My Search For what is Spiritual Second Edition

My Search for What is Spiritual


Remembering back to the week when I went to do my daughter’s I attended the church where she attends for worship. That morning during the service the Lord spoke to me, and said write another book on what is spiritual. Only this time you use more from the first book I have given you for I God have given you the spiritual words of spiritual knowledge. These words are a covenant between me and you, a covenant relationship and spiritual provision for the coming days. My covenant with you was, made that night I walked with you and asked you to proclaim my words. I gave to you words of what is spiritual to you to share with others. Remember you asked me then why me? I AM is clearly telling unto you that confirms, why not you as I stated unto Moses, I Am the God of your father. Therefore, I Am is the God of my father. While you write you are to tell the complete covenant of what was brought to you that night, I called you into the ministry to go proclaim My Word, how that I AM has directed you in the path that you have walked, and how I AM has led you in your spiritual search. The reasoning and logic lies in this factor regarding I Am for when you truly look at everything in what is spiritual you will find it is all about I am and therefore, it becomes the I AM FACTOR!

In my book, My Search for What is Spiritual, there were spiritual words from A-Z but after I wrote the book, I began to find more words to describe what is spiritual. In addition, I also found the covenant relation that I had with God. I AM that Sunday morning in church revealed many issues about the spiritual relationship and the covenant relationship with Him and with humanity. In my walk with God down through the years, God has brought me through many trials in my life and has given me the victory in each trial. As I wrote in my first book about when I had all the sickness come upon me that stop me to look at the true and full meaning of what is spiritual. My first covenant with I AM was if you want me to do this you will has to give me the spiritual meaning of spiritual to give to others around mean also the deep meaning of Your Word. However, at the age of fourteen would I do, I ran from my responsibility and my calling for twenty-three years. However, in 1975 the Lord showed me it was time to quite running and do, what I was called to do.

I thank the Almighty for His provision given to me in our relationship. I also praise the Almighty God for giving me my needs in life, not my wants but my needs. Another covenant I made with I AM was when I went into pastoring in 1986 in the United Methodist Church and the requirements, I had to meet to be a local pastor to the church. The covenant was if I have to have this education of college, you God will have to pay for it. Moreover, all of the education I have was all paid for by I AM. The third covenant I made with I AM, I was afraid of storms and one day the lighting struck between houses where I was living. I said to the Lord Almighty if you take this fear of storms away from me, I will never smoke again, I threw the cigarettes out into the storm at that moment the fear was gone, and to this day, I do not fear the storms.

The fourth covenant was I told God I would write a book on what was spiritual. In 2006, the book was completed and published 2,007. I have also started another book on the covenants of God and their relationship with humanity. This is four covenants I made personally with I AM and He has never said No but fulfilled them and kept them. That is why today I am writing to let you know the will of God of the covenant with Abraham and the book of covenant given to Moses and the house of Israel is still a personal covenant God. When I think of that night that the Lord spoke to me and called me into the ministry and all the valleys, He has brought me through and at the same time blessed me in it. In each problem of life and ministry, God has delivered me and kept me in the path of righteousness. My walk of faith at times I have failed to be strong in the walk and I have not always been as spiritual as I should have been. Every valley and every mountain have made strength in my walk with the Lord. Now, let us look for the new heaven and the new earth that is coming down from God. I know without a doubt that He will come and take us that are in the faith and the covenant relation will see Him face to face.

Spiritual for us is the worship of God through His divine Word and will of what is spiritual for the spiritual leaders; it is based upon the complete Old and New Testament. Upon this foundation of the Divine God and His Word stand the entire truth of what is spiritual? To the guidance of every spiritual leader, if you take away any part of God’s Holy Word you will be like a ship out at sea in a storm, rudderless to go where the wind blows. Therefore, as your guidance, you need the qualification of the very Word of God and without it; you are left without any standards or measurement of God’s supreme authority. I will also say to you that it is useless for you to try to discuss any scripture or doctrine in the Bible until you are prepared in the Divine Revelation of God. Furthermore, it is impossible for you and me to overestimate the importance of the Divine inspiration of the scriptures. It is the strategic point of spiritual leader’s theology and must be defended by you at all cost.

How do you establish spiritual relation?

