The Spirit of Antichrist Chapter Two

Seducing spirits and their characteristics

Attention! God is giving His prophetic warning to this generation of the modern-day church and I strongly believe that we must pay strict attention to what this warning is so that we will not be deceived by the spirit of antichrist. The point of logic for what I have, just stated is to say that there are seducing spirits within the church and therefore, I would say unto you that these seducing spirits will bring only deception in the latter days, 1 Timothy 4:1-2. It is on a sad note however I believe it to be true that there are many within the Christian people where there is a lacking and it is because they do not know the scriptures and how it reveals the spirit of antichrist. Here in these texts of scriptures in 1 Timothy chapter 4 that these deceiving spirits or seducing spirits will bring all manner of doctrines where that they can manipulate good men and women what they want that is not in the knowledge of God. It is well to state here that this is done with false doctrine. Furthermore, it is not the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ or the word of God, and therefore, these spirits are robbering most Christians of the word of truth.

In the rest of the chapter the apostle Paul goes on to instruct Timothy as a spiritual leader not to neglect the gift that is in him, 1 Timothy 4:14. In addition, with what Paul stated here to Timothy that we the people of the modern-day church could benefit much by reading the first three chapters of Revelation and taking what Jesus stated to heart. Yes, let it be understood in this thought that it is far too easy for any of us to assume that we are somehow different, and more enlightened, however, Paul was not only speaking about the doctrine of the church but how people would response in the latter days because of false teaching.

Jesus made it clear in Matthew 22:29 when He stated: “Jesus answered and said to them, you are mistaken, not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God.” (Matthew 22:29 NKJV) The point is this that we accept the teachings and interpretation of men without seeking first the scriptures to find out if what they are stating is from God’s word. Yes, I strongly believe that what Jesus stated in this text of scripture that it is imperative for all Christians to have their faith rooted and grounded in the gospel of Christ and the word of God for knowing the power of God. Furthermore, according to what Paul write in 2 Corinthians 11:13-14 that Satan can transform himself as an angel of light. Yet taking it a step further that we are in danger if we do not know the power of God personally, for this is when these seducing spirits attack.

Now it is well to note that in this chapter we will be dealing with the time that has been prophetically state by the apostle John states in 1 John 2:18. You will find in the New King James Version states “last hour” while the King James Version states “last time” then it might be well to say that we are living in the last days. However, the apostle Paul when he writes unto Timothy and states the “last days” and in these three I strongly believe that it marks the end time prophecy that is recorded in both testaments of the Bible. In addition, the scriptures of both of the testaments of the Bible reveal the supernatural prophecy of God’s revelation and how that mankind can be blinded by Satan as Eve was in the garden.

Now in this chapter we begin to dig deeper into the scriptures regarding these satanic spirits, in addition, we need to consider further about their characteristics and especially how to recognize the characteristics of the spirit of antichrist. Therefore, if the Bible contains the subjects of both supernatural power of God and the satanic power of Satan from Genesis through to Revelation then we must then seek for knowledge to combat these seducing spirits of evil. Yes, it has been written in the biblical history of the Holy Scriptures from the time of Moses and how that Israel fell into idolatry, and then in the New Testament, where it is directed to the work of Satan and his deception.

These satanic spirits which needs to be addressed is also a major subject regarding this fact that they are seducing spirits and their seducing characteristics is out to make war against the whole Body of Christ. Let me say this that there is also this vital fact for us to consider and that is of those which are around us at home and within the church, that have a spiritual battle going on in them. Yes, this spiritual battle is going on, and I believe that it is safe to state that many do not have the spiritual knowledge on how to recognize these satanic spirits so that they can combat these evil and seducing spirits with the power of God. My reason for writing about this seducing spirit of antichrist, and that God has been giving us warning for generations. In addition, it is well to note that we must pay strict attention to these satanic spirits and not to be deceived, and furthermore, we as leaders who hold the office within the church need to continue Jesus and God’s prophetic warnings about being deceived until our Lord’s return.

Therefore, most Christians relate to their influences and their effectiveness in the church and how that it affects people’s lives, and many times this influence goes undetected. The reason for using this example is to stress the understanding that the enemy of seducing spirits prefer to work as a termite by eating away at your inter-being until it destroys your spiritual foundation. However, taking it a step further that a seducing spirit not only deceives it also controls. Repeating it again we the people of the church needs to know and understand are enemy if we are successfully going to recognize the spirits of evil to fight against them. Yes, today the spiritual war is raging within the church and that is why the apostle Paul to the church at Ephesus to put on the whole armor of God, Ephesians 6:12.

