My Search for What is Spiritual Two


How we our empowered by the Holy Ghost

These that I am about to discuss are spiritual feelings which empowers our spiritual emotions which fertile the soul of our spiritual life. Love is natural beginning and end of true religion within the Body of Christ. Spiritually therefore is the realm of spiritual affection; furthermore, it is the being of our soul in our hearts in holiness and love which is to be centered on God, and revealed in each individual. Therefore, the specific and supreme work of the Holy Ghost is to be shed abroad God’s love in all of humanity. Spirituality sets in motion the spiritual affections on things above and brings and entire spiritual emotion of God to nature by regulating and redeeming in the Holy Ghost.

A spiritual minded person is one whose mind is set on doing the will of God as well as their spiritual intellect and spiritual affections. In every spiritual fiber of our moral being, and in all of our spiritual activities of our soul, we are under the guidance and dominion of the Holy Ghost. The spiritual affections present spiritual motives, and spiritual intellect, which estimate our spiritual worthiness, which will decide upon the next course of action in our daily life. When this trinity of God’s spiritual operation, which is necessary to normal human being, it is under this order of God’s divine Spirit, which human beings will possesses spiritually that is required. The spiritual trinity or the Godhead is a state in which all human faculties of the soul are voluntarily and joyfully under the dominion and guidance of Christ Jesus indwelling spirit. When spiritual intellect, hearts will focus all their energies reverently and affectionately upon God’s, passionate love is, ever-present, ever dominant love of God is the result. This is the triune sphere of the Holy Ghost indwelling, spiritual activity, as the character of each individual person will be God-centered, and their spirit-filled life is described by the exalted words of God.

The strong teaching found in Psalm 41:12 expands the biblical principle of spiritual integrity: “And as for me, thou upholdest me in mine integrity, and settest me before thy face for ever.”(KJV) To be set by God His face is a strong incentive for our strength of behavior and integrity. The goal of Christ’s own believers should be to be like Him, firmly adhered to the Father, unimpaired, undivided, uncompromised, yet liberated from all evil. In the gospel of John 8:31 Then Jesus said to those Jews which believed on him, if ye continue in my word, then ye are my disciples indeed; 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (KJV) Only God through Jesus Christ our Lord could make this promise.

The next issue that we need to discuss of how the Holy Ghost empowers us is in spiritual warfare which take place in my life as well as yours. One of the real spiritual warfare that has been in my life that was running away from God and the ministry God wanted me to do. What God wanted out of me was to proclaim His divine message of what happens when talks you out of salvation. I can personally say that many times in my ministry to individual people and churches I have served that I wrote the book on getting out of doing what God wanted me to do. Have you ever ask yourself this question: Have I ever said this to God but God how do I know that I am smart enough to do the work in the church you want me to do? Then take a good look at the excuses that Moses made to God about that he could not speak well to people. Does this sound like any excuses you might have used when you were ask to do something in church work?

Another part of spiritual warfare that began in my life was the day that I made a complete commitment to the Lord God and you know the one that work on me the hardest after I made that commitment was Satan. Therefore, why would I make such a statement that Satan works on me the hardest at time? Personally, the fact is that when Satan knows that he does not have any power over you any longer that is when Satan works the hardest. Other reasons for this kind of statement are that when I live in the worldly things the spiritual things was no concern to me. My concern at this time was a lot like what is describe by John the revelator described in the book of Revelation about the unfaithful and the lost. Another way of stating this about spiritual warfare is what happens between the Lamb of God and Satan in the last and final battle. John also describes the spiritual victory that the Lamb of God has over Satan in that battle.

James wrote about another kind of spiritual warfare in chapter four of the book of James. However, this spiritual warfare is the warfare between the nature body and the spiritual body of humankind. Another way of saying it is the lust of the flesh or the carnal mind that we have the spiritual warfare. In the Old Testament, it states this warfare to be of the flesh. It also could be stated that this is the inward conflict of good and evil in us. To my understanding of what James and Paul writes about spiritual warfare fits more of humanity life style in the church then and now, and the congregations of the church today. For example, two scriptures come to mind Romans 7:23 and James 4:1 both Paul and James tells about many individuals who wrestle against the power of good and evil. These scriptures to my way of thinking make it quite clear of the inward battle we have in our spiritual life.

Let us look more deeply at the spiritual struggle that were in the Christian live in that century and the world today between good and evil warfare. How does this spiritual struggle or warfare affect our spiritual life? I personally cannot say about anyone else spiritual struggle only my own. I have many spiritual struggles in my Christian to walk as a pastor and leader of the church. For example after I went into the ministry, of how I have many of night woke up saying in the name of Jesus Christ to get rid of the demon that was trying to enter into my body. There are too many other examples that I could write about. One of the biggest spiritual struggles or spiritual warfare that I have had is probably one that you may also have and that is how Satan has tried to tell me that is not what God means in God’s word about spiritual life.

