The Ultimate Covenant of God Chapter Four

Chapter Four

God Speaks to People in His ultimate Covenant, God is Speaking Today

Let us begin to talk about the ways God speaks to us today as well as He spoke to Israel then, in addition, we are talking about the sovereignty of God, and His ways to communicate His message or His prophetic word to Israel, the church, and the last days. First we need to make clear that it is God doing the speaking, for God speaks in many different ways to guide Israel, the church, and the last days in His prophetic word. For the Holy Scriptures are full of Divine prophetic messages of God speaking from the time God speaking with Adam in the Garden of Eden when He walked with Adam in the cool of the evening. You will find God speaking to Moses at the burning bush, God speaking to Nebuchadnezzar in his dream. All through the Holy Scriptures you also find God speaking His instruction of guidance to His chosen people. For it is in these instructions God directed them to be obedient with their cooperation and He would be their God and they would be His people.

Nevertheless, God is still speaks to Israel, the church, and the last days through voice of the Holy Spirit to communicate His Holy instructive Words in many ways to speak to you and to me. Yes I know that many would think and say that I talk as though God is personal and speaks to me. And many individuals would also say that they despise that. Therefore, my response to that way of thinking is to ask do you have a problem hearing God’s voice or the Holy Spirit of God. Furthermore, I know there are those individuals who would argue that God no longer speaks to people for He done that with only the prophets of the Old Testament, however, let me say do not let anyone intimidate you for when you are saying you are hearing the voice of God. In addition, in these last days God has said I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh and their sons and daughters shall prophesies, if this is the case then they have to hear the voice of God speaking to them. In this statement let it be known that God is not speaking in the past tense but He is speaking the present tense of today.

Again here I am speaking about the sovereignty of God speaking in His New Covenant which I believe is His Ultimate Weapon for Israel, the church, and the last days. In addition, I do not make this statement lightly about God’s Ultimate Weapon for Israel, the church, and the last days for I further believe that on the Day of Pentecost that God poured out His Spirit upon all flesh and therefore telling us to prepare for the coming events and His Son’s Second Coming. Another way of addressing the New Covenant or God’s Ultimate Weapon was clearly proclaimed by the prophet Ezekiel when he stated God’s Divine Word that God would “put His Spirit in them” Ezekiel 36:27. I do not know what other individuals think about God’s Spirit but to me personal it is my Ultimate Weapon given to me in the armor of God.

God speaks to us by His Holy Spirit, and through His Holy Word or Holy Scriptures

This brings us up to another part of How God speaks to us today if you hear His voice do not shut the door of your hearing this problem you will find goes all the way back to the book of Psalms 95 which is the Lord’s warning against unbelief. One of the issues that the Lord God makes clear in this Psalm is because of the people’s ignorance of God that He swore that they shall not into His rest Psalm 95:11. The point of truth from the psalmist and what he has written goes back thousands of years where he speaks God’s warning to Israel, the church, and the last days. The Spirit of God continues to speak and minister to us today with the living word of God that is activity and sharper than any two-edged sword. It is the law of the heart and the New Covenant that is active within the Body of Christ today.

It is in this conclusion, that the Holy Scriptures is just one part of God speaking to the Body of Christ as well as any individual. Yes I believe that the Spirit of God speaks to us through the Holy Scriptures. If it does not then it does not actively speak to us, therefore, to read the Holy Scriptures would be a waste of time for it is the history of God with Israel, the church, and the last days. However, the Holy Scriptures is not just about God alone in one sense of the word for it is about a record of instructions given by Him to the prophets to convey His Divine commands, judgments, covenants, and commandments for Israel, the church, and the last days.

Most any Christian knows that the Holy Scriptures can guide them in many ways which comes by the Spirit of God. Furthermore, we all can by God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit speaks by opening up our understanding to the Holy Scriptures, however, God did not promise to speak in any other ways than by His written word. In other words, we can expect and believe that God has spoken before, or spoken in many different ways one of the different ways was through a donkey speaking. The Holy Scriptures does not tell us to put out a fleece; never does it tell us to listen to the still small voice. It always points to God and God’s will and what God wants from them He has called.