Why is influences important to Christian people in their effectiveness in the church? It is because they have not seen the spirit of antichrist or this seducing spirit as having a real personality that are totally evil and that it is working in the church today. The reason for making these statements this far about the fact made above is to stress, further that there are good Christian people who truly do not see the personality or may not see the spirit of antichrist or this seducing spirit with a personality. Therefore, it is because they in like manner do not see the personality of the Holy Spirit either. Therefore, my reason for stating personality is because if one is going to recognize the spirit of antichrist or any other demonic spirit, they are going to have to see its character, as well as its characteristics, as well as the fact that they are also a seducing spirit. Again, let me say it in this manner also, the reason of why that so many of us Christian err is by not knowing the scriptures, regarding these demonic spirits, nor the full power of God that God has provided to combat these satanic spirits. However, what is sad to state is that all too many times we accept the teaching of men without seeking the scriptures for God’s interpretation and God’s truth.

Yes, I believe that you have heard from time to time that there are many people and many Christians that talk about the fact of whether people and Christians are possessed by and evil or unclean spirit or demons. However, these unclean or evil spirits are Satan’s messengers doing all they can do in deceiving men and women both saved and unsaved not to walk in the will of God. Take heed of what Paul writes about the thorn in his flesh or inter-being and his vision in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. Let us consider very closely what is written in 2 Corinthians 12:7 “And lest I should be exalted above measure by the abundance of the revelations, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I be exalted above measure.” NKJV)

Note and note well: That the apostle Paul said in this text of scripture that a thorn in the flesh was given unto him as a messenger of Satan. How do you interpret this thorn in the flesh? One might say that it could be interpreted that this thorn as being the spirit of antichrist or the seducing spirit of Jezebel to buffet Paul. Now down through the years of my ministry I have never considered or taken into consideration the real facts about what this text of scripture was stating until now and the writing about this fact and reasoning on how to recognize the spirit of antichrist. Yet what I also interpreted was the fact that Paul addressed this fact that the thorn was put there in him was to keep him from trying to be above others in his revelations. Question: Does the church today need a lawyer to fight the spirit of antichrist? Another question: Do you know the spiritual laws of the New Testament that you are able to fight the spirit of antichrist? In these two questions have been ask for this purpose to help you understand that every Christians needs to know how the scripture defines our enemy.

Yet there is another point of logic that needs to be addressed, and that should be are concerns as leaders and Christians should be in regarding the people of the church. What Paul writes unto Timothy, in 2 Timothy 4:3-4, where that Paul states about the people that are living in the last days. I believe that Paul was addressing the fact of how that men and women within the church would not endure sound doctrine but heap unto themselves teachers having itching ears, however, and furthermore after their own desires and lust they would have the teachers with itching ears teach them. The reason for addressing what Paul writes unto Timothy about those kinds of individuals who would not be enduring sound doctrine. When we look at many of the teaching going on all around us, what do we see? Do we see and hear the sound doctrine of the Holy Scriptures or something else? The only thing I can say with all honesty is one must judge for themselves.

In the gospel of John our Lord said it this way, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32 NIV) I believe if God and Christ Jesus show unto each of us the truth by the Spirit of Truth, then we must be willing to stand on that truth or we must act upon that truth. Furthermore, it is well to stress this truth that never change. Yet the truth is how many of us use a verse of scripture just to back up something you believe for even Satan used this tactic on Jesus by using the scriptures to tempt Jesus in Matthew 4. Moreover, with a humble attitude, realizing that you or I cannot properly understand the word of the Holy Scriptures unless God’s Spirit teaches us about the scriptures, in, regards to the spirit of antichrist, and the spirit of Jezebel and all the rest of the demonic forces of Satan. You will find if you compare, 1 Corinthians 2:14, and Matthew 11:25-26, along with many other texts of scriptures that tells of the demonic forces of the rulers of darkness that Paul states in, Ephesians 6:12.