Remember that this spiritual warfare is a test of our faith and trust in this walk of life. For James many times refers to the walk of faith in his writing to the Christian of that day. In the first chapter of James speaks of being a doer of the word and not a hearer only, which is to be engrafted into the individual Christian each and every word of God. Furthermore, James also talks about being temped and drawn away by our own lust. Then James states to us that faith in God should not be wavering are driven like the wind in our faith and doctrine. To my understanding what James is, trying to say is that faith that waverth is giving a wrong impression to those who do not have faith. James does not quite say it in this manner about faith should be a pure religion that is undefiled. I can only speak for myself but many times in my ministry, I have had to call on God because I was getting weak in my faith. This is why I feel that the book of James should be taught more in the church than what it is. I know that after I went back to my last charge I was told by a woman that she was glad I taught the book of James because she never knew that her faith was so weak.

In James chapter two verse nine has made the greatest impression on my faith and trust in God. For this verse tells me about this fact about, not having partiality and that partiality is forbidden in our lives. The most important issue in this verse of scripture is that it tells about the law of transgression that it is a sin, which defiles. Let me say this that God is saying that there should be spiritual love which God wants us to have by not showing partiality for one another. Taking this a step further, how many of us take up the feeling of partiality? What I mean by this is when it comes myself that I come first. That is not what James is stating in his writing to the early Christians. James as well as Paul states in one from or another, we were to love one another, as well as ourselves. Christ gave us this commandment to live in the gospel of Mark. Furthermore, I believe that Christ meant this commandment of love your neighbor as yourself as a spiritual standard of Christian living.

What is the spiritual doctrine?

The doctrine of what is spiritual is the word of God that brings us out of the valley of the shadow of death. Therefore, in tracing back through the scriptures I, found that the spiritual doctrine goes all the way back to the creation. God’s grace is spiritual. Spiritual also covers a wide range of doctrine that has been hand-down through the centuries. To describe it more in detail I will only use what Jesus has taught me by the Holy Ghost and by the Holy Word of God. To start with, what is more zealous than that which is spiritual, in the church than the prophecy of God? I would feel safe in saying that there are individuals who would say that prophecy in the church is not spiritual. When we look at the meaning of spiritual according to the Hebrew language you will find that it means complete coverage of the ordinariness or the promise of God’s Word and the ones living in that ordinariness. Therefore, the spiritual state is reached by diligence and obedience in the Word of God and in prayer; obedience and self-judgment therefore maintain it. Such individuals are led by the Holy Ghost they are spiritual, but, of course, spirituality is not fixed by any of our absolute condition it must be sought for day by day in prayer. What is spiritual admits to our spiritual growth, indeed growth in word and in knowledge of grace in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The doctrine of spiritual should be a standard above all standard for believer’s godly living. So let us recognize spiritual doctrine as a level above life that is like clothing we wear as a divine protection. In the book of Ephesians and Revelation that both Paul and John write about clothing that is to be worn by believers. Paul goes on to say that, this clothing is to protect us from the spiritual wickedness that comes from Satan, demons, fallen angels.

Spiritual doctrine should be recognizing as the deep things of God or the spiritual mystery of God. When Paul wrote to the church of Ephesus Paul tells them the plan of salvation first. Therefore, when this spiritual doctrine of God is recognize as an illustration and application of God’s level of spiritual instruction of life and life everlasting. I have often been instructed by the Holy Ghost about issues concerning the true spiritual doctrine that should be illustrated everyday life in and outside the Church. Not only is this doctrine an illustration and application it is furthermore required by God Almighty for life eternal in the kingdom of God.

To illustrate the application of spiritual doctrine in my life it was June of 1997 at the West Virginia Annual Conference. It had been a long day at conference and that evening I laid down on the couch and I fell asleep sometime during the night I saw a vision. The vision I saw was the Holy City of God coming down from heaven. It was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. However, my response to what I saw was, God I am not ready for this there is to much work for me to do here in this world. When I said that the vision turns to ashes. The God ask me what is the interpretation of the purpose of your vision. My first response was you know God. The next day at conference God, ask again, what the purpose of your vision is. I said God if we do not except the vision of your calling we will lose it.

Why I feel that God gave to me this kind of a vision was I was getting ready to move to a new charge and I had been praying to God for a new way to minister to this new congregation. That Sunday morning on the new charge I told my vision to them and said I must tell you this “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him” Rev. 1:7 Jesus is coming in the same manner when He left His disciples. Every nation in the world will be watching His Coming from north, south, east, and the west. Up to this time in my ministry I had a lot of ideas on what I thought was spiritual in my life. The next morning when I got up it was like and strong wind of words came to me words from A to Y that would describe what is spiritual. If we take the word apparel, most individuals would say clothing or the way we dress. However, when we state spiritual apparel it becomes more than clothing it becomes the whole armor of God that Paul writes to the church at Ephesus. Furthermore, apparel is the spiritual dress of which God wants us to wear spiritually in our walk of faith with Him and Christ Jesus.

When you look for a spiritual word from A to Y the last spiritual word on that day was yearning, which most of us have in one form or another? Another way of stating this is we all long for, something or someone or what others have that we do not. However, when you make the word spiritual yearning we are therefore saying that we are yearning to see Jesus and the kingdom of God. It can be found from cover to cover in God’s Holy Word that tells and describes the who, what, and how of godly living and the events that will come.

It is within these spiritual doctrines that become spiritual thoughts by the Holy Ghost that reveals the spiritual mystery of God. Spiritual doctrines have taught me what I will call spiritual art of contentment in every condition of spiritual life. Using the Word of God Paul makes a clear argument to persuade the Philippians as well as the church at Corinth on condition of contentment. Paul states that his heart is take up by better things. Paul says, in respect to want, for whether I have or have not, my heart is fully satisfied, and therefore, that is enough: Paul said I have learned in whatsoever state I am in, therewith be content.

