My Search for What is Spiritual Three


It is quite clear that Paul’s instruction to Timothy to guide Timothy approach to what is spiritual for the ministry of Christ. Therefore, Paul was giving Timothy the instruction that God’s revelation will affect our spiritual understanding and will help him not to be distracted from its chief value! Furthermore, take a spiritual view that correlate events with councils of the Holy Ghost in the church, their persecutions that they were going through, and spiritual movement that brought about the spiritual doctrine that we follow today.

Views of the seven churches of the book of Revelation in chapter two and three and view them as specific events of spiritual doctrine concerning the church in the last days. To my understanding spiritual view should be in harmony with the complete word of God. As a pastor I have taught the book of Revelation a few times and when I have one issue I made clear I do not want to argue about any other position or view but relate to the issues of the Bible concerning the word of God. Therefore, what I want for those that I teach is a fresh view or vision of Jesus, standing as an awesome figure at the end of time with His arms open to receive them and me.

When we do study Revelation it should be as a spiritual means to meet Jesus, and a vision drawn beyond time and eternity in which Jesus is our Lord, our lives to be spiritually enriched. When it comes to the revelation of God I fully pray that individual Christians to comprehend the full mystery and full doctrine of the seven churches. My prayer is that I may spark the spiritual touch of the slightest to help them spiritually. Therefore, that is why I feel that the letters to the seven churches was to not only to give instruction but to give the spiritual touch of Christ.

Letters to the sevens churches in Asia Minor

The First Church Ephesus The Church of the Loss Love
1. Ephesus – name means “desirable.” The Apostolic Church.
The backslidden Church

Angel means messenger or the person sent by God to preside over the message: you could say to the pastor has been directed by the spirit of God to state this message to the care for the church. Therefore, the angel of the church here answers exactly to minister among the Jews. The church at Ephesus is first addressed as being the place where John chiefly resided and the city itself was part of Asia Minor. The word here particularly preserves as a spiritual guide and upholds the foundation of God’s doctrine to the church. The doctrine of God not only is to be minister to the church but to all, furthermore, all genuine minister the Christ Gospel to all ages in all places. Christ is pointing out to this church that He is the one that holds the church in the kingdom of God.

Therefore all our prayer we should ask that we be not cast from the presence of the Lord and take not the Holy Ghost from us. However, every Bible-believing local church like I have pastored these words that they be not cast from the kingdom of God. Therefore, it must be said that there is absolutely no eternal security for any local church without the church stand in the need of asking God through the Son for them to be presence in the world then as well as today to present the doctrine of God and the gospel of Christ. I feel safe in saying that all believers can fall from grace as well as the church body can. This church of Ephesus bare record and proves this sad fact indeed when Christ said that they had lost there first love and therefore He would come and remove their lampstand except they repent.

Jesus seven times states, “I know thy works”: For the eyes of the Lord are throughout all humanity, beholding the evil and the good; and, being omnipresent Lord, all things are continually open and naked before the Lord. Personally I believe that the eyes of the Lord is upon us at all times therefore, what every is praiseworthy in any of these churches is first mentioned by the Lord; therefore, God is more intent on finding out the good and evil in any person or church. Moreover, those who want to reform the doctrine of God has fallen or is not making it sufficient advances in divine spiritual life. Should we take occasion, from the good, which yet remains, to encourage them to set out afresh for the kingdom of heaven? The fallen or backsliding that have any tenderness of conscience left are easily discouraged, and are apt to think that there is no seed left to be harvested. Servants of Christ behold that in these last days the harvest is ripe and ready for harvest time.

Furthermore, in that thought look at this example: Minister who continually harping on ye are dead; there is little or no Christianity among you ECT. ect., are contagion in a church, and spread desolation and death wheresoever they go. Therefore, I, feel that it is better if we say yes we have lost ground, but we have not lost all ground yet we might have been farther advanced, but through mercy of Christ, we are still on our way. We still walk in the light maybe not as bright as we could but our light still shine. What I feel Christ is saying to Ephesus is that because you have lost the zeal of your love that you first had therefore do this remember where you have lost it and then strive to gain it again. I will say this though there is not much zeal left, but there is a little. In short, God still strives with you, still loves you, still God waits to be gracious to you, take therefore courage, set out afresh, come to God through the Lamb of God, believe, love, obey, and you will soon find the days of your life blessed than you have ever experienced. I pray that this kind exhortations and encouragements of this kind are sure to produce the most blessed effects under which the works of your life will become infallibly.