One can find much written about the spirit of antichrist and the spirit of Jezebel, however, it is written in many different terms, for example the messenger of Satan in, 2 Corinthians 12:7 that cause Paul to go to God three times and ask for this thorn to be removed. Yet there is another spirit that cause a stumbling block with the church then to where that Jesus sent His message to the church at Pergamum about their teaching the doctrine of Balaam, Revelation 2:14. If we fail to look at the characteristics, manipulation, and influences over doctrine and what it represents regarding the evil doctrine, and that this doctrine verses the doctrine of God. The reasoning and logic for using just the church of Pergamum is because they were comprising the word of God for allowing the doctrine of Balaam to be taught in the church.

Therefore, in these doctrines stated above is how this evil spirit of antichrist, and spirit of Jezebel, can work and does work within the people and what it brings about to Israel, the church in these last days which is mentioned in the Holy Scriptures in various ways. Therefore, I believe these two spirits work together for the same purpose to bring the church to destruction and take away our eternal reward in the kingdom of heaven. Maybe the reason that the spirit of Balaam is not mentioned or taught about much could be for this reason that many of us have overlooked what the Lord has stated to the church at Pergamum about teaching the doctrine of Balaam in Revelation 2. In addition, what is written about Balaam and his doctrine recorded in the Old Testament. Again, let me be so bold as to state that we hear many good messages from behind what I will call the sacred desk of God about grace, mercy, salvation, and love and yet only once, in a while, yes, once, in a great while, you hear about the letters or messages sent unto the seven churches and Jesus instruction to the church that is living in the last days.

Although this has been a problem from the day and time of Jesus, and when Jesus sent His message to the church at Pergamum. Therefore, this is just another way of stating how these evil spirits work, which is running rampant throughout the churches yet today undetected, more than ever before for they know that their time is running out. All, of these demonic spirits have deceived many and that they have cause many, many ministers and Christians to believe this very fact that if little is mention in the churches of our Lord Jesus Christ today about the spirit of antichrist, the spirit of Jezebel, and the spirit of Balaam of how they can counterfeit the doctrine of God. Why? I believe this, and believe strongly that it is for this reason that many Christians and Christian leaders pay little attention when the Spirit of God shows unto them the true personally of these evil and demonic spirits which are presence within the modern-day churches today much less confront them.

Taking it a step further that the spirit of Jezebel and the spirit of Balaam are teaching their false doctrine and the meaning to what I am saying unto us within the modern-day church is this that these evil spirits are taking the word of God and using it to fit their evil doctrine, moreover, all too often, these two spirits of evil have same satanic tactics of spirit of antichrist or vice versa to destroy the word of God and take away your eternal reward. The problem is once they get a foothold in the congregation of the church it eats away like a cancer until it has consumed the whole congregation. Our Lord made it clear that He would cut off them that has been influenced by false prophets with their false teaching, in addition, by these evil spirits and their false doctrine which is the cancer that eats away at good Christian people.

Now as we further trace the characteristics of these seducing spirits that is working among the Christian people of the modern-day church that Satan has sent to deceive many. Consider and consider this thought well that there is truly a satanic confederacy against God and the church of the living God to which the apostle John writes in his epistles. However, we must also remember that the apostle John also wrote the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the book of Revelation. Stressing yet further the revelation of truth that we are engaged in a spiritual war.

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (1 John 4:1 NKJV)

The apostles John throughout the writing of his epistles shows his great concern about the Christians, then and about how they are being deceived and this concern is also for the modern-day church today believe it or not. In addition, the apostle John also gives the realistic understanding of Christians which are being deceived; John knew the spirit of error as opposed to the spirit of truth. We can get a very good understanding of the spirit of antichrist from the epistles of John.

In these epistles of John, he reveals that the antichrist, and the spirit of antichrist, is already in the world and that it is this demonic spirit of antichrist that opposes the word of God’s truth and to opposes what Christ did on the cross to bring us life and life more abundantly. Then the power of God, God’s Word, and God’s Spirit which is the New Covenant indwelling in us Jeremiah 31:31-34. One of the things I am sure of and that is that the spirit of antichrist works with a willing spirit for Satan to lead good people and good Christians astray.

One of the very first things in revealing all, of these demonic spirits according to John, and the one thing we must do and that is we are to try the spirits, 1 John 4:1. Who are these spirits that John refers to? The majority of Christian will read the Bible and never ever see that they are to try the spirits. In addition, just because we do not see what John is stating does not mean that they do not exist. Then we also need remember what the apostle Paul wrote unto them at Ephesus to warn them that they do not fight against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness, Ephesians 6:12. Therefore, if we do not pay attention to the warning then we are without the benefit of the warning.

