Spirit of Antichrist Working Still Chapter Two

Chapter Two
Where lays the spirit of antichrist today?

In this chapter we will consider just a few of where lays the spirit of antichrist in and out of the church. Within the world and the Body of Christ or the modern-day church there are millions upon millions who proclaim themselves to have the faith and to be born again. No, I cannot say that they are not saved or Christians. However, what many leaders will tell what they do hear is, where that they hear the claim that the people love God and Christ and they worship Him. In addition, they further claim to have had an experience with God wherein they have found a new purpose in life and yet to see that they still hold on to the world and what it offers. These are the tares of which Jesus taught in His parable the wheat and the tares Matthew 13:24-43. One might say it in this manner that these are the counterfeit Christians.

Therefore, in answering the question of: Where lays the spirit of antichrist today? Yes, to be quite honest it lies in these three terms. The very first one is “the lack of personal responsibility” 1 Thessalonians 5:15, and the second one is “lies with modernism which embodies the truth that is the absolute truth” John 17:17, and finally “universalism that all paths lead to God.” Hebrews 6:1-3 Therefore, each of these terms; and texts of scriptures, is where lays the basic background or foundation for the spirit of antichrist wants lacking in every Christian as well as the Body of Christ.

Another way of addressing this question one might say that these are the pretenders or the false prophets and teachers in the Body of Christ; or the modern-day church, and that the church will half to deal with them, time and time again within the spiritual context of God’s standards and God’s principles of God’s word of truth. This that I have just written is not to be confuse with just words of to make indifference for it involves a requirement of understanding the truth and the whole truth of the Holy Scriptures.

God’s and Christ, people are being influenced today by the attack of the spirit of antichrist and furthermore, they do not believe that they are being attack by this spirit and his devices. In addition, the problems seen today are with Israel, the church, and those within the church both Jews and Gentiles that are living in last days and yes, we are living in this physical realm of a spiritual landslide which has been going on since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden known as the world. Nevertheless, many of God’s people believe if they ignore this spiritual problem they will not have to deal with the problem and it will just go away. The sad reality we the people of the church must deal with it for we our partly the blame for it. For we are coming to the period of time that all Christians know the truth as well as face the truth and further learn that we are to be a garment without spot as well as the fact that we clean up the spotted garment that we ware and help others to do the same Jude 17-23. You will find in the book of Revelation that to keep this garment clean it must be wash in the blood of the Lamb, Revelation 7:14.

The Holy Scriptures does not state that we are to ignore Satan and his devices and they will go away. However, it is sad to say, however, true that this is for the most part, just what the churches today are teaching. Another issue that the churches of today are not teaching and that is that evil thoughts derived from Satan and his forces of evil spirits that are plaguing the church or many Christians. Let me also state that simply because a person is saved does not mean that their soul is not afflicted by Satan and his evil spirits because the soul is where our conscience and emotions are.

The truth is that many Christians are being strongly afflicted by the attack of these evil spirits and they do not know where to turn for help because a lot of spiritual leaders in the church are proclaiming that this cannot happen to the Christian people. However, this is not true! Looking at what the prophet Isaiah said in Isaiah 9:16 “Those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are guided are lead astray.” (NIV) The point is those who are hearing what is being spoken in these lies they are afraid to say anything to anyone else about what they are going through because of being misled. Furthermore, they are afraid because they feel that they are alone and therefore they just keep it to their self. However, the truth is that there are many other Christians who are going through the same problem of dealing with these evil thoughts and evil spirits.

They take great pride in associating with the Bible, yet are grossly ignorant of it.

The apostle Paul write in his second epistle to Timothy and states: “having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such turn away!” (2 Timothy 3:5 NKJV) Yes, the apostle Paul gives instructions unto Timothy, by explaining to him about how people would act in the last days and the danger that would take place by their actions. The point is this that many people feel they have the real thing, however, when it comes right down to the truth the issue is that many make a promise to God and break that promise even without remorse of what they have done. Furthermore, as a pastor I have seen them turn cold with others because of something they have said that they did not agree with regarding the Holy Scriptures.

The apostle Paul does not hide the fact that in the last days there will be a lot of deception. In addition, the Holy Scriptures tells of an increase in false prophets, false teachers, false Christ, false doctrine as well as the power of darkness. In all of these you can find counterfeit Christianity and this is apostasy prophesied that brings the great falling away, 2 Thessalonians 2:3. When looking more deeply about the fact of all the false issues recorded in the Holy Scriptures to put it in modern terms these are a bunch of fake believers or they are counterfeit believers. These individuals are pretenders for they show how they think by their dress, social grace, in their attitude of personal conduct, and their involvement at church which are the essence of Christianity and is not Revelation 2:2. Furthermore, they feel that because they do these things, they are meeting the requirements of God in their lives. What is sad to say that Satan uses the spirit of antichrist to combat everything God has proclaimed in His word?