Ephesus became the chief commercial center and was known as the most prominent city of the province. The Roman Senate granted both Ephesus and Pregamos the right to have three imperial temples built for the worship of the emperors. Do we take seriously the prophecy told to Ephesus concerning the church and the lost of first love? When Christ told Ephesus about what they had done: Do we just say that Christ spoke to Ephesus and just over look it? Do we take seriously that the doctrine of the Nicaitanes is in the church today? Do we take seriously when Christ states that He knows our works? Do we know the works of good and evil that we do because of these prophecies given to the seven churches? The answers we seek for of sin and doctrine can be found if we truly seek the word of prophecy to these churches in Revelation. What was the good works done at Ephesus? One of the works that Ephesus done that Christ told them that they done was their patience, two was how they could not stand them that were evil and found them to be lairs. What Christ is saying is this Ephesus exposed the sinners of the church. The will of the church was in their labor and discipline. However, gone was the first love? When a church loses its first love it is in grave danger and this is what Christ was warning Ephesus about and therefore that warning carries on into the church today.

Again, I must state the big problem with Ephesus was not with the doctrine of God but with love, fact that the love had grown cold even with the members of the church. Now when we look at that problem we must remember that this church live in the day of the Roman Empire and in much tribulation. A time when the church of the Christian people was being told how they could not believe in the teaching of Christ and the resurrection of Christ that meant life after death and therefore, they were being persecuted. Therefore, ask yourself this question: But what is the excuse of the church is it the same? Another thought is that in this day and age the Jews and the Gentiles were having problems with who were the Christians of who was able to take the communion: Furthermore, there was the problem what communion represented to the Christian church. However, in this statement some may think I am meaning them what I am talking about is we cannot say because one is not part of our church they cannot partake of communion. Personally, I feel that each individual is part of the Body of Christ and God and therefore may differ in thoughts. In the book of 1 Corinthians states “know ye not that ye are the temple of God” and that means just that.

The particular reason of which does not appear perhaps it was intended to show more forcibly to this church that there was no good which they had done nor evil which they had suffered that was forgotten before God. The church at Ephesus must therefore have had a considerable portion of this love else, they could not thus fainted. I believe God is also trying to tell each of us that we need to be strong in love or else we will faint in the trial of temptation. However, Christ is giving Ephesus praise for not fainting in this trail of temptation of the evil doctrine that is in their mind.

Ephesus did not hold that strong and ardent affection love for God and sacred things or spiritual things, which they had where first, brought to the knowledge of the truth, and justified by faith in Christ. When we look at loss of with this church as well as the modern day church the facts speak for themselves. The spiritual crimes as well as the physical that are done to one another and individuals are almost unbearable and furthermore unreasonable when you think about it. These crimes are rape, incest, murder, and child abuse, of which Christ tells the church plainly not to do this to one another. If we would look at this issue of crimes from the spiritual, I could say spiritual rape, spiritual abuse, spiritual murder, and the list could go on.

God’s, spiritual laws and doctrine are for the guidance of the church to live by. God did not just give them to us to break but to follow. What happens to God’s love when these bad things take place in our lives as well as in our church? Will it is sad to say but what happens in most individual is lives, is that their heart and love grows cold when they are not in the spiritual realm of God. What are even sadder are peoples hearts grow hard. This is what Christ told as the reality of what happens to the church of Ephesus that their hearts grew spiritually hard. Look at the reality of this then as well as now with people’s lives. Consider the spiritual state of grace in which you yourself once stood was it spiritual happiness, spiritual love, and spiritual joy, which you felt when you was converted to the Lord for the remission of your sins. I remember the zeal I had when God’s glory and salvation fell on me as well as humankind. Then I had a willing spirit, obedient spirit, a cheerful spirit of self-denial, and a spiritual fervor in my private prayer. I therefore had my detachment from the world, and the heavenly-mindedness of Christ came in.

Furthermore, these that were fallen from all those blessed disposition and gracious feelings already mentioned by Christ will be gone. However, I believe that Christ wants us to remember what we have lost when we have fallen from grace and love. However, this could mean them that have backslidden. What does fallen mean other than what is mention in this verse of scripture? Why does Ephesus need to repent? I believe that Ephesus is being warned of their backslidden condition and therefore, need to deeply humble themselves before God and pray the prayer of forgiveness. Furthermore, why have they been so carelessly guarding the Divine treasure of God’s love? Christ is saying to Ephesus if your candlestick remains as it is and for me to keep my covenant you are going to have to make a chose of sacrifice of repentance and ministry daily the word of the Lord. Therefore, it now becomes a duty to work for the Lord as a servant. Furthermore, if you do not guard daily God’s Divine Love in your life you can loss it.