In today’s world of hustles and bustles, everyone wants a fast way to do what needs to be done. In addition, they want a sign to tell them that this is what to be done and how to do it. I know from my own experience that there was no sign when it came to getting a message ready for Sunday. I had to study and ask for the right message. What I am saying is just this, I had to go to God and ask for a message or any other thing that I needed. However, God does not make a covenant relation hard, as many would like to make out. In many cases, I feel that many individuals feel that God ought to come to them as He did with Abraham and speak to them with a voice that they understand. Oh, I know that when God speaks to me it is not in a loud voice that can be heard by a spiritual voice that the soul can hear.

Now to all spiritual leaders, the Bible or the Holy Scriptures you are not to fear the investigation of it. Instead of fearing it, I would suggest this consideration it is a book for examination, instructions, judgment in life for all humanity. In addition, the more closely you read it and the more carefully you study it, the more you will receive the spiritual words of God. Furthermore, spiritual leaders should not look at the Bible as a book of myths but as the prophetic Word of God. It is not a book of delusion. The first thing a spiritual leader should be a thoughtful reader of the Bible for it has the answers to all spiritual problems in life. The Holy Scriptures affirm they were inspired by God to the prophets and leaders through the Holy Spirit to all ages of the world. Moreover, it has been said time and time again in the strictest sense if it is not inspired by God then it is worthless to humankind. Why I point this out for spiritual leaders it is one of Satan’s tools to destroy the word of the New Covenant written within the heart, of humankind. Therefore, that is why the spiritual leader must be reliable, and trustworthy for the claims of God’s Word.

The spiritual voice of God and Christ comes through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us. I know that there are many books and writers who write on the voice of God and that is good for many individuals need to see by written words to understand the voice of God. I have found for me personally if I slow down and just listen to the things around me like the trees and the wind, I can hear a still small voice speaking in God’s creation. Why I say that is many times when I personally need to hear my God, I go and look at His creation and then I picture myself in the Garden in the cool of the evening and God comes walking in the garden to speak to me. That is when I go to prayer, talk with the Lord God about my problems of the day, and ask Him to help me understand the need and purpose of the day.

Yes, as others write about God’s voice speaking and hearing I could give you many scriptures to read. However, the covenant relation of what is spiritual I feel is in God’s creation of the earth and humanity. One of the things I learned during my years as pastor is that people want to be sure of everything they do. However, from my own personal experience with life and God I have never gotten a real answer until I did what I thought I ought to do. In addition, I have had many to say to me, have you lost your mind. My response has been maybe but I will not know until I try. For example, when I first went into pastoring a church and gave up my body shop and the income, I was making in it many people at that time said I was nuts. The question they asked me was how are you going to take care of your family? This is just a small example of the things that people come up with to explain why they cannot do what God asks. Therefore, I feel one of the main reasons why people do not completely understand what it means to be a spiritual leader in the covenant relation with God.

Covenant relationship, what are they, why are they and who are they for? I do not know for sure but when I look at the covenant of marriage, it is personal. When God made a covenant with Israel, God made it personal. If you remember what the vows of marriage states that you promise to love in sickness and in health, it is a personal vow and covenant. In the covenant of marriage, the promise also means our affections and our desires. If the marriage covenant states our affections to mean desires then God in His covenant states His desire in the covenant, the spiritual covenant with the church as well. Desires means wants, wishes and passion of the heart. To make it simple, God does not have any needs as we have needs, however, we could even say wants. Therefore, the only reason that I can see it must have been God’s passion to create. In this creation of God’s, also I feel and believe that God in His creation was for a fellowship of giving of Himself.

Why is spiritual important?

As a pastor of God’s calling, I ask myself these questions, why is spiritual so important to the ministry of the gospel of Christ? How do I relate spiritual to the congregations that I will serve during my ministry of the gospel? God, where do I find all the messages of spiritual to relate to your congregations down through my ministry with them? When I started in the ministry as pastor of my first charge in Arden, West Virginia, my first message was on unity, spiritual unity. Spiritual unity can be and should be more than getting high on your emotions. Spiritual unity for believers should be in God and Christ Jesus for the exhortations of fellowship with God and others. Here is one of the bigger issues of the social orders of fellowship between humanity and the church our differences are to be forgotten. Forgetting difference is prophesying in the scriptures, one prophecy is in the book of Isaiah 11: 13.

The big part of unity is harmony among yourselves and with your leaders of the church. One of the things that the scripture brings out in the New Testament is all gather together into one-fold. Furthermore, all issues whether church or social should be removed so that the gospel of God and Christ can work in your fellowship or covenant relationship. My Search for What is Spiritual Second Edition Introduction