Spirit of Antichrist Working Still Introduction


A few years back I wrote a book for the website with the title of Our We Living in the Spirit of Antichrist Today. And it was out of that writing which inspired me to write further yet another book with this title “the spirit of antichrist working today” and yes, it is working in the world and church today. There has been much written about the spirit of antichrist by many authors and on the spiritual combat that goes on within the modern-day church today these are men and women who the Spirit of God has move upon their minds to write about the spirit of antichrist. The Spirit of God has move upon the mind-set of this pastor that I am to write about the spirit of antichrist to help Christians and leaders on how to combat this satanic evil spirit that they may do the in the work of ministry in the modern-day church.

Many Christians today are so busy setting out their ideas or opinions about the last days and the Second Coming of Christ, therefore, it is well to keep in mind that the prophecy of the last days is the hottest subject coming and going. The logic for what I have just stated is in every Christian’s heart, is that they all want to know the future about when Jesus returns, as well as knowing the time of His return; however, this is one thing that God does not want anyone to know according to what Jesus stated unto His disciples in Matthew 24:36. It is true that there are many ideas and many different opinions about the last days and what will take place in the last days, however, there is no denying that we are in the last days. In Paul’s second epistle to Timothy Paul states “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” (2 Timothy 3:1 KJV) Then Paul list 19 characteristics that state the characteristics of how people will act in these times found in 2 Timothy 3:1-7.

If you were to open a conversation about the spirit of antichrist today I strongly feel that very few would know what you were talking about that antichrist. Much least the meaning of antichrist means “instead of Christ” and in addition, what is the spirit of antichrist? You can find that many books written about the spirit of antichrist and the antichrist form many scholars and theologians that reveals the spiritual warfare going on in the modern-day church. Now this book will be focused on addressing this question and more: What is the spirit of antichrist? Why do the members of the Body of Christ or the modern-day church need to understand the spirit of antichrist today? Yes, one might interpret that it is for this reason they believe that grace is enough; however, the problem is that the apostle John said to try the spirits to see if they were of God, 1 John 4:1.

In this pastor’s spirit, by watching and seeing with each and every passing day, and the events of the book of Revelation unfolding right before our eyes that we are on the threshold of the coming of the antichrist and the great tribulation. I do not know if anyone else has stated it in this manner but this is how I feel that the spirit of antichrist is at work get the Body of Christ or the modern-day church to get ready to accept the antichrist as well as the other events recorded in the book of Revelation. As the end draws nearer we the church should be looking toward the eastern sky and making ready the Second Coming of our Lord.

I further believe that we are coming into the day and time that each and every Christian need to truly take heed that there is an evil spiritual power working that is within the church today called the spirit of antichrist. I say this because that of what the apostle John writes in his epistles about the antichrist and there is many among us even as it was then so is it today, 1 John 2:18-19. In 1 John 4:3 John makes it clear that the spirit of antichrist is already in the world and working in many.

Never in all of my year’s of ministry have I felt more compiled to state that there is a major need for within the modern-day church that needs today to take heed more than ever before that in this day and age we need spiritual discernment and this spiritual gift that is given by the Holy Spirit to combat this satanic spirit called the spirit of antichrist. Let me say it this that with every passing day the day of the Mark of the beast and the antichrist is drawing nearer as well as the return of our Lord are you ready. For when we truly consider all the things our Lord taught regarding the kingdom of heaven and what one must do to enter into the kingdom of heaven even the very elect Matthew 24:11, 24. Our Lord also makes it clear that there will arise many false christ’s and false prophets that will mislead many by showing great signs Matthew 24 these play a major role in deception of Christians within the church today.

This book is about teaching that there is a spirit of antichrist and that it is one of Satan’s main tactics to place in our mind the influence that we our inadequate, and cause us to have a poor image of yourself, as well as these areas of our spiritually, our ministry, our marriage just to name a few that brings division in families and in the modern-day church. In addition, the purpose of this book is to try and fully examine how that Satan’s out pouring of the spirit of antichrist and the rulers and power of darkness is still working and mocking the Word of God and God’s Son. Furthermore, how that the spiritual battle is between God and Satan and that it is heating up more than ever before for Satan knows his time is running short: Then how much more do you think that the spirit of antichrist will become more intense with his attacks as the end of time draws nearer. Even in the early church the apostle John wrote the prophetic word of warning about spirits of evil and that we are to try the spirits to see if they of God or Satan 1 John 4:1. However, today we are coming into the season of this prophetic word which we the Christian must take authority over the spirit of antichrist and remove it from within the Body of Christ.

I further believe that the prophetic word of the apostle John regarding the spirit of antichrist where that he was setting the stage how many within the Body of Christ then and how that these spirits of evil would turn people from God and Christ in the last days. Thus I cannot state it strong enough that the spirit of antichrist is a super-deceptive spirit who is sent to deceive all of humanity and especially by destroying Christianity and living for God and Christ Jesus. The spirit of antichrist main focus is about deception and on the deception of all of humanity who is seeking to live for God and the spiritual needs to feed the soul. Finally, the ultimate goal of the spirit of antichrist is to defeat, destroy, and conquer the Body of Christ or the modern-day church and Jesus good news of salvation for eternal life. NOTE: If the spirit of antichrist can deceives enough individuals Christians to turn to false teaching and to proclaim false doctrine it knows that these individuals are sending the wrong message.