When Christ stated in Revelation 2: 5 to remember the former zeal and therefore be diligence in the zeal and spiritual watch, fast, pray in your most humble spirit, rebuking your sins always, carefully and always attend to the ordinances or doctrine of God, walk in His faith and not in the sight of evil lease you fall. Furthermore, do all you can do till you have recovered all your lost ground and got back with the evidence of your spiritual gain for acceptance with your Maker.

Another issue that Christ states to Ephesus is “or else” personally I feel this to many times we look at the chose that we can do what we want and that’s ok. However, Christ made it quite clear they repent or else therefore, I do not see where Christ is giving you a chose or any other way to do it. In addition, I see this as a law or rules that should not be taken lightly by any individuals in the world and furthermore by God’s children. Christ also told the church at Ephesus that they hated one thing that He hated and that was the deeds of the Nicolaitanes.

The church of Smyrna the church of persecution or the poor rich church
Smyrna-name means “myrrh.” The Martyr Church.

Christ who is eternal: From whom all message of things to come, and To Whom It May Concern, and to whom all things return. Christ stated that this church was that He was “the first and the last which was dead and is alive” Rev. 2:8b (KJV). The message that Christ brought to this church was about suffering that they are about to suffer from Satan. Christ brings words of encouragement to give them courage for the tribulation that is at hand. Furthermore, Christ is letting them know that their trails would continue. They would receive further persecutions by imprisonment and additional suffering for 10 days from the hand of Satan. Some writers and scholars have taken these words from Revelation 2:10 “for 10 days” as a symbolic representation of the entire persecution of the church: others think it refers to 10 persecutions under the Roman Empire Rulers. However, to my understanding the most probable meaning that I can offer is that it is a limited period time for suffering. Although I have read and heard, it stated by others that ten days meant up to 250 years. Therefore, it must be made clear that all humankind has a problem with suffering in one from or another even for a limited time. Suffering can be expected for the ungodly as well as the godly. I must say that in the years of my ministry that I have been ask many times this question: Why do the godly suffer as well as the ungodly people a question by all?

When we look at the scriptures, there are many issues we may not agree with. However, suffering may be one why. The reason to start with is most people relate to suffering as pain however, the message here from Christ relates to the fact of persecution. Therefore, suffering may be a disciplinary measure that we can find that God is able to give strength, secondly it shows us the preventive measure of what you shall suffer: for example, Paul writes to the church at Corinth about having a thorn in the flesh. Paul was because of the thorn we need obedience to overcome as Christ’s suffer on the cross for our sins. Thirdly the providing of a better testimony in our lives for the sake of Christ when Satan brings suffering upon us. Christ message through the Holy Ghost is to the church that Satan will inflect spiritual disease in life that will cause much suffering. When I began to really search spiritual I found that there were many more than I realized.

Christ message to Smyrna was that He knew their poverty and that they were poor however, Christ was not speaking of money for Christ stated, “thou art rich”. Personally, I believe that Christ in verse nine of Revelation chapter two was told the church then, as well as now that He knew the problems within the church. To be victorious we have to expose the hand of Satan evil. Another way of looking at these verses of scriptures is they bring out the issues of spiritual riches, spiritual poverty, and spiritual tribulation of the soul.

Christ message here to the people the heaviness of soul and how Satan can and will get into our very being and fog up their minds, which allows Satan take us from God’s altar. The altar may not seem like much to some however the altar is to my way of thinking is the foot of the cross where we find the cleansing blood of the Lamb. Furthermore, it is not a small issue in the eyes of God’s love. To me it is not some small trinket presented to our friends: it is therefore the love of God that possesses great value. When the altar of love is taken away, it will bring back the pain that Christ had taken away and therefore the suffering and confusion returns and brings doubt to life. Christ message many times throughout the scriptures has stated and taught the commandments of God.

The church of Smyrna was known as the poor church that was in the mist of the children of the devil. During my years of ministry, I have heard it said OH! How wrong can you be? Moreover, I would have to say that is not what the book of Revelation states from the message of Christ. When we begin to look at this scripture, we need to look at these facts of Christ message. One is that many individual has not study any other books of church history to know that there was cult religion in Smyrna and therefore the doctrine of the false prophets was there. Another way of saying it is that the spirit of antichrist or the spirit of anti-Christian was there. In the gospel of John 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil,” what Christ meant was those who did not believe and continue to lie are of the devil because of sin. Furthermore when we look at the fall of humankind in the beginning God said that we were cursed.

