Spirit of Antichrist Working Still Forward


This book and its purpose are to teach others about the spirit of antichrist and that it is still working. NOTE: It is of vital importance to reveal things that does not appear to be the hand writing of God and that it has another signature which is the signature of the false prophets, false Christ, false teachers, and the spirit of antichrist working. Therefore the major purpose of this book is also to help every individual Christian to understand how the hand writing of spirit of antichrist can destroy your spiritual life and fellowship with God. In addition, one of the greatest needs within the Body of Christ or the modern-day church, is to teach the seriousness of the scriptures regarding the warnings of God and Christ Jesus that they sent through Their prophetic message by the prophets and apostles for Israel, the church, that is living in the last days. Remember it takes the anointing of the Spirit of God to show unto to each of us Christians the hand writing of Satan and the spirit of antichrist. John did not just write a term for the spirit of antichrist he wrote about a meaning that would affect the small congregations of his day as well as the largest congregations of today.

For the biblical history or the Holy Scriptures, truly relates to the church the many issues of how that this satanic spirit is recorded in the scriptures; for example, the social, political, intellectual judgments on the interpretation of the movements within the church from the beginning of time.

This book is not just restricted to a time period within the scriptures it is for retelling the accounts that are relating to what John wrote about the spirit of antichrist in his epistles. There are many, many key issues within the New Testament alone that needs to be taken into considerations. That I must truly state that gives understanding about the spirit of antichrist still working, which will be a greater understanding about the spirit of antichrist for some than it will be for others. Our Lord and Savior went to the cross so that He would destroy the satanic signature of the spirit of antichrist and its domination or his control over Israel, the church, that are living in the last days. As members of the Body of Christ or the modern-day church we should not be looking for Jesus to deliver us from every problem of life, however, we should be praising Him for who He is and what He done to help us have the victory over this satanic spirit of antichrist. The spirit of antichrist lures people to fellowship by baiting the trap to make them think he has the answers to their problem and this will only bring those who are looking for an easy solution or quick answer to their problem.

My logic for stating it in this manner is for those who are called to minister in the fivefold ministry who are to proclaim the value of the doctrine of the word of God and conducting the affairs of the church. This fivefold ministry is found in the book of Ephesians 4:11-16 for the administration and unity within the body of Christ. The calling of the five-fold ministry is to equip others to be followers of Christ for Christ Himself bid men to come Matthew 11:28-30. Philip saw the eunuch reading the words of the prophet Isaiah and saw that he did not what he was reading. Philip stopped what he was doing to minister understanding the words of Isaiah which resulted in salvation and baptism the work of an evangelist.

The meaning of the spirit of antichrist will be more evident to these of the fivefold ministry, however, these believe that there is a God who rules and governs his or her life within the church. These are men and women who have accepted the call of God; nevertheless, they will admit that they cannot always spell out the full meaning of what God is saying about the spirit of antichrist. To them they will tell you that God is the keeper and the counsel of their words.

My Lord and my God has triggered the writing of this book that came after my teaching a class on the epistles of John. In addition, the Spirit of God point out God’s total disgust with men and women who walk in the spirit of antichrist or the lust of the world and not walking in the Spirit of the living God. I find within the scriptures that God will burn them who continually walk’s and lives in the spirit of antichrist who do not fear or regard the word of God in their lives.

All the years of my pastoring churches I had never seen God’s emphasis, nor His great concern for teaching the spirit of antichrist, until the Holy Spirit moved and stirred me with this scripture found in the epistles of John. Furthermore, I could see how that Satan has brought his curse that came from God on him and how it affects people’s lives today by living in the spirit of antichrist. I further believe this is why Christ stated to His disciples in the gospel of John that He would send a comforter which will be the Spirit of truth. This is one thing the church must do is teach the complete sound doctrine of the word of God in the last days.

Of course, I believe that the church has been preaching and teaching for many years about the coming of the antichrist. Yes, we have been expecting the appearance of the “man of Sin”, or the “son of perdition”. (2 Thessalonians 2:3) However, some speculate the man of sin will be revealed in our time, in fact, he has already been born and living somewhere in the world. This is what I believe about the antichrist. Furthermore, the only reason I can come up with why the antichrist has not been revealed yet it is not the appoint time according to the scriptures. Moreover, when the time comes God will lift His restraining hand, and the man of sin will be revealed in full power to deceive many. The Holy Scriptures assures us, that when this man of evil time has come and the words of the Holy Prophecy in the Bible are fulfilled God’s angel will lay hold of Satan and cast him into the lake of fire. Spirit of Antichrist Working Preface