From my own personal experience with God has always been guiding me in my walk of faith through His Divine providence for me. When it comes to our conscious participation in doing what God’s Spirit ministry tells us it guides us to do however the Spirit feels fit. In addition, it is time for us to expect the Spirit of God to speak His guiding words in the law of the heart that we as members of the Body of Christ teaches the law of the heart which is the New Covenant. Here in the Ultimate Covenant God has given His perfect word and will; He has given it to us the we might minister His perfect word. So brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, if you want to know God’s will for you, you need to pray and read the Holy Scriptures. For it is here in the pages of the Holy Scriptures where God has had written His perfect and Holy instruction in His Divine judgment for Israel, the church, and the last days. For I know from my own personal life it was not until I prayed and ask God for knowledge and wisdom that God grant it. Other questions kept coming to mind for example: How do I make decisions to please you God? You will also find God’s will for your life all you have to do is ask.

Nevertheless, we Christians need to affirm what God says, in addition, the Holy Scriptures tells us that it is enough and more than enough of what we need to apply it to faith and our life now and the life to come. The reasoning for this statement is because when you have to make those life changing decisions thank God that He has given you the Holy Spirit as well as the Holy Scriptures that contains all of His Holy instructions on what He wants from each of us to do and where to do it.

Ways God speaks to His people in the Holy Scriptures

My first question is have you been in a worship service and heard someone state if their testimony how God has spoken to them in a clear way for something happing in a particular situation? You hear this account of God’s voice in a small group or church, who gives their accounts of God’s clear voice speaking. Then there is this question have you ever heard any other individual ask how could God speak to everyone else and not to me? And yet here is another question does God really speak? Then the big question is: Does God really communicate in a clear audible voice? My answer to this question is “YES”.

From my years of ministry and study the word of the Holy Scriptures and pastoring here is just one of the first reason that most people here being taught today recorded in 1 Timothy 3:16 that all scriptures are inspired by God. There is also another question which needs to be addressed within the Body of Christ today that many people ask: Does God speak to people today? My answer can only be stated in this way I thank my God and my Savior that He took and ask me many years ago to go and proclaim His message. If I may be so bold as to state that there are those individuals who are doubters that will say that they have been swallowing this line of talk for years and if God speaks they need real proof. Therefore, there is another way of addressing this question of God speaking: That it is obvious that anyone who believes that the Holy Scriptures is the inspired word of God cannot say that God did not speak to the prophets and apostles for when they do they contradict the word of God within themselves that it is the inspired word of God.

God is Speaking Today!

First of all, let me be clear that I believe that God can speak to all and that He speaks in many different ways to guide, instruct, people by giving them understanding from the Holy Scriptures. In addition, I personally cannot feel safe in saying that what is recorded in the Holy Scriptures is just a story. For example, in the first book of the Holy Scriptures it is recorded about Adam walking with God in the cool of the evening and some way somehow I cannot believe they were just walking without speaking to one another. Nor can I not believe that God did not speak to Moses from the burning bush when He told Moses take your shoes off for where you stand is holy ground. The Holy Scriptures gives unto us many examples how God spoke and Paul states as he writes to the Hebrews in his introduction in the book of Hebrews 1:1 Paul states: “God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways,” (Hebrews 1:1 NASB).

Now regarding the Body of Christ in the last days take note of what Paul states in the next verse of scripture: “in these last days spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the world.” (Hebrews 1:2 NASB) In these last days and the prophets writing about the New Covenant they have not only wrote about the New Covenant they have spoken what God was speaking for them to write. In this New Covenant God has revealed His plan of salvation, grace, and atonement for those who answer His calling.

Does God Speak Directly to Man Today?

What I just stated in Hebrews 1:1 where Paul stated in many different portions and many different ways Paul was saying that God had spoken to man. However, speaking of what is taking place in these last days things have change and God has now made a new provision through His Son in the New Covenant for God now does His speaking through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the key question is what is the significance of the Holy Spirit speaking or God speaking? Since the apostle Paul addressed how God had spoken in the past relating to both stages of the Old Testament Patriarchal and Mosaic which was the means of communication in that day, as well as dreams and visions etc…

It is well to also note how the evidence of God’s communication and His direct communication was to be communicated to Israel, the church, and the last days in God’s Son’s teaching. For we find that Jesus encourage them of His day and time to understand that His words were words of life and that the Spirit gives life John 6:63. Finally, let me say this about God speaking that brings about much discourse within the Body of Christ and this discourse is over this very subject of God speaking to us directly. I can say with all honesty if men and women of the Body of Christ today are not filled with the Spirit of God they are only fabricating God’s word that He has put His Spirit in us.