Back some time ago I was studying about the church for a Bible study on the seven churches and this thought came to my understanding. The understanding that Christ gave to me was this is a city in the day of Rome and the day of Nero and He knew where they live and how they live in a city that said the were Jews and were not but children of the devil. Question: If you are not a believer or a Christian then what are you? Personally, when I live in sin I was not of God but of the world however, the true fact was I was in the will of Satan. What I am saying about myself is this that my sins cause me to be a child of evil and if a child of evil therefore a child of the devil.

This is what I taught the Bible study that night these were person who professed Judaism and had a synagogue, and professed to worship the true God; but they had no genuine religion, and served the devil rather than God. They applied a sacred name to an unholy thing: and this is one meaning of the word of blasphemy in the Bible. However, in this day and age we might say it in this manner those in the church who say they are Christian and are not. Furthermore, we could say they are children of the devil.

Part of the church history here for the church of Smyrna was of Polycarp who was a bishop of the church and became the twelfth martyr. Polycarp suffers much and was burnt alive at Smyrna about the year 155 A.D… Christ in the last part of His message said hold fast the faith, confess Christ to the last, and in all of the hazards of life, and I Christ will give you a crown of life, you will have an eternal happy existence, though thou suffer a temporal death. History has said of Polycarp that when brought before the judge, and commanded to abjure and blaspheme Christ, Polycarp firmly answered, “Eighty and six years I served Him, and He never did me wrong, how then can I blaspheme my king who hath saved me? He was the adjudged to the flames, and suffered cheerfully for Christ his Lord and Master. Therefore, we need to look at each of the promises that Christ states to each of the seven churches of Asia minor concerning them that over comers. Meaning the conquerors that have stood firm in every trail, and have vanquished all of his adversaries will receive the crown of life.

The Church of Pergamos the Heretical Church or The Backslidden Church; The Compromising Church Pergamos Name means “Thoroughly Married”

The message of Christ to the church of Pergamos was a massage for their correction doctrinal standards of the church life. According to church history, the supposed sect of this time was Gnostic, who taught false doctrines, and followed the most false practices of that time period. From all that I have studied of this group of people is they are also supposed to have derived their origin from Nicolas, one of the seven deacons mentioned in the book of Acts 6:5. These Nicolaitanes taught the community of the church that adultery, fornication, eating of meats offered to idols was quite lawful, and the mixed rites with the Christians ceremonies was ok.

Church of Pergamos and the message receive from Christ starts with Christ commending them for remaining faithful in the mist of the satanic doctrine and influence. This church in Asia Minor in Greek history tell about the Greek god Zeus and the temple to Asklepios that symbolized by the serpent. There was also various temples dedicated to the Roman Emperor. In addition, Pergamos is called the seat of Satan. Christ recognized the difficulty of the situation they were living in under the Roman Empire and the worship of false gods that was required by the Romans.

Christ told this that they were compromising by alouding the teaching of Balaam and Balak. This was false doctrine and teaching which causes a stumbling block to commit spiritual adultery: this means to commit acts of immorality against God and Christ Jesus. As a minister of the gospel, I know that for myself to be true to the doctrine of God’s Word I cannot compromise in anyway. Furthermore, if I do God’s will, I will not have overshadowing power of evil in compromise of God’s doctrine. As a minister, I cannot say enough about false doctrine and teaching in the world today, which brings about every wind of doctrine. In this sin of spiritual compromising is why Christ makes the statement repent or else I will come quickly and remove your reward. Compromising can be brought about by ones self-will of choosing to do what they want to do about attending church or any other issue in life.

Christ gave to each of us a weapon called the sword of the spirit spoken of many time in the scriptures. This protection is the Word of God that cuts into everyone’s soul; it is our conscious that convinces us of our sins and shortcomings, righteousness of God, and God’s judgment. The Holy Ghost that pierces between the joints and marrow, which divides between soul and spirit, dissects the whole spiritual mind, and caucuses a regular spiritually of our soul. Not only does it reprove and exposes sin, but it slays the spiritual ungodly of the soul, which is the devil. It also is pointing out and spiritual determining the punishment we shall endure if we do not accept the Word of God. Jesus is the one who holds the two edge sword, because Christ is Lord and Savior of sinners, and the judge of the quick and the dead.