Their faith in God and Christ was shows; therefore, the truth was not simply there.

One of the most quoted scriptures in the New Testament and yet the one hardest to live and that is in 2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight:” (KJV) However, I like the interpretation given in the Amplified Bible “For we walk by faith [we regulate our lives and conduct ourselves by our conviction or belief respecting men’s relationship with God and divine things, with trust and holy fervor, thus we walk] not by sight or appearance.” Yet another way of stating is that we are to walk by faith, not in natural sense. To answer this of what Paul writes about the hardest to live, for from our youth up we have been taught to walk in the human nature of faith, not the God made faith or the spiritual faith.

There are many things we must do in our everyday life that requires us to respond to our human nature or our human faith; however, to receive what God has for us, takes a completely different walk. For what God wants for us and in our walk of faith is what He desires for our life, and therefore we must learn to walk in God Faith. The problem is that we do not listen to the teaching of our Lord for He said: “therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?” (Matthew 6:25 KJV) Many individuals often think they are walking by faith and if they are it truly means this what they feel and see as human-being will not change what they say, nor how they live their life. For worry and faith cannot work together.

Faith for the stilling of the storm

We find in the gospel of Luke where Jesus tells His disciples to go to the other side of the lake and Jesus fell asleep and a storm arose and the storm was about to sink the boat. Another way of stating it is now Jesus after a long day of ministry, which had included a confrontation with the religious leaders and teaching many Jesus was tired and went into a deep sleep. The Disciples woke up Jesus and told Him they were going to drown and Jesus got up and stilled the storm. What truly take place is a miracle however, what is even more of a miracle is that the storm ceased instantly, making the sea like glass. The second significant thing that takes place is with the disciples was in the outlook of the disciples towards what just took place and how suddenly their souls were calmed. Finally, we see that the disciples and their attitudes changed towards the Lord, by Him, stilling the storm.

Now this account of stilling the storm is also found in the gospel of Matthew and Mark and is recorded in three of the gospels it is well to state that this was no ordinary storm for what is described in each gospel. It is also well to note that this storm came up without any warning and each account in these three gospels relates to the seriousness of the storm. To put it in simply terms they had a real crisis on their hands. The point of logic in the stilling of the storm is that storms happen and they do come up suddenly and the Holy Scriptures reveals at different times where the storms come into our lives. For example, when Jonah was running from God and another example is when we have an attitude of unbelief, and when we have in our lives unconfessed sins.

One of the real problems that I have been confronted with during my ministry many individuals think or have been taught that when you become a Christian life that everything will be smooth sailing. Many have been taught that with our Lord in the boat there will be no storms, no unmanageable fears or waves that will overcome them. It is sad thing when the reality sets in this is truly what takes place for the storms of life will come.

The spirit of antichrist does all he can do to keep the non-Christian deceived and in darkness.

I can say with all honesty there are battles going on between the truth and a lie in each and every one of us. It is a battle going on between the natural and spiritual. The spirit of antichrist puts into people and Christians minds or thoughts that the Holy Scriptures contradict itself and makes them believe that the Holy Scriptures hard to understand especially when they are presenting false doctrine. If you do believe that the Holy Scriptures are the perfect word of God then the spirit of antichrist will do all he can do to keep you from studying the Holy Word of God to find the truth. If you are studying the Holy Scriptures then the spirit of antichrist will do everything possible to stop you from studying the Holy Scriptures with all kinds of distraction or with other devices. Satan and the spirit of antichrist they are master at mixing up our thoughts with deception and causing confusion.

Most Christians are aware that Satan desires to steal our heir ship and our walk with God. Satan has many names in the Bible and the Bible tells of his functions. Therefore, it is my desire to warn you in this book how the spirits of antichrist function under the demands of Satan. Within my research I have found that many Christians mainly focuses on the antichrist, consider it the end-time prophecy, in regards to an individual who will try to rule the world. I believe that we are in the end-time prophecy for the spirit of antichrist is at work seducing the ones that God has called from His preordained plan. I further believe that this spirit is in the realm of witchcraft and the demon world.

Every generation since the fall of man upon the earth has been plagued with false prophets, false Christ, who has the spirit of antichrist. Again, I must say that the teaching of antichrist of an individual man who will come as a dictator who will try to rule the entire world by demanding all humanity to worship him. The spirit of antichrist can dwell in the mind of many individuals who does not accept that Jesus came in the flesh as the Son of God 1 John 4:1-4. This is not of the spirit of the future for John gives a clear picture that there were many who had the spirit of antichrist then as well as it is in the world and church today. We call this spirit of antichrist within individual’s today atheist.

