My Search for What is Spiritual Second Edition Introduction


In this writing of what is spiritual for spiritual leaders, it is for getting back to the plain talk in the scriptures. In my first book of My Search for What is Spiritual, I said in my forward that there were words from A-Z. However, in this book, I want to relate the destructive words and destructive ways of how Satan brings up destruction in mine and your life that are common words. For the spiritual leaders in the church need to learn the destructive words of Satan, and the destructive ways of Satan that Satan uses, these are words and ways to destroy our provision and our protection that Christ and the Father has made for us preparing for the kingdom of heaven to come. This book is designed to introduce the destructive words and destructive ways of Satan uses on the natural man and woman to make their life unattractive in the Holy Words of God in the Holy Scriptures. My point is in this vital question: Is men and women completely and thoroughly depraved in God’s nature why or why not. No, we are not! If so, it is of our own choosing.

It is on the basis of the Holy Scriptures by which God has shown me from His Divine Word about the destructive words and destructive ways of Satan of which I feel God wants me to make known for the leadership in the House of God. From the beginning, God’s purpose was to have fellowship with His creation. However, the purpose of Satan was to seek words and ways to destroy that fellowship with our creator. There are three things that took place in the fall of man and they are as follows. In the fall of man, we inherited the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. In these three things come all our natural problems as well as our spiritual. Therefore, the scriptural answer is the only means to make clear all of the destructive words and destructive ways that Satan uses to destroy life of God’s creation. Since the fall of man, there has been a steady deteriorating of the trend to put God first. God destroyed the people on earth in the flood because of disobedience to hear and favor Him and therefore, if we listen to the destructive words and destructive ways of Satan, God well destroy us only this time by fire.

The other purpose of this book is for the spiritual word of God to combat the destructive word of Satan. Satan’s destructive words bring discord, hatred, and bloodshed, which are found in the world today, and therefore, these words are what has made the house of God spiritually dead. Furthermore, there is a crying to view the laws of God and the gospel of Christ so we can learn and portray the natural man with the spiritual man to be in harmony to meet the spiritual proportion with the natural to me the needs of God in life.

In a spiritual leader, they need most solemn words that flatly and directly involves the higher power of the word to adequately proclaim against the destructive words and destructive ways of Satan. I say this from my own personal experience of how miserable I felt while my words or my ways did not serve the holiness of God. This was because I allowed Satan to keep me ignorant of spiritualness and holiness, which allowed Satan to deface the Word of God and God’s ways in me. What I saw was that there was no way of bettering myself by listening to the destructive word of Satan or following his destructive ways. By listening to these words and these ways of Satan only brought anger, distress and discouragement just to name a few things that happened in my life because of wrong thinking that could only bring a final despair in the lake of fire.

God has given men and women the foundation of scriptural importance written not only in the Holy Scriptures; however, they are written within the heart of humanity. Take heed, there is nothing like the spiritual knowledge for men and women for presenting the truth and illuminating the power of God. The fact is that Satan would have you believe that it is impossible for any human to describe that we have power in the words of God through Christ Jesus. Another purpose for these words is to point out how Satan inflicts spiritual sickness and spiritual blindness upon the Words of God.

Root of spiritual leadership

In chapter one the root of the spiritual leader or spiritual leadership, is to teach hope for a new day in the life of the Lord. Secondly, it is vital for the spiritual leader to know the roots of God’s Holy Word or the spiritual foundation of God’s Holy Word. In addition, it is vital for you to know the law of God in the Old Testament and the spiritual law of the New Testament. It is also vital that the spiritual leader to abstain from all evil, do good, and attend to the ordnance of God’s Holy Word in their life as they walk with the Lord.

Covenants What Purpose Do They, Serve in The Church of The Last Days

All through the Old and New Testaments you will find recorded visions of the prophets of old and visions of the apostles. Therefore, I say unto every spiritual leader that you pray to God if God gives you a vision to take heed to fulfill that vision in your life.

I would like to bring out in this chapter two the basic reason for what spiritual leaders’ vision should be. According to the Holy Scriptures God’s Word and purpose for visions set forth for ministry, what do they see for the future of their ministry for ministering as pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, and apostles? Spiritual leaders have been God’s judgment designed to lead people in time of trails, on the other hand it is to motivate them for learning to do His will. Spiritual leaders seeking the will of God should hold these values, attitude, and a behavior necessary to motivate one’s self for the needs of spiritual well-being through their calling.

Visions have always played an important role in leadership and usually refer to the ability a spiritual leader encounters with God where God imparts a special message or revelation. When we take the Holy Scriptures with the attitude of common sense on its instructions, we can vision spiritual leadership. In other words, we can know the principles and standards of what God has set forth, what God wants for His people by what God tells or instructs us through His vision unto us.

In my many years of ministry and being a pastor, my experience, as a leader that I can honestly state that leaders do not have control over whether they have a vision. Therefore, visions only appear from God at His discretion. According to the Holy Scriptures this happens most often during the time of prayer, however, it also could happen while listening to someone proclaim a message or listening to someone’s teaching.

What Should a Spiritual Leaders Vision Be?

What did the seven churches face in spiritual confrontation?

In this introduction to chapter three I want to bring out the understanding of what the seven churches faced in the natural confrontation as well as the spiritual confrontation. The point of logic and truth is that every spiritual leader must face and be ready for every spiritual confrontation. It is well to note that our Lord addresses every angel of the church first. Again, it is well to note that Jesus addressed their spiritual confrontation as well as their natural confrontations. Here are just a couple of examples one church that Christ addressed about the things that was natural was when He told them that they would suffer for a short period of time. While in the spiritual Christ addressed other churches over the lack of true and spiritual doctrine in His word.

What are the Spiritual Words of Christ Spoken in Matthew 5 and 6?

What are the spiritual Words of Christ in the four gospels?

In this fourth chapter the reasoning and logic of our Lord needs to be addressed regarding His Words and requirements to enter into the kingdom of heaven. In the modern church or the church of the last days has fall steadily with the words of Paul or to make it more, clear with the points in Paul’s writing which has soften the Word of our Lord or the requirements for grace that Jesus taught. Did you know that in the gospel of Matthew alone that there are fifty direct commands of Christ? One of the very first commands is found in Matthew four where Jesus states “follow Me”. Therefore, the four gospels are the Words of our Lord of what He commanded and one of His commands unto His Disciples was, “If ye love Me, keep My commandments” John 14:15 KJV.

The Destructive Words and Ways of Satan

Here in chapter five and in this brief introduction I believe that it is necessary to relate this understanding about destructive words that are just common every day words when state with the wrong attitude can be and will be destructive. The writing of this book is on the emphasis of spiritual understanding of destructive words to the spiritual leaders; however, it is in addition for the saints of the church. These destructive words when consider by the spiritual leader that he or she will teach them in the understanding that Satan will take the words of God’s Holy Scriptures and pervert them or change them to destructive words to cause spiritual confrontation.

The Spiritual Leaders Qualities for Excellence

Chapter six is written around the fact that spiritual leaders need to know and understand their spiritual qualities for the work of the Lord. In addition, spiritual qualities are also personal qualities in relation to God, family, church, and others as well as your personal capabilities as a spiritual leader. Therefore, we will be looking at the biblical characteristics of a spiritual leader in spiritual leadership and the spiritual life a spiritual leader should have.

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