Look at the fact that the false teaching and doctrine was not entrusted by God or the prophets and the apostles is not recorded in the scriptures as true doctrine. However, a number of these false teaching are written in the letters of Paul and other church history. Christ through His servants, pastors, apostles, teacher, and evangelists to proclaim the true word of God that there be no mistake about salvation of Christ. Take for example this problem not only in the Pergamos but in the churches today, which is over doctrine of whose doctrine is right or wrong. In the world today, I feel safe in saying that every denomination would agree with the scripture that states “But now are they many members, yet one body.” (KJV); if Pergamos had taken this scripture to heart they would not have compromise with any false teaching or doctrine and therefore many issues of this nature would not be present today. Paul also went on to write that we should be of one mind and one accord. Personally, I feel that this is the way Christ wants every individual Christian to be regarding the church.

The Church of Thyatira The False Prophetess
Thyatira Name Means “continual sacrifice.”

Jesus major condemnation concern that woman Jezebel, who claimed to be a prophetess and taught believers to take part in sexual immorality that accompanied by pagan religion and to eat food sacrificed to idols. Therefore, what was acceptable by the local society was not accepted by Christ. The message of Christ should relate to the church that their departure from spiritual morality because of this compromise it had been gone for quite some time. Thyatira from my studying in college may have been the first church who heard the gospel from Lydia, converted through Paul’s ministry. I feel that Christ is saying to this church as well as the church today beware of spiritual corruption in the church, which is the spiritual seduction of spiritual feeling. Another way of saying it is not only was this nature adultery but also the spiritual.

Spiritual adultery means forsaking God, backsliding, and apostasy, which brings about many issues of how we live in our self-will. Therefore, I must say that the Bible teaching all these issues of apostasy and heresy. Christ message to Thyatira is warning them his judgment of what they will face if they continue to follow the false doctrine of Jezebel. The warning is quite plan that they will be cast into the bed of great tribulation along with Jezebel. Furthermore, Christ states that He will strike her children dead, meaning this if you are committing spiritual adultery with her or one of her followers you will have part of the second death. Therefore, what Christ is saying to the congregation of the church is that the judgment will be so dramatic upon this church that all humankind would know that He is the one that searches the mind of all.

Although we do not know who Jezebel is, we do have the written message of what she stands for. Therefore, I believe that we could take for grant she was a woman of power and influence in the church of Thyatira. Jezebel, who corrupted the true doctrine of God’s Commandments, Words and spiritually seduces the followers of God in the church of Thyatira. The Bible also mentions another Jezebel in the book of 1 Kings 16:31 who became the wife of Ahab. I find it interesting what the name of Jezebel means “Where is the Prince?” Consider this biblical example from 1 Kings: Ahaziah, son of Ahab and Jezebel, by his mother’s evil instruction, followed the way of Baal.

Therefore, he committed idolatry by the advice of Jezebel, which is spiritual adultery for it is turning away from God’s will. However, Jezebel wanted the prophets persecuted, therefore that it be made known because of Jezebel persecution that God would smite Jezebel. Furthermore, I feel safe in saying that this is the way Christ and God see Jezebel as a woman who claims to be a prophetess however, followed her own desires for power. This reminds me of something I heard in a church when people were talking about what need to be done to get the church to grow. In this discussion, it was brought out in this manner we ought to do more things that deal with having fun that will bring more people out to church. Personally, my thought at that moment was you want to offer something like this to get people to church is deceiving them by pleasure.

Therefore, that is why Christ warns Jezebel to changes her ways by repenting of her sin of adultery and if not here is the outcome of her deceiving others. It is a good probability by what Christ stated in this message to the church about fornication here is meant the idols and idolatry, in involving the church to tempt the Lord Jesus to look over their sin of spiritual adultery. Again, Jezebel persisted in her own way not withstanding God’s and Christ warning. Jezebel has an adulterer’s bed of lust; to be the very place God said He would put her as an instrument, of her greatest torment. Therefore, the bed here in Revelation is use as a symbol of great tribulation, and anguish of the body and mind that God has cast Jezebel and them that commits the same spiritual adultery. Truly, without a doubt this is an issue that the church of today needs to address. In addition, I feel that Christ was giving this message of warning that if the church continued to do what they wanted to do without the help of Christ they would have to face bed of suffering and receive Jezebel plagues. What I am truly saying is this if we don’t listen to what God through Christ Jesus has written here to the churches will be cast into great tribulation.

Personal statement about spiritual adultery during these past few years I have notice the increase in the church, false prophets, teachers, and Christians who accept these messages and teaching. To my way of thinking this is a bunch of phony faith however we have been warned by God and Christ that we should seek wise insight to discern this false teaching and preaching and what they are likely to proclaim. Therefore, beware and take heed to the word of the scriptures of what Jesus taught.

