and personal relationship with God and His New Covenant.

In Church However, Not in the New Covenant

I have read and heard it stated in one form or another, what I just stated in my preface of this book that many people in the world and many Christians feel dissatisfied with the scope of Christianity in the world today. If we who represents the Body of Christ state that we are dissatisfied with Christianity what we are stating is that we are in the church and not in God’s New Covenant.

I have repeated this statement for the Spirit of God has made instruction in His Holy Word that Israel, the church, and in the last days are to administer the force of the New Covenant for Him, His Son, and for His Holy Spirit indwelling in us. One of the true meanings that the Spirit of God has revealed about why there is a need for a New Covenant for the purpose of fulfilling all of God’s provisions, promises, and purposes written within the pages of the Holy Scriptures for Israel, the church, and the last days. The New Covenant is the power of God that we can put our trust in and that it will be faithful in its provisions. There are five books in the Holy Scriptures where it is written about the New Covenant and they are as follows; Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Romans and the book of Hebrews.

The New Covenant is for all Christian Jews and Gentiles are included in this Ultimate Covenant and with the spiritual power of this New or Ultimate Covenant. Again the purpose of this book is about the vital role that which is irreplaceable regarding Israel, the church, and the last days and the prophetic word regarding what God has had written about His New Covenant by three prophets and by the apostle Paul.

These four in their prophetic message about the Word of God regarding God’s New Covenant states four important relationship: They can be defined in human relationship with God in the Old Covenant and in the New Covenant. The first is mankind being or feelings toward God and God’s New Covenant. The second is our relationship which implies our actions in the New Covenant. The third is our relationship with our neighbor or others that describes our New Covenant relationship and with the Spirit of God. The fourth relationship contains the implication that comes together and provides a new law of the heart as the perspective relationship in the law of God written in the mind of mankind, or Israel, the church, and the last days.

Each of these four relationships has been stated from the time God stated, “let us make man in our image, after our likeness” Genesis 1:26. The next important relationship recorded in the Holy Scriptures is between God and Israel in the Mosaic covenant at Mount Sinai. In addition, what the people of Israel witnesses on that day in the very presence of God in the thunder, lighting, smoke, and fire and the voice of God proclaiming His Covenant unto them from Mount Sinai. From that day and time the Holy Scriptures has been written about Israel, the church, and the last days. The next vital relationship has been with Abraham and God recorded in the Holy Scriptures starts with God’s calling of Abram. It is in this relationship that God establishes an everlasting covenant with Abraham which is the beginning of an everlasting relationship between God and Abraham.

The prophet Jeremiah writes that the manifestation of God’s law is written within the heart in the New Covenant Jeremiah 31:33. Now the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel presents a broad contrast of the Old Covenant with the New and Ultimate Covenant to reveal the spiritual conditions for Israel, the church and the last days. In addition, these two prophets also reveals in the New Covenant God’s provision for the House of Israel and the House of Judah including the Gentiles as well as the ministry of the New Covenant.

There are many terms that we could use to describe in the church but not in the New Covenant for example one of the biggest reason all of our unrighteousness which is a true form of breaking the New Covenant. So I will use the term breaking the New Covenant. In addition, if you are a devout student of the Holy Scriptures you might say this is the wrong term to be using. Nevertheless, the other terms will be used to describe other thoughts in this book. I have been an evangelist, pastor and held many other position of leadership within the Body of Christ or the church and I never really paid much attention to the New Covenant until the Spirit of God asked me to write about the New Covenant. The Ultimate Covenant of God Chapter One