Spirit of Antichrist Working Still Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Revelation 17 The Great Fall of Babylon

Here in Revelation 17 I believe gives a kind of framework of biblical prophecy that outlines God’s essential meaning of vision He gave to John showing the understanding of the harlot and her adultery. Before I attempt any kind of an answer it is well for me to note this understanding that I believe that here in Revelation 17 where it refers to the harlot or the great whore it also is referring to Satan and Satan spiritual capital a place of his evil and spiritual devices. Therefore, we as Christians must consider very carefully the prophetic word of the Revelation of Jesus Christ regarding what the angel spoke to John here in Revelation 17.

This prophetic word here in Revelation 17 is one of the events that will take place because of men of this earth can be linked to the religious system that rejects the word of God and hold to their false worship of God. One might also interpret this chapter here in the book of Revelation as an ecumenical system of the world as well as the religious system in regards to the great falling away within the Body of Christ. The mystery here in Revelation 17 God unveils the religious Babylon as well as the kings in authority to relate the last great power of the harlot of Babylon.

This verse here in Revelation 17 I believe that it holds key elements that explains one of mystery of God is still in control by His judgment of one’s understanding. While the identity of the beast, the kings, and the harlot might be unclear in the minds of some, the outcome as well as the conflict described in this chapter is certain. One might also interpret this text of scripture in the way: While the world wide power is performing the will of the beast, God is working above them all, only to fulfill His purpose to give this kingdom over to the beast. Let me be so bold as to state this about a corrupt world and an unfaithful church must fall.

Revelation 17:17

This text of scripture the Spirit of God keeps bring back to mind about His Divine control and that He will execute this Divine control for His purpose and to fulfill His Divine purpose. There is one very important thing that all must remember and that God’s Divine control is to be manifested in the control of His people or His sovereignty for His people to give the knowledge Isaiah 44:25. I further believe that this prophetic verse of scripture will come to pass in the near future, and therefore, let me advised you to study about the fall of the great whore.

“For God has put it in their hearts to execute His purpose by having a common purpose, and by giving their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God should be fulfilled.” (Revelation 17:17 NASB)

The basic logic for this text of scripture is all about God’s Divine will and purpose and cause them to agree. In addition, one might also interpret that the world religious order will be shaped into doing the purpose of God so that in every prophetic word of God will be fulfilled. The apostle John vision follows a pattern which could also be interpret as God’s judgment upon the wicked nations and the ungodly rulers. Then we must also consider the principle which is plainly stated here in Revelation 17:17. The action of these ungodly rulers I believe is inspired by the spirit of antichrist in the attempt to institute a world-wide religion to utterly destroy God’s Divine revelation or destroy God’s prophetic word that He gave His Son. Nevertheless, it must be made clear that in order for the Lord Jesus to return God’s word must be fulfilled that the kingdoms of this world must fall into the hands of the beast. Therefore, the plan of God unfolds with all God’s power as the Holy Scriptures indicates until the cup of His wrath is poured.

The Spirit of God said unto me write about the purpose that the spirit of antichrist does not want the church to know and understand about who is in control. In addition, about My Divine control of God and that He will put into any individual mind in the last days to fulfill My Divine purpose. In many ways today we can see the time coming of God’s wrath and this scripture supports that no one or no country can exist without God’s control. The point is that God will put into the mind of evil men to do His will or fulfill His purpose.

Another way of addressing what this text is stating is that God is in the process of conditioning men’s mind to give this kingdom over to the beast. One might also interpret this text of scripture as God’s prophetic word of the door of the beast and antichrist being open. However, I believe that God is still in control to bring every thought into captivity so that there are no wandering thoughts to affirm His purpose.

God’s control I want to note in regards to this text of scripture “the word of God should be fulfilled” Each of us has our understanding of what the Holy Scriptures states from a verse like this. Furthermore, God will keep His word. God will also keep every promise He has made in the Holy Scriptures. In this whole chapter of Revelation 17 relates the fall of Babylon and God giving this kingdom over to the beast. One also might interpret that this event is just before the final battle at Gog and Magog Revelation 20:7-8.

God would not have you ignorant!

The statement made above is to put in a positive view to this fact God wants you to know. In addition, this is a powerful statement made six times by the apostle Paul in the Holy Scriptures and one that should not be taken lightly. In addition, you will find that each time the apostle Paul states it is too clarifying the meaning of right and wrong thinking among Christian. However, one might also interpret this phrase or statement in this manner as to say “I would not have you ignorant brethren” or “to know equals this reality” “not to be ignorant.” Furthermore, I further believe that God does not want us to be ignorant is for this line of reasoning when mankind knows the negative not to be ignorant he knows how to work the positive against the spirit of antichrist. Moreover, it has always been the will of God that mankind know those things revealed in His Holy Word. It is only when we know the Holy Word of God that it can be fulfilled in our lives.