Sardis was the dead church
Sardis name means “remnant”The Reformation Church

Sardis was an important commercial city was located about 30 miles southeast of Thyatira, on an important trade route that ran east and west through the kingdom of Lydia. Important industries included jewelry, dye, and textiles, which made the city wealthy. From a religious standpoint, it was the center of pagan worship and the site of a temple of Artermis, which ruins still remains. Archeologists have located the ruins of Christian church building net to the temple to this once important city. In addressing this message to the church at Sardis, Christ described Himself as the one: “who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars,” similar to the description Rev. 1:4.

Sardis during its day as a Roman city, Sardis became an important Christian center. However, the church at Sardis was evidently affected by the complacency of the city and its reliance on living in the past: “You have a name that you are alive, but you are dead” Rev. 3: 1. Sardis, the dead church, was like the tombs, which appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead human’s bones. Its thriving, healthy appearance masked by an inner decay. To the city of Sardis, the most important building must have been the temple of Artermis.

What Christ states here to believers is quite true about the church of Sardis as well as the church today that they have a reputation that they our spiritually dead. Consequently, what Christ is saying to the church of Sardis? Personally, I hate to mention anything however, it sound like Christ is saying you have a name but you are showing the name only: Therefore, I ask does this sound like the churches of today? Therefore, the only way they had to coming alive in God and Christ as well as the church today is through a spiritual quickening that is the influence of the Holy Ghost. What does this tell the church of Sardis about their spiritual state? Have you not the life of Christ and God in your soul, yet have ye not walked consistently and worthily before God. What cause the decline of the spiritual state of Sardis? If we look hard into the scriptures, we can find many reasons for the decline of Sardis as well as the church today.

The next issue of what Christ wrote in the message to Sardis is to be watchful. There are two issues her to be looked at one is to be watchful for the second Coming of Christ and two be watchful of the spiritual ground you lose by carelessness. Awake from your spiritual sleep, and keep awake! This is a real need within every individual Christian today for truly the day of Christ Second Coming is at hand. Jesus taught people while He was upon this earth to watch and wait for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Another way of stating it is that we need to be alert to what is happing in the world according to Bible prophecy.

Furthermore, what Christ is saying to Sardis that they need to have a deep conviction and desire to do good work for god has not found His perfect work complete in them. In addition, I feel that Christ is saying to Sardis as well as the church today that we do the work of God with fear of Almighty God and with a tender conscience to uphold the doctrine of God. Therefore this could mean that because of humankind imperfection in the church is about to perish, because of the lack of zeal in the Holy Ghost, who is not only conscience but our teacher. I would feel safe in saying that they had repeatedly grieved the Holy Ghost and Christ, till it is about time that the spirit of the Godhead will depart. This is a great warning from Christ from the Word of God that the spirit of God will not always dwell with man.

Sardis has performed all kinds of duties, but Jesus makes it quite clear that none of Sardis duties have been found completely finished before God. This sound a lot like me when it comes to doing work around the house: I am constantly beginning a job, but never bring any of my work to a proper end. Therefore, my resolution is my work around the house is feeble. Could Christ be saying here to Sardis that their strength was feeble, and their spiritual light dim. They probably maintained their reputation or good name before men but their spiritual work was not complete. What is the perfect work that Christ called us to do? My work was to proclaim the word of God. Therefore because I am retired from preaching in a church building does not mean that my work is finished: my work then needs to be done in whatever means that God wants it finished that someone may gain spiritual understanding.

This means to enter into a serious consideration of your state of your spiritual mind as well as your natural mind. You may not agree with this thought and that is all right but some how I believe that God wants us to remember the things we do good or bad. However, here at Sardis Christ is asking them to remember back to the strength they once had and do not let that strength die. Christ is asking Sardis to have a deep consideration for their strength. That is why I feel that Christ wants us to remember the strength he had when he die on the cross that we might have life and have it more abundantly. However, I need to add this thought here about remembering and that we as the body of Christ need to remember the special privileges that Christ offer to those who walk by faith and not by sight.

When we receive Christ, I can tell you from my own personal experience that I had real joy, zeal and gladness that I had never had before. Another way of stating this is I felt spiritual joy, spiritual zeal, and spiritual gladness that Christ had come into my heart. Yet however, this is not what Christ is stating to the church at Sardis. Therefore, what Christ is saying is Sardis you have already received and heard the good news and repented therefore if you do not watch for Me, I will come upon you as a thief in the night. Another way of stating this is if the church is not prepare for Christ Second Coming He will not give them warning for He has already done so. Furthermore it is in the light of what Christ tell Sardis that we the church today should take warning and be prepared to meet Christ when He comes.

