The Ultimate Covenant Of God Forward



The writing of this book is about two vital things that involves the many Christians people within the modern-day church today the first is about how the New Covenant has been a part of my life and call to ministry, the second is how the Body of Christ is breaking or abusing the New Covenant. Yes, It all truly began while I was deep in study of the covenants of God in the Old Testament and their role in the Body of Christ today. Yes this a very sad statement that I just made; however, when we truly consider what the New Covenant stated in Jeremiah 31:31-34 and Ezekiel 36:25-27 they reveal a truth where God states what He will place in the hearts of mankind to the house of Israel and the house of Judah first and then the Gentiles. However, this is not the first time for the Spirit of God to come into my thoughts and say write on this subject or while I am studying the Holy Scriptures. It is how the Spirit of God came and addressed what He wanted written and why He wanted it written and how to write it. However, it was in my spirit that it seem to be different for what He was asking me to write about, when the Spirit of God said write about the New Covenant. Ok Lord!

Moreover, the Spirit of God this time came on strongly when He addressed the subject about the New Covenant, for it spoke of the neglect that the Body of Christ was doing in regards to the New Covenant. The Spirit of God also addressed this fact that there are many who claim to be spiritual and yet lack the spiritual knowledge of My of My New Covenant which is the Ultimate Covenant of God. He also made it clear of my own neglect and lack of spiritual knowledge and understanding of His New Covenant written by Paul in the book of Hebrews 8. It is over the next several months and with much prayer for instructions on what to write about the New Covenant. Therefore, this book is about neglect of our lack of spiritual knowledge about God’s New Covenant which is the Ultimate Covenant of God given to house of Israel, and the house of Judah, and then the church that is living in the last days.

Furthermore, this book is about relationship, abuse, conflicts within the Body of Christ, as a matter of fact it is about those who claim to be Christians and will not profess they do not have the spiritual understanding of God’s New Covenant or much less its purpose and provision of having it. This statement was made for this purpose that all of us if we are honest do not like to admit that we do not understand what the churches of today call the covenant of grace, much less of even when it started and with who it started with. Then the Spirit of God said unto me, moreover the people of the Body of Christ does not even know the spiritual warfare that goes on over My New Covenant, therefore write about this conflict and the spiritual battle that is going on within the walls of every individual because their warfare is the law of the heart.

The Spirit of God said before you write any further let them know the terms you will be using during the writing of this book. The first term will be instead of church you will be using the Body of Christ, the second term instead of Bible you will be using Holy Scriptures, and finally Israel, the church, and the last days. These terms are terms of how the Holy Scriptures was written through the Old and New Testaments regarding God’s judgments, statutes, commands, commandments, and laws. Yes each of us has read these terms recorded throughout the pages of the Holy Scriptures.

There is another issue which needs to be addressed which are being taught in the modern Body of Christ is a popular teaching in traditional Christianity today in the following question. Does the New Covenant negate God’s law and do away with the Ten Commandments and other laws of God? Again the purpose of this book is to examine this question and many other questions regarding the New Covenant. In addition, how many individuals even know the structure of the Holy Scriptures is written and organized around God’s Divine Covenants that reveals His Divine relationship with every human being. The Ultimate Covenant of God Preface