The Ministry of Salt

Opening Our Hearts to Our
Spiritual Senses
Chapter Six

In the ministry of salt, I believe is about all, things that pertain to men, women, and children within the church of the living God. Furthermore, the ministry of salt, is about feelings both natural and spiritual.

Therefore, as we begin this chapter it is well to note that this is probably the most important chapter of the whole book and I state it for this reason it is because it about seeing what each individual member of the congregation feels and thinks regarding their spiritual senses in which they are part of the ministry of salt, in addition, why is it needed to guide and direct the saints of the church. Repeating myself of what I have stated so many times during my ministry, that the day and the hour is coming for the events of the prophetic words of the books of the Old Testament prophets and the book of Revelation is about to start unfolding right before our very eyes. This is just one of the main reason that we the church needs to open, up our spiritual knowledge of our spiritual understanding of our spiritual senses and recognize what is about to take place and are we ready to handle these events as they unfold. It is also well to note here that every mature Christian within their natural and spiritual body is exercising all, of their spiritual senses. However, when it comes to the ministry of salt and our spiritual senses it is about everyday life and how it contributes to everyday life. Jesus with His disciples and in His teachings, that is found in Matthew 5 through 7 is where we begin to find the Lord’s teaching unto His disciples what they need to know and understand how to be salt and light.

Our Spiritual Life and the senses to bring us to a relationship with God and Christ Jesus!

Our spiritual senses it is for, the purpose of opening, up our minds that we may deal with the irrational and instinctive that we receive from our natural senses, and therefore, this is when Satan attacks our spiritual senses even more. The purpose for addressing it in this manner is to say even in our struggles of life God has given unto us power to assist us with Divine grace and furthermore, with the spiritual knowledge to uproot any of Satan demonic plans for our lives. In the power of the Holy Spirit for most Christians means faith. Yet one might also interpret that the natural senses and the spiritual senses in the ministry of salt is the outward expression that is perceives inwardly which makes up the spiritual and natural senses.

Then there is always the question that many may ask which is: How do I increase my spiritual senses? To help you better understand consider this list of one’s self.

My spiritual eye of myself
My spiritual ears of myself
My spiritual taste regard self
My spiritual touch of myself
My spiritual smell of myself
My spiritual conscience of myself
My spiritual divinity

It is within these seven spiritual senses that can help even the weakest Christian when they begin considering how to develop a stronger spiritual sense during our daily meditation.

Spiritual senses of our heart I believe when I look back over my ministry is just not a subject that I have taught during the years of pastoring a church, and yes, I know that we have five natural senses, however, when I truly began to study and do my research for writing about the ministry of salt. One of my first thoughts was do we have spiritual senses? My next thought was where in the Bible does it speak of these senses? What then came during my studying was to my great surprise of how many writers were writings about five spiritual senses, and comparing them with are five natural senses, then there was addition to the five spiritual senses which was the “spiritual sense of faith” which now we have six senses that are spiritual. Then if we count the five natural senses with the six spiritual senses this adds up to eleven senses. Yet let me be so bold as to include the spiritual senses which is “sight, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching,” with these additional five senses which is “mind, will, emotions, intellect, and imagination” and now we have sixteen senses. Now if I have counted right we have five natural senses and five spiritual plus one more and that makes eleven senses and we add five more this makes 16 senses. What is all, of these spiritual senses and what do they have to do with the ministry of salt? How can they be the senses that is exercised to discern between good and evil?

To answer these two questions let us consider what God spoke unto the prophet Isaiah in their conversation in Isaiah vision when he was called by the Lord God. Now the prophet has now told God “here am I send me” and God responded and said, “go tell this people” then it is good to first understand that the ministry of salt is about the call to ministry and secondly about telling the people. However, here in Isaiah 6 verses 8 through 10 gives unto our understanding two of the senses seeing and hearing and both, of these works naturally and spiritually. On these two scriptures also brings out this key fact that the eyes and the ears of both bodies, natural and spiritual is about discernment both naturally and spiritually.

Therefore, to my belief the spiritual sense of faith would be the most powerful which places it in its proper perspective of Paul’s writing to the Hebrew people in the book of Hebrews and it is well for to say to understand the spiritual perspective you need to study the whole book of Hebrews. I further believe this if we are going to be the salt of the earth and do the ministry of salt we will have to use all, of our senses both natural and spiritual toward all people both Christians and non-Christians.

