The Ultimate Covenant of God Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Making adjustments for the New Covenant

In the title of this chapter it should be made clear that we are speaking about commitment for starting a new life. When God’s speaks about what He is about to do in the New Covenant it should be made known that He is about to reveal that a new revelation is on its way and that it is time for adjustment. When we think of Israel and the first covenant that God made with them we must look at all of the enormous changes and adjustments that God would require of them and yet God’s people were willing to obey. One of the examples that comes to mind is when God told Abram to get thee out of thy country and go to a land that I will show you. The point is that Abram’s life at the moment had to make changes as well as adjustments to accomplish what God had assigned him to do. In addition, out of this example, each of us should learn that adjusting one’s life is in the will of God and what it cost and that it is worth it.

One of my sad thoughts is that there are some people who would think and maybe even say that God would not ask them to make any kind major adjustments in their life. However, when you read the Holy Scriptures for understanding about making adjustment you will certainly find that God does require changes in people or to make adjustment. Let me give you a prime example of adjustment of what our Lord did about making adjustments. Jesus left His position in heaven and the glory of heaven to come into a world to help His Father bring salvation and to redeem His creation. If our Lord could make that choice for His Father it relates to me that we will have to make significant adjustments as are Lord did.

Furthermore, the Holy Scriptures gives us many, many examples of men and women making adjustment in both the Old and New Testaments. I feel that we the Body of Christ are willing to make adjustment God is willing to help us accomplish His purpose. We the Body of Christ have been commissioned to go into all nations making disciples that means revealing the word of our Savior and our God.

We cannot stay where we are and go with God

I made this statement for this reason that when God is revealing about what He is about to do in the New Covenant and in the book of Revelation it should be our invitation to make ready for Him to come. In addition, God down through my ministry has hand me some big challenges and this challenge to write about the New Covenant is another one for the New Covenant is about life in the world and in the Body of Christ. For me and when I first begun my ministry one of the biggest challenges and misunderstanding I had was about take up Jesus cross and follow Him for at that time I was not completely ready to leave my comfort zone. Therefore, I had many frustration and pain in my life.

What our Lord was saying when He stated “Take up your cross and follow me” our Lord is giving us a picture of the concept of denying one’s self and following Him no matter what. I can say from my own experience that the call is tough, but the rewards I have receive has well been worth the willingness to pursue it in my calling. Denying ourselves or self requires us to give up anything that we would desire or want that would hinder our doing the will of God. Let me add this just because we want something does not mean that it is wrong.

Many people think that when the Lord said take up your cross meant bearing hardship for the Lord. From my own personal experience there have been times of hardship, however, in those experiences I learned that some of them was required for me to grow spiritually. What is our cross? Is it just a burden to bear? Far, far more than that, it is our instrument of complete and total sacrifice for the Lord. Secondly, if we are completely honest with our thinking of what the Lord Jesus did for us; and the cross He bore for us meant making big adjustment for Him to help His Father. Are you willing to make those kinds of adjustments?

The big thing with making major adjustments for taking up our cross is dedication for the work of the Lord. Following the Lord then requires us to live as He lived His life while here upon this earth consider what Peter wrote: “For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps, 22 who committed no sin nor was any deceit found in His mouth;” (1 Peter 21-22 NASB) Furthermore, I believe that there is a sense that the Body of Christ must give for Christ and His Father. This is just one example of our Christian calling to be followers of Christ. Secondly, we are to be examples in are Christian living to show the willingness to suffer as our Lord did and no deceit was found in Him.


How to stay aligned with God when you do not understands what He wants in His New Covenant!

Many times in our lives where there are times when we really have to make a big decision and we do not have much time to make it. It is when we really need to speak to God and for Him to speak up. What if He doesn’t? What then? And we ask ourselves how can I possibly discern what His will is for me in this situation? We have a few guiding principles that can help us which is the Holy Scriptures the guidelines for decision making in God.

The first principle we need to consider is where is the pressure coming from? One of the very first things you need to ask yourself is why do I think this is so urgent? I know from my own experience that all too many times I have mixed feelings about what God wants. In today’s fast pace world there is always the time factor in when we have to make such decisions. One of the true reality’s that I have learned in life and ministry God does not want us to be a bundle of nerves nor does He want us to fear people. What God really wants is for you to let Him guide you by His Holy Spirit which is His Ultimate Covenant of life and ministry.

What happens to most of us is when the real church time comes it is the easy route to take that we lean towards whatever decisions will give to us the most peace. Most often when we make this kind of a decision we run into one crisis after another. Now what? We have another new problem and it has more pressure than the first one. Most of us when this happens do not feel that God is answering the problem fast enough. Moreover we feel that God needs to take care of this instantly and He is not. One of human natures faults is we do not take the time to look at it from God’s perspective. I have been following the Lord in my ministry for over thirty years and I have learned that everything revolves around God.

What is at stake?

Well let me address to you in this manner to start what is the worst thing that can happen? Well, you have could have made the decision wrong and you feel that God is going to be angry with you and now you are going to have to throw yourself at His mercy for making the wrong decision right? I do not feel this is God’s way. What I do think and feel is God is not going to punish any of us for sincerely trying to make the right decision for Him in are life. As long as you feel and really care about the fact that you are personally messing up I know from my own experience God will see you through. One of the greatest reality’s all of us need to remember is that God is God and we need to remember who we are talking to.

What do you do?

When we are faced with this question probably the best way we can address it is to consider it in this manner maybe God isn’t telling you what to do, however, He might be telling you the way you need to do it. For example, God might be showing you the problem and telling you or showing you your reasoning of how to move or remove the problem. God could also be pointing out all of the areas you could fall into temptation by using your own knowledge of the problem.