Personally, I feel Christ is saying to Sardis hold on to all of the spiritual desires that you have of the heavenly influence that still remains while the spirit of Christ is still in you. Holding on in one thing we all can do not only for ourselves but also for others in the church of Christ. I say to you that there is no joy like the joy that is promise to you and them that hold fast to the good doctrine of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, Christ wants you to know that when you hold fast we will have spiritual happiness, spiritual gladness, and spiritual peace in what ever you do.

God said we must humble ourselves before Him and repent, because ye have not been workers together with the trinity of the God operation. However, I feel safe in saying that many have received much of his grace in vain. Why should I make such a remark? Well I can only say it in this manner if we act like the people in the churches of Pergamos, Ephesus, Thyatira, and Laodicean, of what Christ told them about where they were sinning we very much need to repent. Therefore Christ told these four churches they had lost it because of the lack of love, spiritual adultery, and just being plain lukewarm for God and God’s people. In addition, that they had turn their back on the doctrine of God furthermore, Christ went on to say committed these sins against the House of the Lord.

If you do not consider time, ways, and watching against sin, and for opportunities to receive and do good for God Christ warning was He would take away the promise. Another way of stating this look how fast Christ will come upon us. Furthermore, are you ready for this sudden event? In one manner are you not glad that God has kept this event to Himself. Christ states as a thief comes when the thief is not expected, so will I come upon you if “ye be not watchful”, and will cut you off from life and hope.

All of the seven churches had a few names known by the Lord because they had not defiled their garments. These are the ones that Jesus said He would clothed with white robes. As being, members of the church were all enrolled or their name written in the book of life, when we are admitted into the church and baptized are name is put in the church membership book. To my understanding that in the book of life means, the soul of God has been recorded there. The Hebrew considers holiness the soul, and evil actions as stains or spots on this garment. Therefore, the parable of the king’s feast made royal garments to give to his invited guest. Those of us if we are prudent will fold up our garment and lay it aside in a chest wait for the day of the feast. However, those who are foolish will put it on and use it to work in our every day labor. In some point and time, the king will ask for the royal garment if we our wise we will bring the royal garment white and clean. Therefore, if we our foolish we will bring the royal garment spotted with stain from work.

The question is will the king be pleased with a spotted and stain garment personally I do not what you feel but I feel he will be angry. Therefore I will say let us who have the invitation and royal garment laid it aside in our wardrobe or chest, and make ready the day to go home in peace. Furthermore let us put in to mind the we our the servant and hands of the king and let us help them who ware the royal garment into a prison of sin. The spirit or soul of humankind shall return to God who gave it. Therefore, this doctrine of the garment that Christ spoke of in this parable as well as the garment He speaks of to the church of Sardis is very important for the church today to consider. In addition, I feel safe in saying holiness is the royal garment that Christ speaks of here in His message to the church of Sardis.

What a promise Christ makes to Sardis that they shall be raised to a state of eternal glory and shall ever be with the Lord. Just think of it we to who do not defile the name of the Lord or His garment will be able to walk with Christ clothed in a white robe. I will acknowledge this that any individual who is Christ true servant, and a member of Christ Body has been written in the book of life.

Philadelphia the church With an Open Door of Inspiration
Philadelphia name means “brotherly love”

The key phrase or words “I know you have little strength” this is a situation that Christ presents to the believers here which I feel is could be in this thought that Christ has open the door to the gospel into the region of the kingdom of God. Although Philadelphia is, a small congregation God through Christ provided a door that no man could shut. Therefore, when we look at the door to the kingdom of heaven of the gospel we must understand they are at Christ disposal. Christ can shut the door that no man can open Christ can open doors to which He pleases. Christ determinations are that all humankind stands fast in the doctrine of God and therefore that none can reverse that doctrine.

What Christ is saying with the door is that this is your spiritual protection and not a physical. The best example I can give you for spiritual protection is that the hour of test is upon you and me: What test. The hour of waiting for Christ to come. In this hour of test Satan will do all he can do to get you not to meet the requirements of God to wait patiently for Christ. In verse eleven, Christ states that He is coming soon and for us to take hold what we have spiritually for when Christ comes Christ will bring judgment. Furthermore, Christ tells the church of Philadelphia to hold on to what they have that no one takes their crown. Why Christ used crown her is to show the believers that they our victors.