Any individual who affirms that they have learned this spiritual mystery is saying I know how to humble myself and to abound myself in everything I am instructed to do. Can you therefore say I have learned it what I mean to say is this that I have not learn it completely yet. Nor have I the spiritual art of this mystery when I first became saved. However, I have attained a lot of it, with much thought and study of God’s Word, and now, by the grace of God, I have become more of a master of this art of contentment.

Therefore, Paul’s meaning must be, I find a sufficiency of satisfaction within my own heart, through the grace of Christ that is in me. Just think of Paul’s though I have not outward comforts and worldly conveniences to supply his own necessities, yet I have a sufficient portion between Christ Jesus and my soul that abundantly satisfy me in every condition of life. The interpretation here that Paul gives I completely agree with. I believe what God and Christ are saying through Paul is that a good individual man or woman is satisfied from within themselves. Paul also goes on to say this “though he had nothing yet he possessed all things”. It was because Paul had the right covenant and promise, which virtually contains everything, and an interest in Christ, the fountain and good of all, it is no marvel what Paul said to the church at Corinth that whatsoever state he was in, he was content.

Let us look at the other side of this thought and that is wailing and what is spiritual wailing? Why is there wailing? We find in the gospels many times about why there is wailing one is being cast into the lake of fire. Other examples are of mourning the loss of family in death. Therefore, the reason is quite clear for their shall be wailing in sorrow it is because they were not prepared for the Lord’s Second Coming. Think about this at Christ coming and to all presence how overpowering that presence will be to those living in sins of life. I believe that will cause great sorrow. Furthermore, they will wail because they have been warned of the coming of this day, and have not hearkened to Christ’s warning.

Jesus taught in parables about the kingdom of heaven is like unto and the reasons of them that did not pay heed to His words what would happen to them. For example, the parable of the marriages of the king’s son and the wedding feast that was prepare for the guest and how the king sent his servants out to bid them come for the feast was ready. They that had the invitation made excuses to the servants why they could not come to the feast. Therefore, the spiritual insight to this parable is one of sorrow because it is not the sinners as most think. However, members of the church will be doing the wailing because they made light of the invitation of Christ and Christ’s servants.

Humankind should become servants of the church

If we are going to completely, understand what spiritual doctrine, it involves spiritual growth in spiritual disciplines by the individual Christian. However, this also includes the complete body of the church in the spiritual doctrine they set as spiritual standards. Paul writes to the congregation at Ephesus about those who should be leaders or Disciples of Christ in the church then as well as now Eph. 4: 11-13. The servants that Paul spoke of are apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastor, and finally teachers. These servants of the Lord are too periodically to measure the spiritual growth and determine where to help the spiritual growth to lead the congregation into the mission of Christ.

Preparation for servant hood should be without doubt for obedient service for the basic service of the Lord. Furthermore, service for the Lord should be voluntary but never an option for people of God it should be a duty as a servant of the Lord that we do gladly. I remember back when I was a newborn Christian I was a child in my first steps in the direction of being a servant of the Lord boy did I need help. Thanks be to the Lord that He sent me the Holy Ghost to be my teacher. The Holy Ghost has showed me that true confession is conversion, converting a sinner into a servant of Christ.

Humans who become Christians in Christ’s to have no other reason to boast only to love others as Christ loved us. Conversion leads to servant hood in God’s will and doing the mission of Christ that Christ gave them to do. God provides an enabling power for His servants to do His will through the power of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, Christians need the inner and moral spiritual power necessary for victoriously as obedient servants. It is also the church family responsibilities to train young servants toward spiritual maturity in the Lord.

Servants become part of God’s holy priesthood as promise in 1 Peter 2:5: Therefore, all Christian servants are brothers and sisters with free access to God through Christ, our High Priest. We need no other mediator than Jesus Christ our Lord. We have a responsibility to go to God and learn from God directly through Christ rather than depending on human intermediaries. All Christian servants are God’s fellow workers. The heavenly counsel would not want any to be left out God’s works. All servants are needed. Servant hood only occurs under God’s leadership. God provides basic guidelines for servant hood through His Holy Covenant in which Christ sought the cross to establish His will for the Father in the kingdom of heaven.

Under the old covenant, God made His law and will known by the prophets. Under the new covenant, Christ makes the Father’s will known by His servant. Jesus said the only ones who will enter the kingdom of heaven are those who do “the will of the Father who is in heaven. To be a servant demands a willingness to give up everything to experience the reality of the kingdom of God through Christ inspiration as instructor of ruling authority. Being part of the kingdom of God means being a life evidencing of servant hood. Servant hood is living out the confession of faith and trust in our Lord Jesus. Servant of Jesus extend the ministry of Jesus began by obediently what the Father commanded. Servant hood involves spiritual hearing and spiritual teaching of Jesus as authoritative and following God’s commands and exercises the Lordship of the Godhead. Therefore, our lives of servant hood through the ministry of the Father should have a complete commitment.

