My Search for What is Spiritual

My Search for what is Spiritual


God has said to me from time and time; and again down through my personal studies of His word that humanity truly needs to understand what is spiritual. Yes, I have study from many translations of the Bible in my search for what is spiritual and each translation has deepen the meaning for what is spiritual. Furthermore, I have looked at the theology of many writers and interpreters of the Holy Scriptures in my search for what is spiritual. Therefore, I feel safe in saying each of them has related the meaning of what is spiritual in my search.

However, it has been through the guidance of the Holy Ghost that has taught me the true meaning of what spiritual is in life. Spiritual is everyday from the time you rise in the morning till you lay your head on your pillow at night. Spiritual should start with thanksgiving when your feet touch the floor. The resources of this book as been The Complete Jewish Bible, The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible (KJV) (NASB), Vines Complete Expository Dictionary, of the Old and New Testament Words, Nave’s Topical Bible and Dictionary. Many books I have read on the Holy Spirit and the fire that it brings. Each of these resources have given my understanding of what is spiritual. Furthermore, to help your understanding of what is spiritual so I have made up a spiritual index from my resources.

Spiritual has always been a part of my work for the Lord in my teaching, and preaching regarding what God want me to proclaim to people to know about His thoughts and ways. In my introduction I gave where my resource was for this writing however, down through the years when I was studying for a message or for Bible study it seem that there was not a complete reference to the subject I was working that is why I have put a complete index for this subject of what is spiritual.

My search for what is spiritual all began when I was a boy and first was listing to the adults in church. At that, Sunday school was part of my life as television is today. Therefore, I must take you back again to the year it began it was the summer of 1953 when I was fourteen years old when I was called to go proclaim God’s word. The place was Barbour County West Virginia late one night on my way home from visiting my Aunt. This was a time in my life when the Lord spoke to me about the ministry. That night on my way home not only did the Lord speaks to me He walked with me. This night will be a night that will always be with me. Not only will it always be with me, it will also be dear to me. For it was the night that Christ walked with me and talked with me that will always be my testimony. However, I kept this to myself without telling anyone that God called me into the ministry. For now, I had a new purpose in my life, which would become my search for how to walk spiritual with humankind in God’s grace. It was much later in life that follows through this book that I am writing which will show to you my search for what is spiritual with humankind.

As a young man I said to myself that there must be more to what is spiritual than what I hear being said. Therefore, I knew that I had to search for what God wanted me to understand about what is spiritual. It has been down through the years that I have gain that understanding of what is spiritual. Recalling back to when my search began I must say that it took a lot of prayer and a lot of guidance from the Holy Spirit. From the very first God’s words has said to me repeatedly you must look at all things that your Lord has created.

When I stop and think about it when my search first began, living at home, and working my father’s farm for him it did not seem like I was growing spiritually. It was at this time in my life that I decided to go out on my own and to make my own way in life. However, this decision did not come until I was twenty-one year of age. In today’s generation, they would ask why you waited until you were twenty-one years old. The only answer I can give to young people today is that was the custom of my day as well as it was the law at that time.

It was when I got out on my own, that brought about many changes in my way of thinking when I saw the world and the church the way it really was. From the time I left home, it was one trial after another. It was in these trials of life that Jesus taught me what it means to be spiritual as well as what is the spiritual life was to be in the church. Therefore, what God has shown me through the Holy Spirit is to say and do what it means when it comes to God’s word is to consider all things. It is in this fact that if I am to minister about what is spiritual; I therefore must be able to state my case of what is spiritual. It is time to let us consider what is spiritual.

Therefore, what God has taught to me down though the years of ministry is the spiritual things I am writing. God has given to me personally a deep understanding of some issues of His Holy Word. This book my prayer is that it will be a chart that will show what it takes to be what is spiritual according to the Bible. All the way through this book, I will be writing about my spiritual experiences in life as well as the ministry. In addition, I will be referring to the people who inspired me to carry out the work of the ministry. In addition, you will see in my writing I refer to many spiritual words found.

For example, words like spiritual apparel, spiritual adultery, spiritual dullness, spiritual striving, spiritual action, spiritual unity, spiritual blindness, spiritual wisdom, spiritual knowledge, spiritual understanding, spiritual walking and many other words that have a meaning to what is spiritual.

In addition, I want to say that there are two sides of the spiritual doctrine I will be writing about and that is the good and the evil. In my writing, this book from time to time I will be adding scriptures in where they are needed to help you better understand what I am referring to as spiritual. In God’s Holy Word down through the age’s humankind has try to interpret it in many different ways.

I started writing this book back in 1999 about my search for what is spiritual. It has made me conclude that currently that God wants His word taught to the church on what is spiritual. What I mean by this that there is so much in the doctrine of every church denomination in baptism, faith, and communion and so on. Therefore, if I were to search out the entire denominations name I would probably have three or four pages of church listing. This book is not about churches or their doctrines it is about what is spiritual in regards to life in the Lord Jesus.

Since I started really looking and researching for spiritual issues to write about God has made some real changes in my life. In fact to make a bold statement about the facts on what is spiritual for believers in Christ to live and worship. Christ said that the day would come when we would have to take a stand on the “Word of God” for His sake. On this day of the Lord in 2006, I ask the question do you esteem the Lord Jesus Christ and God Almighty or humankind. Down through the years of my life I have occupied myself with the issues and standards of doctrine of what I felt was spiritual. However, God has pointed out that there is coming a day that I will give an account of my life to Him. What I mean by this is if I have lack spiritually and been cowardly in being spiritual or unbelieving, or sexually immoral I will face the judgment of the lake of fire.

Another way of saying it is am I doing man’s standards or God’s standards I pray that it is God’s standards when it comes to my spiritual life. Furthermore, I must state that we will not have Christ rewards done on our own standards of man. O, I know what doctors and counselors say about human standards however, I also know what God gives to us for spiritual standards. The standards needed in the church today are a standard of getting ready for Christ to come instead of teaching a human standard of the last days here. Furthermore, I feel that all of the events written in the book of Revelation have already begun. Therefore, that is why I feel so strongly about getting ready for Christ Second Coming.

Christ sent “seven messages of warning”: These messages were in regards to the spiritual life, which is the diagram for our spiritual life. What I am about ready to write is in fact is about issues of spiritual life going on in the world today concerning the message of Christ and Paul that wrote to Timothy were Paul states that in the last days people will be lovers of pleasures more that lovers of God, II Timothy chapter three. Furthermore, they want only the milk of God’s word and not the meat and potatoes of the sound doctrine found in II Timothy 3 verses one through seven. However, the scripture I like here in Timothy is verse five where it states “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” (KJV)

Paul also states to Timothy in verse seven “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of truth.” (KJV) This writing of Paul’s concerning the last days I have seen it coming for some time. I remember back during my earlier days of ministry when I preached a message on II Timothy about the storm of life that is rising. At that time, I did not see it the way I see it today: Today I see it as the fulfillment of the book of Revelation and Christ Second Coming is at hand. My Search For What is Spiritual One