Laodicea The Lukewarm Church
Laodicea Name Means People’s Rights, Worldly Church, Self-Satisfied Church

Laodicea became extremely wealthy during the Roman period. When an earthquake happen in 60 A.D. along with Colossae and Hierapolis destroyed the city, it was the city and church that refused any aid from Rome for rebuilding. Their self-sufficient attitude of the church of Laodicea: It could be said in this manner, because I am wealthy, I have no need for nothing. Compare this congregation to Matthew 9:10-13; Jesus is sitting down for the evening meal and the publicans and sinners came and sat with Jesus and the question was ask why do you eat with sinners. Jesus response to them was those who are not sick does not need a doctor. Therefore, Laodicea spiritual condition is in grave danger and they do not realize it.

One of the things that Laodicea medical school was famous for was their eye salve for healing: therefore to make my point Laodiceans were spiritually blind John told them that the Lord would have to anoint their eyes with spiritual eye salve for healing that they might see, or know the truth. I feel and believe that we are in a day and time that we need this spiritual eye salve of healing that we might see the revelation of the last days.

Christ message to Laodicea in verse 16 Christ make a point about how they feel and worship God Christ said they were lukewarm. To my understanding of what Christ is saying I know the quality of your worship and it is poor and because it poor I will spew you out of my mouth. Another way for me to say this is Christ may be saying this church is either one way or the other when it comes to spiritual zeal. It cannot thoroughly reject the temptations and allurements of the world. Therefore, it shall be rejected absolutely by God’s faithfulness and truth except they repent. When we look at rejected and not all half-heartedness to my understanding it tells me of a spiritual felling that is present with this church. I will cast thee off. Thou shalt have no interest in me. Generally speaking, Christ may be saying something like this: Though thou hast been near to my heart, yet now I must pluck thee thence, because slothful, careless, and idle; thou art not earnest for my soul. Thou supposest thyself to in a safe state, perfectly sure of final salvation, because thou hast begun well, and laid the right foundation. It is most deceitful conviction that cut the nerves of their spiritual diligence; they rested in what they had already received, and seemed to think that once in grace always in grace. Christ is saying wrong you have backslidden from my will and doctrine.

In Revelation 3:17 Christ lets them know how they can become rich the riches Christ speaks of is not the wealth of this world. According to Christ message to Laodicea He lets them know that they need to be clothed for they our naked. Without the clothing of God, we are not clothed with holiness and purity of the robe of righteousness. A true picture of nakedness is not nudity of the body it is the nakedness of the soul therefore, it becomes an issue of spiritual nakedness. Furthermore, that is why I believe that Christ message here is to let the church to buy spiritual clothes that will cover them on the Day of Judgment. In this nakedness Christ I feel is, point out to Laodicea O fallen and deceived soul to hear Me! This robe is a robe of holiness and righteousness that should be the heart of our spiritual life. Another way of stating this is that this white robe is the spiritual apparel that we are to put on for it is the whole armor of God. This spiritual apparel was written in the book of Ephesians 6:13-17.

While I was pastoring when I made the altar call I would use Revelation 3:23 for to my personal way of thinking it is the greatest invitation ever given. Not only is this an invitation to the lost but also an invitation to fellowship with the Lord. There is a picture of Christ standing at the door and the door does not have a doorknob to enter. Therefore, if Christ is to enter the door as to be open from the inside. The message and call is “behold I stand at the door” Christ stand at the door waiting for fellowship with us. Christ knocks and awaits that He might come in to our lives to help make judgments, mercies, reproof, exhortations, to induce spiritual power for our spiritual walk.

Christ lifts up His voice calls us loudly and softly by His Holy Words, so that He might minister salvation, and His Holy Spirit. Because of Laodica wealth, popularity, social position, broad influence, and official promotion in the great councils of a worldwide ecclesiasticism, they are inflated with pride, arrogance, presumption, pomposity, and literally saturated and filled with formality and hypocrisy. God, in the Holiness Movement, is now standing at the door, calling them the last time, as the end is nigh, and the day of the Lord is at hand. The gold tried by fire, which Christ offers them, is Christ regeneration, sanctified by the Holy Ghost fire.

The third part of Christ standing at the door is communion with the bread of life. I stated earlier that communion is to fellowship with the Lord. However, I know that I am looking for that great day when we can all fellowship with the Lord in our eternal home. I feel that we can look at two sides to this verse of scripture that Christ means and wants for our lives. However, I also feel that Christ is saying that He will bring us to Him in the last days to dwell with Him in everlasting glory. In every case in the church of the seven churches to them that overcometh, to the conqueror, Christ has made a promise. My Search for What is Spiritual Four