The first thing in servant hood in life is to seek, to find, spiritual wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and spiritual understanding to follow the will of God. Therefore, Christ was stating the way of the kingdom of God purpose is that servants are to bear the spiritual fruit. Bearing spiritual fruit is a duty and our religious obligation; it is a natural result of conversion, submitting to Christ Lordship, and following the Holy Ghost leadership. Servant hood centers on the covenant of Christ taught that we have the love of God for our neighbors, as Christ loved us. Servant hood is to be a responsible steward of personal influence of servant hood on other individuals in church and society. Servant hood is more than passive adoration of God. It is an active involvement in God’s creation and Christ ministry. Servant hood does not seek out deserved rewards. Again servant hood means doing all for God’s glory no matter what. Servant hood also means share with Christ in meeting the needs of other people. Therefore, the commendation of the Master is the most desired reward God has promised when God states enter in thy good and faithful servant.

Servant hood focuses on our personal spiritual discipline, such as Bible study, prayer, and worship, to train ourselves for the service of mission in the church. At the heart of servant hood in believers it is the action of God in the work they do for God. God’s will for servant hood in service is a board, as humankinds needs. Therefore, God wants all spiritual and material needs to be met for all of humankind that He has created. The Bible describe servant hood as ministry to the poor and needy, hungry, homeless, oppressed, sick, handicapped, and the fallen. However, it also describes the spiritual food for the spiritually hungry. In the servant hood of Christ, it involves the principle of creatively of meeting any other needs of people.

Christ gave a commandment in the gospel of Matthew 28: 18-20 of the commission of servant hood that it should not be taken lightly or rejected by any of us. Also note what Matthew writes in chapter seven twenty one through twenty-three of why Jesus did what He did about the false servant hood or the false prophets when they say have we not spoke thy word in thy name and done wonderful works: Jesus will say on the Day of Judgment “depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

A man or woman or family of God is known by whom they follow and how they follow.

This is an area to which I have been looking at down through the years of my ministry of the spiritual-ness of individual people of the Bible as well as them in the church of today. For do we not all look for the spiritual-ness in individual people of the scriptures as well as individuals in church to see and hear what their action is in life. However, it is sad to say but I believe that this is one of the problems in the church today. God tells us by the apostle Paul not to judge one another in Romans 2: 1-2. I feel safe in saying that every one of us one-way or another judge someone. I remember back some years ago the message I preached was on labels we put on people and leave there. For example, did you see how that family lives down the road, if I was them I would clean up that hole? I also made the statement we put label on Christian as well as sinners. Another label that I used was once a drunk always a drunk. However, I do not believe this to be true when it comes to God’s grace and love and salvation.

The message went on to say something like this if that is the way the church people are going to act I find me another church that don’t act like they do. Therefore, is this not a bad label of which the body of Christ is getting in the world today? In that message, I also brought out the point that Paul was telling the Jews of the church this same idea that came to me while preparing this message. It was stated something like this that Paul wrote in Ro. 2:1-2 Paul stated some to this effect to the Jews just because you are God’s chosen people what makes you think that you can do what you want to do and say that the Gentiles can’t. It is my understanding of the scriptures Christ as well as Paul wrote that when you judge one another you will be judge by the same judgment. Therefore, if we are going to be known by whom we follow would not we better off if we are found not judging one another when it comes to Christ. It is in this realm of not judging that makes a good servant of Christ. We as servant of Christ should follow this spiritual standard after in our lives.

Most of my message and teachings deal with the fact of whom do we follow therefore we will be known as we are known when we stand before the throne of God. Questions: Are we following God or the evil of this world? Are we judging when we should be showing love of God to others? Are we giving spiritual direction to the lost of this world? Are we following the spiritual doctrine that we should be following according to the Bible? I believe what God told the prophets and the disciples to write that we will know the way to live. What I feel God is telling us in the church today is when we enter into the kingdom of God before you get here get on fire for your Lord.

A man or a woman of God is known by what spiritual standards they set.

I have already made known some of the spiritual standards of the doctrine of God that we are to live by. I must go on to say that I feel all things of God is a standard that every born again Christian should live to the fullest. However, as a human being how do we set spiritual standards for spiritual life? The first of these standards that comes to mind is the spiritual standard of what Nicodemus ask Christ about being born again. Therefore, I can only answer from my own personal life when it comes to this standard of being born again. After I was born, again I knew that I would have to set standard for my new life in Christ Jesus. The very first question I ask myself was what kind of a spiritual standard does the Lord Jesus want for my life? Another question I ask myself was what kind of spiritual standards; I want to be known by?

To begin with, first I want Christ to have a spiritual fellowship with me. In my fellowship with Christ, I want is Christ teaching, that I must be teaching also that teaching will lead to their conversion to receive the fellowship with Christ that brings spiritual standard of life and spiritual understanding, which is needed for spiritual life. Secondly, I want Christ teaching to remove the law of transgression or the law of sin and death, which are the Ten Commandment that God, gave to Moses. First why I make this statement is if I am going to have spiritual fellowship with God and Christ Jesus I need these transgression removed. Another reason I made a statement about judging others of what Paul wrote to the Jews about judging others. If the Gentiles are going to know the law of transgression along with the law of forgiveness, they are going to have to know the law of sin and death. In these laws of sin and death, God set a spiritual standard that Christian servants are to develop in order to combat evil that they will be able to make spiritual judgment of righteousness.

