The G’s of G.P.S.

Our Personal GPS With God The G’s

God’s Positioning System of Glory

General Reference to:
Glory of Gods Majesty Isa. 61:1. Heb. 1:3; 8:1
Glory of Israel Eze. 9:3. Luke 2:32
Glory of the Gentiles Isa. 66:12. Luke 2:32

The glory of God in God’s GPS is about His Divine manifestation of His Indwelling Spirit in us. With each, and every day that we live upon this earth we see the glory of God for even in the days of Moses the cloud covered the tabernacle of the meeting place and the glory of God filled the tabernacle Exodus 40:34. Consider what the Psalmist stated about the glory of the Lord God “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handwork.” Psalm 19:1 NKJV.

God’s Positioning System of Grace Luke 10:19

Yes, each, and every Christian knows what grace means that it is unmerited favor from God. However, how do we program our GPS to God’s grace that enables us to trample on serpents and over the power of our enemy that nothing can hurt us Luke 10:19? The whole Bible is full of information about God’s grace and God’s saving grace and how we can become part of this saving grace.

(1) A Redeemed people – a Saved people.
(2) A Cleansed people – a Sanctified people.
(3) An Eager people – a Serving people.

God’s Positioning System of Guidance

This part of God’s GPS System is vital to each, and every Christian in their walk of faith. Let me begin by asking you this question in this manner: What does the GPS Manual say about guidance? The fact is this how many open the manual to read the instruction that the GPS of God will direct them? Yes, I can say with all honesty that if we open the manual we do not read the instruction we look for the diagram instead of reading the instruction. Again, I feel safe in saying that God’s GPS began to be written with the fall of man in the very beginning Genesis 1-3.

Spiritual guidance divine; Ps 23:2; Ps 25: 9; Ps 32: 8; Isa 30:21; Isa 42: 16; Isa 48: 17; Lu 1:79; Jn 16:13

1. The Guidance Principle: Faith 2 Corinthians 5:7
2. The Guidance Person: Holy Spirit
3. God’s Guidance is Divine Psalm 16:11
4. God’s Guidance is Continual Psalm 48:14; 73:24; Isaiah 58:11

God’s Positioning System of Goodness

There are so many ways for us to describe the goodness of God that is written in the scriptures as well as each of us can witness the “goodness of God” all around us as well as in our lives daily. We find throughout the Bible how that it states in many ways the perfection of God and His character and how that God exercise that perfection toward His creation. Furthermore, we can also find where that God is infinitely and unchangeably good and His goodness is incomprehensible appears in two things, giving of grace, and forgiving us of our sins.

God’s Positioning System of Gentleness Galatians 5:22-23

Let us focus on this word of Gentleness for it is the character of God and Christ Jesus that is provided by them in the fruit of the Spirit. Therefore, it is good for us to consider this work of gentleness of God’s Positioning System of gentleness working in us and how it applies to the kind of mind we are to demonstrate in life daily.

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary
The quality or state of being gentle, well-born, mild, benevolent, docile, etc.; gentility; softness of manners, disposition, etc.; mildness.

Gentleness is a teachable and moldable

God’s Positioning System of Greatness

Yes, there are many things about God’s greatness that is incomprehensible and yet this greatness of God is at our disposal for it is written in His word. My point is this because God’s greatness is so great there is no way for us to comprehend God that we would know Him completely for that is impossible. However, the greatness of God should be the central part of all our lives within the church today.

God’s Positioning System of Garments

This part of God’s GPS is one that most individuals would ask this question what does garments have, to do with our journey of faith. Well, let us consider this fact that if God is willing to direct us God is also willing to clothe us with the right clothes so that we will not be found naked on the Day of Judgment. Again, there will always be questions of how to be clothed with the spiritual clothes of God. Yet the truth is that there is many texts of scriptures that tell us about clothes, however, that is another teaching from the word of God.

The main point of logic is to say that when we enter the kingdom of heaven and the wedding feast without the right clothing we will be cast into outer darkness where there is gnashing of teeth Matthew 8:12. The P’s of G.P.S.