Spirit of Antichrist Working Still Preface


As we begin the writing of this book I believe that it is well to bring to your attention that there is one thing happing today within the modern-day church more than during the days of the apostles that the church is neglecting to teach that there is a hidden enemy; in every home, and in every church today. It is an enemy that maybe you have not seen in your family; however, it is an enemy ever presence when you and me consider this one factor and that is unhappiness in the home is brought about by this unseen enemy which is the spirit of antichrist. With the help of the Lord this book will contain information for identifying the spirit of antichrist and how Christianity needs to stand in defense of their faith to combat the spirit of antichrist within the church and their home.

The mindset within the modern-day church today of the Holy Scriptures, is mainly interpreted as the history of biblical times and yet fails to recognize the real truth that we are still living as part of that biblical history today and in the coming days. It is in the prophetic words of the prophets like Daniel and Zechariah that encompasses what is taking place in the presence day just before the entrance of the antichrist.

There are many key elements of an unseen enemy within the pages of the Old Testament and the New Testament that the spirit of antichrist as well as Satan does not want you to full understand is God’s governing authority between the Old Testament and the New Testament that execute God’s judgment and relationship with Israel, the church, and the last days. In addition, and the most important factor is the role of the Holy Spirit in context with the Old Testament and with the New Testament and the involvement with the prophetic word of both testaments old and new. Furthermore, the spirit of antichrist does not want to see or understand the consequences that occur to Israel, the church, and the last days. Spirit of Antichrist Still Working Introduction