Yet some way some-how I cannot help but believe that the airwaves are flooded with many individuals operating under the influence of the spirit of antichrist as well as the rest of the satanic forces of evil. Again, I must state that these spirits are just as prevalent in the modern-day churches as in the days when Jesus cast out demons. Then to take authority over them and then remove those spirits as well as the spirit of antichrist and how that it is functioning, within our lives and within the modern-day church. Then the question that needs to be addressed is do we work for God with a willing spirit? If not, why not?

Being that we are the children of God then we have been called into God’s army and to be about the work of ministering God’s word and teaching Christ’ teachings for the Lord God, who has called us to do His work within the church in every nation and into the spiritual battle. Take note of a personal understanding: That for some reason all the years I have been in the ministry I do not believe that all God called us to do was just to go to church on Sunday morning, and for us just spend an hour of worship to Him and go back home. In addition, to go back to what we were doing before we left the house, and got to the house of God to worship in the service on Sunday morning or entered the church. In addition, to rightly discerned God’s truth and rightly discern the Lord’s Body is for every individual Christians and furthermore it is our duty to do so.

Many Christians today when you say or state the spirit of antichrist, they think you are speaking of the antichrist and this is not just the case at all. Actuality we are speaking of a spirit which has been sent by Satan to create confusion within the saints of the church over the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. The apostle John wrote about this spirit of antichrist in his epistles and that it would oppose the true Son of God in people’s lives. Take heed the time is short. For in this, day and age we the modern-day church of Christianity truly needs to fully understand and be fully able to recognize the spirit of antichrist and all, of the other evil spirits that Satan has sent out into the world.

I know that it is sad to state this kind of statement, however, it is very true and that I have experience it by hearing it stated many times from many individuals which say if I leave them alone, they won’t bother me, and I won’t bother them. Then many Christians and individuals truly wonder why they are having problems in their families and at church and even on their job and yet they do not see these problems as the evil spirits at work and what these spirits are causing in peoples lives, and that these spirits of evil are their problems and especially, if we are Christians.

We find all over the world and within the modern-day church where there is much deterioration of godly morals, and godly standards, which threatens the church and all of God’s creation today. What is going on today? Moreover, when did it all begin? Yes, I could name many, many issues that have caused this moral deterioration which most of you would know about for it is recorded in our biblical history of the Bible and state to the prophets for Israel, and the church, and for the coming days. Which this prophecy is recorded in the Holy Scriptures which states all, of the moral deterioration is in the world then and what would take place today in moral deterioration.

And the one of these deteriorations that you hear the most about in the world today and within the modern-day church is about abortion and many other such cases within the world today that is bringing about spiritual deterioration or moral deterioration within the Body of Christ. The word antichrist is used very few times in the New Testament and only by the apostles Paul and John and in just four texts or verses of scriptures that refers to antichrist.

However, before I write any further, I believe that it would be well for me to state unto you what has been stated by many other pastors and theologians on the heels of much speculation as to the identity of the antichrist and that it has been going on. Therefore, there are many which draws their own conclusion of who the antichrist is and when he will come. Even though the Holy Scriptures does not tell us exactly who the antichrist is, much less when he will appear, however, the Holy Scriptures are very clear about the antichrist and his traits, and his characteristics that he possesses, which is evil and it is against God and God’s word.

The Holy Scriptures furthermore, does tell us much about the antichrist, and how he will come or appear on the world scene and what he will do after he takes over the world 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12. In the New Testament, and especially in the prophecy in the book of Revelation that there will be one beast that will rise-up out of the sea, meaning that he will rise-up out of a Gentile Nations and not out of Israel, Revelation 13:1. It also states in the book of Revelation about another beast that will rise up out of the earth and will worship the first beast Revelation 13:11.

Furthermore, the antichrist will have amazing power to deceive many as the apostle John wrote in the book of Revelation and in his epistles. The reasoning and logic that I am stating about the antichrist is to show unto you how that the spirit of antichrist which to relates the prophetic word in the Bible that reveals this satanic power of the spirit of antichrist and that is still working today harder and harder more than it has ever work before in trying to make Christians soften their mind of understanding of Jesus warning that He gave to His apostles to also proclaim the warning of the coming antichrist and how it will destroy all of Christianity in the coming days. The Spirit of Antichrist Chapter Three