So what is God saying to Israel, the church, and the last days and our natural impulse of what God wants? God wants us to be completely knowing that there are no ifs, or buts about it. In addition, God wants us to get to the place where we know that we know that we know. In the following I believe to be seven vital reasons: the first is the fruits of the Spirit that we are to bear Galatians 5:22-23. The second is the mystery of Christ revealed in a Christian regarding the House of Israel and the Gentiles and the number of the Gentiles are made full Romans 11:25. The third is about the Old Testament believers walk, looking forward to Christ 1 Corinthians 10:1. The fourth is on spiritual matters of the five-fold ministry Ephesians 4:11; and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:1-12; the fifth is about commitment to God and Christ under pressure 2 Corinthians 1:8. Now the sixth relates to spirit of antichrist and Satan devices and the seventh is in regards to those who are dead in their relationship with God and Christ 1 Thessalonians 4:13.

God would not want you ignorant of Satan’s and the spirit of antichrist wiles and evil intentions or their devices. I like the way the translation of the New International Version states in 2 Corinthians 2:11 “in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unware of his schemes.” The Holy Scriptures is very clear in defining who our enemy is, what his wiles are, and who his allies are. Therefore, Satan and the spirit of antichrist is the deceiver, oppose, and our adversary. God created us in His image and likeness and therefore, He would not have you ignorant of His relationship with His creation for we are here to be in relationship with God the Father.

The first point is out of several ways the endeavor of the spirit of antichrist is first to destroy the word of God written within your heart and to hinder your increase in God’s spiritual knowledge to prepare you for the coming events here in the book of Revelation. The spirit of antichrist also endeavors to damp to take away the joy of God in your life, by your own consideration of willingness, sinfulness, and unworthiness, yet to add to this there must be far greater change to avoid the spirit of antichrist if we are going to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Another important thing that each of us needs to remember God will not have the Body of Christ ignorant of his judgments of things that was and things that are yet to come. As I wrote in chapter four on the subject of spiritual adultery here in Revelation 17 we also find spiritual adultery of the harlot and the abomination of her filthiness Revelation 17:4. I feel I can say with all honesty that very few Christians even know very little or nothing at all about spiritual adultery. However, this kind of conduct started back in the Old Testament and the conduct of Israel in the wilderness by making a golden calf to worship rather than God.

Therefore, beware of the spirit of antichrist

For generation the spirits of evil has been working against mankind to create disobedience against God and His Divine instruction of how to walk before Him. This spirit of evil came out of the fall of Satan when God cast him out of heaven. As the results we now have the demonic realm of fallen angels who are masquerading as apostles of light or the spirit of antichrist working in them. Sooner or later these false spirits will be exposed by their immorality and their false teaching. Any individual who is a captive of Satan and the spirit of antichrist and a teacher of false doctrine will in time to come show their immorality as well as their impurity of life. Some people may never see it in many individual who profess to be Christians, however, it usually comes to the surface therefore be aware fleshly control.

Men and women who deny the Lord God Almighty and forsake the truth may be able to hide this truth of their immorality for a short time. Their apostasy is not hid from the Lord’s eyes, and therefore, can choose to expose their apostasy before men. This is why I believe that the Holy Scriptures in its prophetic word about false prophets, false teachers, and false Christ and how they try to fool people with their signs and wonders. There are so many ways to address this subject on apostasy of what the apostles write about this subject and its nature which comes from the evil hand of Satan.

Paul sends his warning to Timothy of the apostasy to come in the last days. Paul addresses the issue of seducing spirits, and doctrines and demons in 1 Timothy 4:1. Let me add this there will always be false prophets, teachers, and false Christ as long as Satan remains active. There is within the Body of Christ those false preachers, and let me be so bold as to say some congregations as well for they seek after their own lust 2 Timothy 4:3. I make this line of reasoning for in the Body of Christ today you can see this apostasy in the pulpit and the pews. I believe it falls in this understanding that it is those individuals who understands the gospel of Christ and turns their backs on the revelation God has given them.

The seducing spirit of whoredom

When we think about the seducing spirit do we think about the level of what this spirit is to do and the assignment it has been given by Satan against the church. I further believe that outside of the spirit of antichrist the most powerful is the seducing spirit of Jezebel in the spiritual warfare against Christianity. Therefore, this spirit of Jezebel is the spirit of whoredom and she has a network of wicked spirits. Throughout the pages of the Holy Scriptures the rise and fall of spiritual power against the Word of God has been acknowledge as the principalities and powers of rulers of darkness. Furthermore, our Lord did not ignore the power of demons nor did not teach His apostles to ignore it Matthew 10:1. For, in this text of scripture it is clear that Jesus gave His apostles authority over demons and to bring healing.