Moreover the antichrist spirit appeals to everything that is worldly, and more often to a worldliness we do not even recognize as being worldly. The logic for writing this book is to make aware unto every Christian of the term “spirit of antichrist.” Therefore, we as spiritual leaders needs to address within the Body of Christ or the modern-day church the terms the spirit of Jezebel, and the spirit of antichrist and yes even outside of the Body of Christ for our time is also growing short until our Lord returns. Yes, I can state with all honesty that you can find much written of the subject of the spirit of antichrist in books, and the internet, however, in all my years of ministry I have heard very little taught within the Body of Christ. Again with all honesty I honestly believe that many pastors are so busy trying to minister to their church congregation that they do not have time to study and prepare for this kind of a teaching.

Note in the epistles of John, he makes it clear that we are to test or to try the spirits to see if they are of God. The purpose to start here with 1 John 4:1-4, these texts of scriptures states that there are many in the world which worship many gods and yet claim they are on the path of God’s enlightenment. One might say that all of humanity is spiritual in one way or another. When John said to try the spirits I believe so that we would search and reveal that which was spirits of darkness so that we would not get caught up in the spiritual bondage of the forces of darkness.

The Holy Scriptures reveals many of the deceptions and lies of the power of darkness and its evil works. Again the purpose of this book is to equip Christians with an understanding of the spirit of antichrist that brings about false Christianity in people’s lives. Another way of saying it is there are many false religions and cults attempting to counterfeit Christianity. I believe it would be safe in saying that they use biblical terms and biblical language in their false teaching. During this book in addition, we will be examining how the Holy Scriptures reveals the function of false doctrine and false teaching of God’s Word.

Chapter One
Discerning the spirit of antichrist at Work Today

This chapter is about what every Christian needs to know first and that is how to discern the spirit of antichrist or to try the spirits 1 John 4:1. In addition, it is a warning that the Body of Christ needs bring into every small congregation the understanding of the spirit of antichrist and all other false teachings and doctrines that are not of Christ and His Father.

Chapter Two
Where lays the spirit of antichrist today?

This chapter I deal with the question and title of this chapter and the grossly ignorant who feel they know the scriptures and yet they are pretenders professing to be Christians and they are not. The logic behind this line of thinking comes from the apostle Paul and his writing to Timothy about the last days and peoples actions in that day 2 Timothy 3:5.

Chapter Three
Try the Spirits to see if They are of God 1 John 4:1

This chapter is about the apostle John’s writing to the small congregation of his day teaching them about what the Lord delivered unto him about the antichrist and the spirit of antichrist. Even though John was writing unto these small congregations I further believe that he was writing to the Body of Christ now.

Chapter Four
Spiritual Adultery spirit of antichrist

This chapter is about a subject that you will find recorded throughout the New Testament regarding the Body of Christ of their spiritual adultery. The best way that I can relate this chapter and its content is about the spirit that is a deceitful worker of Satan masquerading as an apostle of Christ 2 Corinthians 11:13. In addition, let me also say that there are other spirits of Satan doing the same work within the Body of Christ today.

Chapter Five
Spirit of antichrist from the seven churches which is the spirit of Jezebel

This chapter begins with what the Lord Jesus Christ stated to the church at Thyatira in Revelation 2:20 a prophetess who bring the seducing spirit of spiritual adultery. The spirits of antichrist and the spirit of Jezebel both hold the power of manipulation and mainly target the leaders of the Body of Christ. I state this because Jesus sent His message to the angel of the church who was in the authority of the Lord to bring His message or prophetic word.

Chapter Six
Revelation 17 The Great Fall of Babylon

This chapter is about a very tough issue within the Body of Christ because many Christians today do not study or read the book of Revelation. Yes many Christian would ask what does the fall of Babylon have to do with the Body of Christ today for we live under grace. The link here is in this reality that the world leaders and the religious leaders of this time period will work with the beast to give this kingdom over to the beast. However, the key element is in Revelation 17:17 showing that God is in control of what they think to fulfill His purpose.

Chapter Seven
Gods Requirements
What the spirit of antichrist does not want you to know

This chapter is a very important chapter because it deals with a truth about God’s requirements in the New Testament. Many scholars and theologians as well as many pastors and teachers proclaim that the grace of God takes over all that God required in the Old Testament. From the days of the prophets of Old Testament they gave to the church in a four-fold prophetic word to an apostolic mandate first to seek out the truth, second to pull down or put down false doctrine, third to destroy the evil will of Satan in our lives, the fourth to build on the foundation of the Holy Scriptures of God’s statues, judgment, vows, laws, commandments and His covenants.

Recognizing the spirit of antichrist

In the apostle John’s writing of his epistles in chapter 4 of 1 John 4 when most read the words the spirit of antichrist they think it means the antichrist and the church’s enemy. The truth of the matter is that this spirit shows up when we are the most vulnerable to its deception. I would feel safe in saying that anytime that we come under any other influence other than that of the Holy Spirit we are under the influence of deception. Deception means that we are fooled by something that looks like the real thing. Spirit of Antichrist Still Working Chapter One