This standard is for our own personal judgment of spiritual issues and earthly problems that we may have in our lives. If we did not have any spiritual standards to guide our judgment, we would be in danger of hell’s fire. Paul writes to the church at Corinth about judging in the manner concerning the church people 1 Cor. 14:24 that we must show the sure testimony of God to them that believe not. Therefore, it is to be a duty to give testimony of what God commanded.

Paul wrote to the Hebrews in the book of Hebrews that we were to gain the spiritual standard of righteousness so that we would not lay the foundation of repentance again he. He. 6:1. The spiritual standard that Paul wanted us to understand of what he was telling the Hebrew people was that of spiritual progress in Christian living that moves us forward. Christ would want us to move forward in righteous living. The spiritual progress according to Paul is not laying again the foundation of repentance, baptism, the laying on of hands, dead works and finally of faith in God. Spiritual progress to my understanding from Hebrews six is if we are going to grow spiritually, we cannot keep on sinning and laying the same foundation repeatedly. What Paul is saying that this is a test of spiritual progress that each individual will be graded, on at the Day of Judgment? From the Old Testament to the New Testament you can find recorded the entire test of faith and trust that has been written since the beginning of time. Furthermore I also understand what Paul wrote to the church at Rome when he said, “all sin and come short of the glory of God” according to the scriptures.

Christ was teaching in His day to the people that the only true form of righteousness comes from God. Furthermore, that spiritual standard is a duty to all believers that they are to uphold the word of God. God’s Son taught these spiritual standards that evil would be put down in the book of life of all the works up to the last days. Christ spoke these words that those who would not hearken to the words of God and God’s message would not have part in the first resurrection. The book of Revelation makes it clear in Rev. 20:6 that those who have part in that resurrection on such the second death has no power on them.

Focusing on my personal and unpleasant thought of spiritual progress is the basic attitudes that mark the tension of Christian spiritual standards in life of the church then and modern day church of today it is our attitude toward one another. What can any servant of God do to help give us an effective solution to spiritual standards of our attitude? Personally I believe that Christ through the Holy Ghost in our daily life to show a true attitude of resistance of evil power of Satan. Therefore this standard is a must for progress to all that we live around in everyday life. Furthermore, it is the attitude of progress, which implies that we have accepted the power of Christ as a standard toward others.

Marriage is also another standard that is spiritual by which Christ and Paul and the other disciples taught the standard Christ taught about marriage. Christ also taught on the bill of divorce God gave to Moses. Why did Jesus feel that this standard of marriage and divorce it was concerning adultery that was being committed in that day that Jesus walk among us? Another spiritual standard that Christ was trying to show among people then as well as today this spiritual standard is spiritual adultery. Christ makes this standard clear in the book of Revelation to the seven churches of Asia Minor. Christ tells to of these churches to repent or else. In today’s marriages how many of us wants to here from our mate for them to tell us that we do this or else? None of us. Personally, I am worried about the response of people today in the church that committed spiritual adultery: however, I must say that I am by no means perfect although I have a deep concern for this issue in the church.

Spiritual striving is another standard of Christian living. Why? This is what the scripture teach about spiritual striving. Jesus in the gospel of Matthew where Jesus is teaching about how to strive to get to the kingdom of heaven. In Matthew 7: 13-14 that we enter in at the strait gate Jesus goes on to say broad is the way that leads to destruction. The first thing that Christ does here is He gives direction of how to enter the kingdom of heaven. The second part of Christ direction Christ show how we fall from spiritual striving. Third and finally, Christ lets it be known that there will be a few people that will find the way and make into the kingdom of God. In spiritual striving is away of say to evil I will find a way to combat this spiritual warfare. There are in the church today who would say that these two scriptures have nothing to do with spiritual striving. If what Christ stated is not striving, I do not know what is when Christ said “and few there will find it”.

However if we look at striving in the world today we have to look at the child abuse, rape, murder, incest, robbery, this just names a few of problems of striving in the world. However, all of the problems affect the church of today: why I can make this kind of statement is as a pastor I have had to deal with the problem of child abuse, rape, incest and how they affect the family as well as how it affect the congregation in the church. Therefore, as the end of time draws near you can see what the scripture say about the world getting worse and worse. Yet are we striving to get rid of these problems in the house of the Lord? There are many other problems in life other than spiritual striving that we as human beings have to deal in life in the church and the world. I made the statement above for us to look at the spiritual abuse of the church and world. God has given us spiritual words of instruction that we might see this abuse.

Take robbery for example regarding the world and church: Would the church rob God? Malachi 3: 8 ask the question “Will a man rob God?” Malachi goes on to say that, the congregation would ask wherein we have robbed. Malachi states in tithes and offerings. Secondly what does the Bible say about rape? Does God condone rape? In Deut. 22: 25-28 makes a clear statement about rape if a man forces her it is rape. Therefore, the way of Christ is spiritual striving. Furthermore, spiritual striving according to God’s instruction means for Christians to standards of grace, mercy, and love to all humankind.

One of the issues Christ dealt with in His day was that of turning the other cheek this means if someone insults you are to let them insult you again. The King James Version translation “smite thee on right cheek turn the other.” Mt. 5:39(KJV). Looking at these two scriptures that explain the issues of life that we deal with in the world as well as the church. Jesus is also was stating this fact that straight and narrow is the way that leads to the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, striving and progress of life means growing and maturing in the way of the Lord.