Now I have said all this to make this point of logic about God speaking. The real honest truth of the matter what many Christians do not state about God speaking is when God spoke to them on that Sunday morning as the pastor was giving the message of the lord that they responded to His voice. The second part of this truth is how does a minister of the word of God know and receive that word if it is God’s message without hearing what God is speaking. This is just two examples of God speaking and furthermore, I still believe that God has prophets and men and women speaking God’s prophetic message today.

This book deals with many issues regarding the New Covenant or the Ultimate Covenant and God speaking is just one of these issues. I have just stated two examples of the truth about how minister have to hear what the Spirit says unto them. Furthermore, what did are Lord and savior say to seven churches in the book of Revelation 2 and 3. Jesus our Lord sent seven message or seven letters to seven churches recorded in the book of Revelation and He said seven times this message “He who has and ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Revelation 2 and 3) Then if we individuals within the Body of Christ says that God is not speaking then why did our Lord specifically state seven time about having an ear to hear what the Spirit is speaking to the churches.

In addition, what our Lord stated to the seven churches was not just praise; it was a Divine word to profit Israel, the church, and the last days with the understanding that they must have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying. Furthermore, do you think sermons are done just overnight without much prayer for guidance for the message that is to be proclaimed from the pulpit on Sunday morning? Moreover, this is a way of hearing Christ and God about anything that pertains to our lives and those in the Body of Christ. I cannot stress how vital it is to have the ear to hear what The Spirit has to say not only to the churches but to you also. For when we rightly understand what the Spirit is saying we are able to make the right judgments in life for ourselves and others.

What is sad to state is also what our Lord spoke in the gospel of Matthew 13:15-16 that the people has grown dull and their ears are hard of hearing here Jesus has stated a basic truth that “we hear the truth or we don’t hear the truth” another way of putting it is “you hear what the Spirit say or you don’t hear it at all”. Are you listing? Are you listing to God speaks by His Spirit? Then we must also address this question are you living with the New Covenant in your life? Many will say yes, however, when it comes to spiritual hearing is also about being spiritual receptivity to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

When it comes to spiritual hearing in the Body of Christ I believe many need to have spiritual hearing aids. I state this for this example I am hard of hearing and I use hearing aids just to understand what someone is saying to me or to hear them more clearly. For many hearing God speaking to them can be like not hearing Him clearly and therefore, because they do not hear clearly they turn off the spiritual hearing aid. To hear God speaking we need to use the nature spiritual ear that God created us with. The very sad thing that happens to most of us is we go so long without hearing Him that we get used to our life without hearing God or even others around us. In addition, what is even more sadder is many Christians never learn to hear the voice of God and therefore, they begin to think that God does not speak.

One of the things that happens so many times when God does speak to people that they are dumbfound, thinking to themselves, what did God mean when He spoke to me in that way? Then they begin looking for clarification of what God is requesting them to do. Then they also ask why has God never spoken to me before like that? These are just basic questions that many Christian people would ask when hearing God for the first time. When most of us consider the truth of the matter of hearing God speak the reality is that God has been speaking all the time.

From my own experience as being a pastor is that many people think about God speaking is in an audible voice for example like when God told Moses that He would speak to Israel and His voice came out of the lighting and thunder and this is how many people thinks God speaks. Yes, I need hearing aids to hear people audible so that I can answer them responsibly to what I have heard them speak. Personally I believe that God speaks in many difference ways to people whom He has called; however, I believe that the voice of God speaking to us today is God’s Spirit or Holy Spirit.

First of all I believe that in order for each of us to start hearing God’s voice in our lives, we must strongly believe that God does speak. For if we go back through all of the scriptures where God speaks and consider this fact of how God spoke then the only pre-requisite which they all had in common was their faith and being led by the Spirit of God. The Ultimate Covenant of God Chapter Five