I believe that we are living in a time when the spiritual battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan is heating up as never before. I further believe it is because we are nearing the return of Christ and the ultimate destruction of Satan kingdom. In this book I want to examine one of the main factors of Satan’s kingdom: Satan’s opposition to God and the church of Jesus Christ, and this will be done in various ways to describe Satan opposition. In addition, I am going to do this by dealing with the spirit of antichrist and how it works to destroy the word of God and our relationship with God and Christ Jesus. The main scriptures are taken from the epistles of John (1 John 2:18; 22; 1 John 4:3; 2 John 1:7)

If we look hard enough, we will find in 1 John 1:18-23 three types of antichrist. First of all, John states that there are “many antichrists”. Secondly, there is “one specific person”. And the third type is the “spirit of antichrist”. Since the Day of Pentecost in church history as well as human history, many antichrists have appeared and been manifested. The final manifestation is the beast which is the final product of the spirit of antichrist which has not yet been revealed. In addition, I believe that the shadow of the antichrist has already fallen across the stage, but we have not seen the actual person. However, at the end of time age, where that the scriptures make it very clear, there will be one final, supremely evil, supremely powerful ruler, who will dominate the human race for a brief period who will be the beast found in the book of Revelation.

John describes this spirit of antichrist which is the spirit that operates through every antichrist from the Day of Pentecost until now. Therefore, the antichrist always begins in some way in association with the people of God and God’s chosen people. In fact, the antichrist claims to be a representative of God. However, what Satan does deny is the relationship of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit within the Godhead in the church of the living God. In addition, we could also consider a fourth type of antichrist that is found in 1 John 4:2-3 which probably believes in the Messiah who will come, however denies that the Messiah has come and brought salvation.

Why I believe that Satan denies that Christ brought salvation is because of what the scriptures show about the final satanic act before the Second Coming of our Lord will be the revealing of the antichrist. In fact, Paul says that the Lord will destroy the antichrist with the brightness of His coming 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2. Paul also wrote we are not to be shaken or troubled, neither by spirit, or by word or by letter as if from him, I truly believe that Paul knew that many Christians would be prepared to believe specific predictions of the doctrine of Christ regarding when Jesus would return to claim His Bride. I certainly have heard plenty of these false predictions over the course of my ministry, and I am amazed at the multitude of Christians that become fixated on them. Therefore, I say unto you to take heed that no man deceives you regarding the antichrist or the spirit of antichrist.

My point is according to the scripture text found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 that there will be a great falling away before the appearing of the antichrist or the son of perdition. The term falling away in Greek is “apostacia” meaning a deliberate rejection of revealed truth. This verse offers two titles of antichrist. First, he is the man of sin or the man of lawlessness. He is the supreme embodiment of man’s rebellion against God and the rejection of God’s laws. Secondly, he is called the son of perdition, the one who is headed for the eternal fire for all eternity. Judas Iscariot is the only other person in the New Testament who is called the son of perdition. He is a false apostle. So, we see three different names for the same being “the antichrist”, the “man of lawlessness”, the “son of perdition”. And we have one other name found in Revelation 13:1 the beast. Furthermore, I believe this falling away is taking place in the world and church today. I say this because through the centuries there have been church leaders who have been wicked, but they have not openly denied the great basic of truths of the Christian faith. In fact, those kinds of truths have been the means they use to support their power within the church.

I believe that Christians ought to have an understanding about the spirit of antichrist and how it turns good men and women away from God and Christ Jesus in this day of preparation for the Second Coming of the Lord. What is very sad for me is to think about the many Christians who feel that this spirit of antichrist will take place somewhere in the future? Furthermore, it does little good for us to proclaim the gospel of Christ and the word of God without teaching about the false Christ, prophets, teachers, without warning them that they are working today.

To put it into words that are plain and simple those who do not bear testimony or witness of the Son of God coming in the flesh for our salvation has the spirit of antichrist. In addition, they are a liar. People this is a very serious warning written by the apostle John. Furthermore, I believe that the Bible is the word of God and I further believe that it stands firm for the church and people today to warn and equip us with the power of God’s word to combat the spirit of antichrist.

Since October of 2010 the power of the Spirit of God has stirred my mind about the spirit of antichrist and where does it lay within the Christian people. Right now, more than ever before people are accepting the delusion of the spirit of antichrist about the doctrine of Christ found in the New Testament. In the epistles of John, it teaches that there are many antichrists. I believe what John is saying is that there are many false prophets in the world. Therefore, I believe John is identifying their false teachings and sinful nature in a false spirit.