Therefore, spiritual abuse frequently occurs that brings about physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, and financial that affects the family as well as the church in its spiritual components. My thoughts are being taken from the word of God that is the spiritual teaching of Jesus. Jesus was saying to the people then as well as today abuse brings about shame that clouds life in the world and in the church. Spiritual abuse does not only refer to our simple mistakes of judgment in life it concerns the misuse of earthly power as well as spiritual power.

Therefore, I purposefully pursue the thought of prayer as a relationship with Christ and Almighty God. Furthermore, this should be our spiritual aim and direction to help believing people to deepen their relationship with the Godhead of the church. Therefore, we need a spiritual director one who is willing to walk the spiritual walk and talk the spiritual talk for our journey of faith. The main spiritual director is The Holy Ghost: however, a spiritual director is one, who listens, encourages the individual to pray for the movement of the Holy Ghost to be in their life. Not everyone is a spiritual director in the church people. Spiritual directors are the individual seeking to help in special direction when a person is seeking to discover the will of God in their life.

What should I look for in a spiritual direction from the director? I do not know how to tell any individual what to look for: however, a spiritual director from my way of thinking should be more aware of God’s revelation in emotion and mind: Therefore, not only with knowledge, but also with the love of God: Furthermore in this sense that they are concerned with the whole person. This director should be the one to increase the spiritual fruit we have received from God’s blessing of which is the spiritual fruitfulness we bear in our lives.

When we look at the deep things of God concerning our spiritual fruit, it also means how we gain our spiritual riches to enter into the kingdom of heaven. When we look for spiritual riches what do we truly look for in the will of God? Christ message to the church Laodiceans Christ tell them to buy gold tried in the fire. Personally, I think Christ that Christ is stating is to the church is that the gold they are to buy is He. Paul writes to the church at Ephesus that God’s blessing is unsearchable. One of the greatest riches that has been since the beginning of time is the grace of God’s love and truly this is unsearchable. However, this is not something that God has hid from humankind it has been there all the time. To my understanding spiritual riches also means we have a spiritual relationship with all of the family members in the kingdom of heaven as well as upon earth. Furthermore, I want to state that God may be unsearchable not unreachable in our spiritual relationship with Him. Praise be to God that we can reach Him by His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

What is one thing we can gain in a family relationship that is spiritual? First and foremost thing that I can think of is LOVE! Love is the one thing that bring the fullness of God in to our lives. Paul letter to the church at Corinth in chapter thirteen was about charity, which interpreted, means love. I believe that no one individual is able to give true love without Christ and Almighty God in him or her. I feel safe in saying that every person that does not know the love of Christ in them is missing God’s spiritual riches. Therefore, the spiritual realm that I am writing about is not the physical or sexual. Again, I say Paul made it clear 1 Cor. 13, about love and how that it was the greatest gift of all. Jude said for us to keep ourselves in love and looking for God Jude 21. If humanity would give this kind of spiritual love, we would not be here but in the kingdom of heaven. Furthermore, love should be enjoined together in one mind and one accord. This is also the spiritual fruits of the spirit that we must bear. You can find the spiritual fruits we are to bear in Galatians 5: 22-23.

Paul makes it quite clear that spiritual love is to be a believer’s walk in Christ Jesus. Paul said many times in his letters to the church that we are to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. Spiritual fruit brings about an attitude to where we chose between the earthly or heavenly. Furthermore, it brings to mind where do I want to be when this world no longer here. It is stated in Revelation 21:4 that all things shall be passed away in other words this world is gone. Personally, what I like about Revelation 21 is the fact that all the former things are gone. That fact and that fact alone tells me when I get to the kingdom of heaven that I will not remember any of the sickness, pain, sins that I had to repent of or the problems I had to go through.

The Holy Scriptures teaches this to my understanding that we have a chose to be
in spiritual bondage or in spiritual freedom. If we are in spiritual bondage then were we according to the Bible? The New Testament and the Old Testament states we are in the flesh, sin, rebellion, is ways that we are in spiritual bondage. Israel was in bondage in the land of Egypt both physical and spiritual. They cry out to God to be delivered from their bondage. God gave them deliverance in Moses that God called. Therefore, Jesus is our only deliverance into spiritual freedom that will set us free from spiritual bondage of Satan. Another way of stating this about spiritual freedom is that it is the spiritual victory over the power of Satan. Therefore, did not Christ die on the cross that we would have victory over the law of sin and death?

So far I have given you many issues on what is spiritual in my search however, it is time to get down to the real search for what is spiritual concerning the church of Christ. What is your church sowing in what is spiritual? What comes to mind when I though about this question was what we sow is what we reap. Unfortunately, there are arguments for and against this issue when it comes to the soul and the spirit some will say that this scripture does not refer to anything that is spiritual and others will.

What are the sins of the seven churches that would point out the sins of the churches today?

Let us begin with the doctrine of spiritual sowing of the seven churches that John writes Christ instruction. The first two doctrines I want to point out to you concerning the church then and now is the doctrine of God verses the doctrine of evil. In this doctrine of evil, I will point out spiritual sins, like the sin of indifference, spiritual adultery, spiritual stubbornness, spiritual blindness, spiritual pride, spiritual stumbling block, sowing of false doctrine, and the list goes on.