In this chapter, it is for this purpose which is to open, up unto you a new understanding or a new perspective or a new revelation for your spiritual senses. Whether you know it or not you do have these spiritual senses, therefore, let us look at these spiritual senses. Let me begin by saying that I am not the only individual who knows and believes in the biblical perspective about our spiritual senses. In addition, what I believe that in our spiritual senses is what it takes to be the salt of the earth and to perform the ministry of salt. Furthermore, when we truly consider how many of these spiritual senses are found in the Holy Scriptures and how they are stated in one form or another it is amazing. One of the amazing revelations which came unto me by the Spirit of the Lord is the sense of spiritual seeing when we read the prophetic word of the Holy Scriptures that opens up our spiritual sense of understanding or intellect and how it is places in God’s Divine instruction which is in its proper perspective.

This chapter will also be just a brief understanding of spiritual senses in relating it in this manner as each of us know that we have five natural senses and in addition we have the five spiritual senses. Therefore, again I repeat that we have the same in spiritual senses in like manner that I believe gives unto us the spiritual senses of sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch. Moreover, in repeating that according to the Holy Scriptures which I will addressed more fully about our spiritual sense in this chapter on opening our heart or our mind to our spiritual senses. As I have stated above about the sixth sense of faith I also believe it is well to note that most Christian people do not consider faith as a sense which Paul writes about in the book of Hebrews.

Yes, all, of these senses may sound a little far fetch to many, however, with the help of the Spirit of God and the Holy Scriptures I will try to show unto you that there is a true reality that we do have these five spiritual senses. Furthermore, I believe that it is vital to discern the importance of our spiritual and natural senses recorded in the Holy Scriptures. Again, this chapter is about seeking an understanding of the origin of our spiritual senses which is part of our natural being. No, I am not trying to look at these spiritual senses from a worldly point of view or from a scientific point of view but from a biblical, and scriptural point of view to show the ministry of salt and why Jesus said ye are the salt of the earth.

Therefore, by searching the scriptures for how God spoke unto the prophets about what was natural and what was spiritual to go and proclaim His message unto the people of Israel.

Where is the best place to begin our understanding of our spiritual senses? Well, let begin with our “mind” first for it is the one part of the body that controls all our human parts and our natural and spiritual senses. One might say or interpret that the mind is the control center that is in control of all that we say and all, that we do when it comes to each of our, smelling, tasting, touching, hearing and seeing both naturally and spiritually. When we within the church begin to start activating our spiritual senses of the mind what takes place is that we are activating the power of the Holy Spirit and the gift of wisdom and knowledge that is natural and spiritual that we are experiencing. Furthermore, let me also state this is what I believe that the Holy Spirit is the control center that activates all, of our spiritual senses in church and at home.

Moreover, you can find many scriptures that states or refer to “hearing” and in Revelation two and three you will find that the Lord states it seven times about hearing what the Spirit says unto the churches Revelation 2 and 3. Then the prophet Ezekiel is given a little scroll and was told by God to eat it, and then you find in the book of Revelation where God told the apostle John to eat the little book which is referring to “taste”. I have just stated three of spiritual senses for what I believe that in both the hearing and eating our God’s way of referring to our spiritual understanding of the mind or our spiritual senses. Both the apostle John and prophet Ezekiel was given by God a book or scroll to eat and both the apostle and prophet states that it tasted as sweet as honey and when it was swallowed it became bitter. My point of logic is from a spiritual understanding regarding the words that were written in the little book, first it had to be eaten and secondly it had to be digested so there would be a spiritual understanding of God’s prophetic word to be proclaimed unto the people. Therefore, one might say that when it comes to the ministry of salt in are spiritual that it is like the prophetic word given unto John and Ezekiel when eaten it will taste sweet as honey, however, after we digest it or understand it, it may well become bitter.

We have considered in a brief understanding of three of the spiritual and now considering the fourth one is the sense of “smell” and according to what I study that the sense of smell deals with discernment and one might then interpret spiritual discernment. I have found much in the scriptures regarding the sense of “touch” that brings out the reality of the use of the hands and the significance of touching somebody.

With this, in mind it is well to note: Our spiritual senses can only be developed when one takes control spiritually over the natural senses in, order to gain this understanding that both the natural and spiritual are inseparable. The reason for stating it in this manner that our senses are inseparable is because our human flesh and blood is mixed with the mind of the Spirit of God indwelling is us and therefore it is inseparable.