As you have heard before that when someone tells you the Spirit of the Lord has spoken to them, to do this or that, you hear them say something to this effect if it is of the Lord it will come to me. However, in the epistle of 1 John 4:2-3 gives us a clear understanding of the antichrist and then John brings in to the picture the spirit of antichrist. In this chapter I want to deal with this spirit of antichrist to show the counterfeit Christian in Christianity in a whole new light. In addition, I want to point out the significance of the spirit of antichrist operating in people and people within the church. To do this I have to show the contrasting work of the antichrist with the work of Jesus Christ and both working through people. Therefore, we must give understanding that the Spirit of Jesus is operating for the promise of eternal life, while the spirit of antichrist is working to destroy that promise.

The more I study about the last days and the Second Coming of Christ that there are many antichrist and false prophets that Christ spoke would come in Matthew 24. John makes it clear that these antichrist spirits already exist in his time and I believe that they exist in our time. In addition, in the last days before the Second Coming of the Lord there will be an antichrist a single individual called the son of perdition is revealed. Moreover, it does little good to teach the gospel if you do not include the warnings about false teaching that opposes or confuses the message of God and Christ along with it.

The Lord made it clear that there will be false Christ’s arise that will show great signs and wonders to deceive the very elect Matthew 24:24; Mark 13:22. The whole Bible has many of these warnings and they go unheeded because of modern day theology in the high authority in church unity which is teach them love and not warning. This ultimately becomes this sad reality the truth of God comes at the expense of just teaching love. This kind of truth sounds good and is taught in many churches, however, it is false unity manufactured by humanity philosophy. However, love is something that originates with God Almighty.

Yes, Jesus commanded that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. Furthermore, because Jesus loved His Father, He was obedient to give His life that we might be saved from the gates of hell. If we are honest, we can say without a doubt that truth and love have a dividing effect that causes offence. I believe that Jesus did not have a problem or avoid offending people when it came to the truth being under attack. Then it needs to be understood that doctrines or teachings of the spirit of antichrist are experienced in many different ways or degrees depending on what is being taught. Truly on the destructive side of the doctrine of the spirit of antichrist can cause people to miss God’s salvation entirely by convincing them to put their faith and trust in a false gospel and doctrine.

One of the areas where the spirit of antichrist lies within the church is with those who hold a title with illegitimate authority. I can honestly say that I have seen churches fall by this devastation that has caused many a good Christian to fall from the grace of God and become counterfeit Christian. Therefore, they are much harder to detect within the body of Christ. My logic is this is where the spirit of antichrist lies. In addition, these are the one that the spirit of antichrist possesses which the antichrist characteristics. Again, the real danger that many Christian fail to consider is the consequences that happens when they allow a man-centered authority to be inserted between themselves and God.

I consider this fact those individuals who claim to represent the authority of God and substitute it with mankind’s authority and proclaim it to be with God’s authority. John dwelt with this religious problem in his time. A counterfeit Christian is a mirror image of what the antichrist will do when the end of the age comes and he proclaims to be God Almighty. Another area that concerns me is the people who practice this kind of doctrine or theology is intensely sincere in their beliefs and in their love of God. Furthermore, they believe with all their heart that they are serving God interests. It is within this sincerity what makes them so persuasive and is so dangerous.

For many years within my ministry I was not concerned with a few isolated experiences I had with counterfeit Christians. However, within the past few years I have truly became alarmed when I suddenly became more aware of how widespread these practices within many churches within my own neighborhood to one degree or another. I ask you, is this direct attack on the source of our Christianity and our salvation to perceive it as such. I believe that I would be safe in saying that it is perceived and considered “normal practice” for millions of professing Christian people. In addition, I have heard it said that they feel that they have scriptures to back up their belief and actions.

I cannot say with all honesty that these people who practice in this manner are not real Christians. However, I can say that they are seriously compromising the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives yet while they are deceived into believing that they are summiting to God’s authority. When we truly consider this in light of what the scriptures states, the consequences are quite troubling. What I am saying and teaching is at any time you see worldly authority substituting themselves in this manner in the house of God you are seeing the spirit of antichrist in operation.

Once you understand what to look for you will notice that the spirit of antichrist is very active within the church today. Furthermore, you will notice and be astonished that most Christian brothers and sisters do not even notice. That is why I find the messages Jesus sent to the seven churches to be the role model for the coming events of the last days Revelation 2 and 3. I further believe that this will take place in the near future.

In conclusion the spirit of antichrist comes from Satan the one who wants to be like God and reign in God’s place in heaven. Since the fall of Lucifer when he was denied his desire to be like God, he has become a lair and the father of it. You will find in the book of Genesis where Lucifer expressed his lies directly to Eve. This spirit of antichrist will be with us until the Second Coming of our Lord when he will take us to our new home in the New Jerusalem. I further believe this is why Jesus repeats seven times to them that overcome I will give to them my promise to live with me in the kingdom of heaven. Spirit of Antichrist Still Working Chapter Three