Let begin with the sin of indifference. What are some of the sins of indifference? I believe that the biggest of these in my opinion would be the sin that divides the church congregation. However, the sin of indifference that John was stating here is church doctrine, Christian doctrine and the doctrine of the Niclaitianes and Balak. Doctrine that is false is one sure thing that causes the sin of indifference that they separate themselves from one another. Christ message to the seven churches was for them so they could see this sin of indifference and to let them it known that it has been seen in the kingdom of heaven by God. Paul also wrote to the churches that Paul stated to let them know to be of one mind and one accord in Christ Jesus. Furthermore, this sin is the main reason why they are so many doctrines in the church today.

This sin of indifference is one sin that individuals within the world then and now they hold within their lives. Another way of stating it is we all have our own opinions about how we feel and think. However, the sin of indifference here that Christ is warning the church is they are holding on to some other doctrine other than His. Therefore, Christ warning is to hold on to the doctrine of Almighty God and not the doctrine of evil or cult religions. What does the doctrine of the sin of indifference cause with Christian people then and now? As I said earlier, it is what cause Christian people to separate themselves from one another.

Indifference in a congregation of the Body of Christ grows cold in their love to one another. This is also spiritual adultery in the church. Not sexual, but adultery to where they turn away from God. Therefore, this is why Christ called for repentance of the church at Ephesus because they had lost their first love. I do not know how any one else feel about this but to me it is backsliding and therefore out of the will of God. Another way of saying this is that it is forsaking God is backsliding. Furthermore, it is rejecting God that is apostasy, which is spiritual adultery.

What are some of the doctrines that cause indifference within the Body of Christ? I know there are many therefore, I will just us one at this time. This doctrine I speak of has many different opinions on it and is quite conversable within the church and that is the rapture or the first resurrection or the Second Coming of Christ. In addition, I want to make it quite clear on this subject that I believe in what the Bible states in Revelation and 1Thessalonians says about the first resurrection that we call the rapture. Furthermore, my faith and trust is in what God and Christ teaches through the Holy Ghost. Furthermore, to my understanding and studies I have not found the word rapture in the Bible. However, in 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18 it is quite clear that we will be caught up to be with the Lord which the word rapture means.

Therefore, this is why I write what the Lord God has place upon my Heart to write about this subject. Most independent churches or denominations of today teach that the church will be rapture out before the mark of the beast the tribulation, out of the seven seals, out of the seven trumpets, and finally out of the seven last plagues. My prayer and hope is that they are right. However, what and how do the scriptures states the subjects of these final events that are to come? Who will they happen to? Why will they happen to the church or will they happen to the church? Will the church except all of these events. Personally, I do not know all the answers to these questions: however, I do not have a problem with the church being delivered out of all of them.

In my writing, I will refer to the church being caught up as the resurrection and not the rapture. Jesus said that where He was we could be there also. In my studies of the resurrection I have study many books on the subject there was one book that brought out a real reality a book by Hal Lindsey called the, The Rapture Lindsey used a diagram on page 25& 26 to show the views of the rapture: “pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, post-tribulation, partial rapture theory. As the church how do we interpret Revelation 20: 6, Matthew 24, and other scriptures that relate to the Second Coming of Christ call the first resurrection?

The disciples ask Jesus what are the signs of His coming in Matthew 24, and Jesus told them. Jesus told His disciples that the time of His coming was in the Father’s hands for only the Father knew the time. Jesus gave His disciples and the people of that day to this many answers concerning His coming again where He spoke in parables. (1) The parable of the ten virgins; (2) the parable of the talents (3) the parable of the marriage of the King’s son; (4) the parable the sheep and the goats; (5) the parable of the vineyard; (6) the parable of the fig tree; (7) the parable of the tares. Jesus taught in all of these parables about false hope, neglect of duty, lost opportunity, about accountability of one-self , about the kingdom of heaven, and about spiritual riches, and the list goes on.

You also can find in these books Daniel, Revelation, Joel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah just a few books of the prophets, that God has given to them prophecy of things to come, that we the church may understand why, these events are to come. Christ is coming again! YES! In my years of ministry there has been many question ask on this subject of resurrection. Why are we so interested in the time of Christ Second Coming? Why are there so many doctrines on the church being resurrected? Why are there no doctrines on morals? Why do so many churches have so many opinions about God’s doctrine on resurrection of His creation? Why do we changes the laws of God concerning our salvation? Why do some churches or denominations say that we are no longer under the law only grace? Therefore, I must say that there are many more questions that can be ask concerning the church and Christ Second Coming. Neither Paul nor any other disciple meant for members of the Body of Christ to tare any other person apart with every wind of doctrine. However, what the Disciples of Christ are writing to tell the facts that that is what Satan does in every wind of doctrine. For Satan will try to change the church’s mind on any doctrine of God.

Paul wrote to Timothy about how humanity would act toward teaching the Word of God concerning the last days. For example when we look at the scriptures found in II Timothy chapters three and four these issues are stated: (1) “having a form of godliness but denying the power there of: from such turn away” (11 Tim. 3:5) (KJV). Paul in II Tim. 4:4 makes a point about individuals in the church that would rather turn their ear than endure the sound doctrine of God. Personally what I feel Paul was stating was the these kind of individuals would not put up with teacher, preacher or any other individual that is stating the sound doctrine of God and Christ. AMEN! Furthermore, when we look at the churches that are teaching less and less about the sound doctrine of God what do we see? Therefore, the truth is that people of the church wants only one thing taught and that is love. However, let this be known if Almighty God did not love His creation God would not have had the warning signs of evil written. Furthermore, God would not have had to sent His Son to die on the cross to give salvation. Therefore, to my understanding God loves us enough to warn us of the false doctrine that Satan brings before us.