It is recorded in the book of Revelation to the church at Thyatira that the church was not to sufferest the whoredom of the woman Jezebel. Let me be so bold as to state that if the church allows this spirit or ignores this spirit they are bringing about their spiritual destruction. In this spiritual warfare let me say you cannot beat Satan in your ministry by leaving him alone. For when you do pay attention to this evil spirit of Jezebel you will pay the consequences, confront him and resist him and he will flee from you. The spirit of Jezebel is conceive by the church in their spiritual adultery, spiritual fornication, and their spiritual whoredom. There is one thing that this pastor knows and that is evil reproduce evil for evil and is the produce of whoredom of which Christ warns the church at Thyatira not to allow. Many a good Christian wants to interpret that Christ was speaking about sexual act that was being committed by the leaders of the church at Thyatira; however, Christ was addressing the spiritual force being released by the spirit of whoredom.

You will also find in the wisdom of Solomon that he spoke of this evil in Proverbs 6:24-26. Therefore, we must remember that the spirit of whoredom is a spirit that is always hunting spirit seeking whom it may devour. I have made this statement for this line of reasoning that this spirit of whoredom has to have someone to latch onto. Another way of addressing this spirit of whoredom is that it is a spirit that wants to cling to an individual to bring hurt and keep old wounds open that brings about rebellion, abuse, abandonment, by its presence. However, the good news is that Jesus has given you authority to remove this spirit of whoredom.

It is sad to say that the world does not believe that Satan even exists as an evil spirit much less any other type of evil spirit nor does it believe that there are any other dark forces. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself warns that in these last days about the tricks of Satan to make men and women believe that he does not exist and that there is no such place as hell. In addition, I believe that many a good Christian are not aware of the presence of the spirit of antichrist or the presence of any other evil spirit on the spiritual aspects that affects the physical things in their lives. Therefore, rejecting this reality, we are giving Satan and all his angels the freedom to move in our lives without being detected. Furthermore, Satan is not just a form of evil, nor energy, nor just an idea, however, he is real and with intelligence that wars against God’s creation.

Most Christians know and have learnt that the spirits of evil are never content to roam around in the space; however, they are always seeking to make their abode within the heart and soul of mankind. Again it is sad to state that many Christians are not aware that they might be a carrier of one or more evil spirits. I would feel safe in saying that in this day and age if someone was to say or suggest such a thing, they would laugh at the notion that there are evil and demonic spirits. They probably would response to you in this manner that this was during the day and time of superstitious and medieval days. They might also response to you in this manner do you really believe in evil spirits?

Not only is the spirit of Jezebel whoredom we therefore must remember Jesus prophetic word that warns the church of today about this ruthless spirit and its demonic thoughts of controlling as many individuals as it can within the church. The Spirit of God has led me to write and make aware of this spirit of whoredom that has infiltrated the church and causing a lot of damage in many lives throughout the church. The damage I am speaking of is the damage of frustration, quarrels, and last of all the division within the church as well as our relationship with God and His Son. Let also look at it in this manner that this spirit of whoredom is drawing or luring many away from the real prophetic revelation that God has given in the Holy Scriptures of His salvation and grace.

Since this spirit of whoredom is an evil spirit it counterfeits the prophetic anointing by masquerading as an apostle of light and therefore we must remember that this is a counterfeit spirit. Let me also address it in this manner that a prophetic church and its leaders must realize that the Lord is going to return and He will judge the spirit of whoredom, the spirit of Jezebel, and the spirit of antichrist. This pastor and teacher for many years of my ministry never really thought about it until I began writing this book about this fact I am about to state. I do not know for sure how many times I have come face to face with these spirits without naming them. Yet in my mind today of thinking back over the years of my ministry that I have meet many individuals carrying in my ministry during many different encounters of church groups and other areas of my ministry.

Some of the characteristics of whoredom

The clear battle of the spirit of whoredom, spirit of Jezebel, and the spirit of antichrist is about controlling people especially the leaders within the church as well as rule over the people of God. Each of these spirits play a heavy influential role in religious organization such as politics. While these spirits are religious they wield a false power against the true prophetic word the flows from the throne of God. These spirits specifically hates to see repentance, humility, and intercessory prayer, as well as the prophets bring fourth the prophetic message of God. These spirits know if we carrier out these acts in our human understanding they understand that their stronghold has been destroyed by the Spirit of God. Spirit of Antichrist Still Working Chapter Seven