Prophecy of the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel should be taught together. This doctrine of the church being resurrected has too many opinions to help the church people to understand the events to come in the last days. What I mean by this is to teach what Christ and the other disciples taught regarding the Body of Christ. One thing that Paul said to the church is to be of one mind and one accord. Therefore, instead of everybody having their own doctrine let all be of one mind in one doctrine in the Lord Jesus. Paul furthermore meant the time was coming when the doctrine of God will no longer mean anything to humanity: therefore, if this does not fit the bill of today’s world I do not know what else does. I know that I have made a harsh statement about individuals when it comes to the sound doctrine of God however; this is the one doctrine that can set us free.

Of all the doctrines in the scriptures: It is not possible that anyone could write their own doctrine concerning the church and the resurrection? Yes! What I want to bring out is this it is possible. What Jesus said to the disciple in Matthew 24 was that there would be many false prophets and false Christ come in His name and prophecy of the word of God. Jesus tells it like it is about the Great Tribulation period, about the “abomination and desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel” Mt. 24:15, the Mark of the Beast Rev. 14:9-20, the first resurrection Rev.20:6. I have written about that there are many parables concerning the kingdom of heaven therefore, they need to be address more fully in the church today.

Christ addresses many issues concerning His coming and the resurrection one of them is In John 14. Jesus says that He “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am there you may be also.” Jn. 14:3 KJV. Therefore, in that promise of Christ we can see a new dwelling place for us in the Father’s house. For us to enter into the Father house we must strive to become a spiritual house in our walk with the Lord.

When we addresses the three main parables of Christ regarding His Second Coming or the first resurrection: they are The Great Supper (Lk. 14:15-24); The Wedding Feast (Mt. 22:1-14); The Wicked Husbandmen (Mt. 21:33-46). In the parable of The Great Supper, the servant was sent out to them that were bidden. These individuals who made excuse why they could not come to the supper of the man. When the servant came and show his lord those things then the master of the house said to his servant go out into the street and lanes of the city and bring in the poor and the lame the halt and the blind that might my house be filled. Therefore what I feel that Christ was saying to them that when He come there will not be time for excuses. Furthermore, Christ was saying that those who made excuses would not have any part in this Great Supper. Another part of this is in the last day if the house is not full, Christ will compel many to come.

Therefore, that is why the parables of Christ are so important for the doctrine of the Second Coming and first resurrection. What did Christ want the church then as well as the church of today to understand about the bidden to salvation, which had God’s divine invitation and furthermore the divine deliverance from the evil hand of Satan. Individuals who have been bidden are chosen by God, who have entrance into the supper. Why did Christ point out that they made excuses to get out of coming to the supper? Is this invitation or call to be made light of? The thought that come to mind; what were they thinking? Could this possible mean what is stated in verse five in Matthew 22, “they made light of the invitation”. A strong statement needs to be made at this point: those who refuse or make light of God’s call from God’s Servant, which is Christ Jesus, is in danger of hells fire. Therefore if the church makes light or refuse God’s invitation by what the scriptures state: Then how is the church going to get out of the great tribulation, the mark of the beast, or any other period recorded in the books of the Bible? Again, this doctrine concerning the resurrection of the church that deals with the rejection of the invitation constitutes disloyalty to God. Therefore, will there be a discontinue power of the Holy Ghost in the life of them that reject the invitation of God.

The second parable we need addressed the parable of the wicked husbandmen: What does the husbandmen mean in this parable? Then in that day and time people understood that the husbandmen was the priests and other religious leaders. Jesus is teaching the people about the doctrine of things to come concerning them and the leaders of the church. This parable tells of the wicked leaders and living in this world and the trust, we should have in the householder. Therefore, the husbandmen according to verse 44 will be ground into power.

This parable also is about preparing for Christ Second Coming or the first resurrection and the coming of the last days. Therefore, Christ is the messenger of the Father to give the church. In addition, this parable lets us know that the householder has made everything ready to receive the fruit of the harvest. This brings to mind that the church and how they have been put in charge over the vineyard, which is spiritual vineyard. Genesis tells us that humanity was given dominion over all the earth. Could this parable be talking about this earth being a moral vineyard and how we dress the vine of our life? Probably one of the most important issues that this parable brings out is the action of the husbandmen and therefore by that action what will take place in his life at the Day of Judgment. Jesus furthermore was teaching to enter into the kingdom of God one must be obedient to the householder.

There are seven parables that mention the deep doctrine of Christ Second Coming and the kingdom of heaven. Furthermore, these parables deal with the past, present, and future of all things that happen then and now and the things to come in the last days. In addition, I feel that Christ will deliver them who pay heed to His doctrine in the days to come. Matthew’s writing was done after the teaching of the Lord furthermore in the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and Almighty God. These parables are given by Christ for guidance for life in the will of Christ that we might gain life. My Search for What is Spiritual Three