My Search for What is Spiritual Second Edition Chapter Three


All spiritual leaders should have a vision of what God and Christ wants. First, have a spiritual perspective of the nature of God with humankind. In this perspective, what I mean is a basic way for spiritual development in moral life. In addition, I would also affirm that the vision of the leader involves these levels of personal and spiritual progress on all levels of faith and doctrine of the gospel and law of the word of God. Yes, I realize that there are different levels for every individual such as economic, political, moral, spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and artistic aspects of their personal lifestyle

First in the root of spiritual leaders the question is: Does anyone have spiritual authority? Some would answer yes while others will say no. It is out of this discourse that I went looking for answers to this question. However, what took place in my personal research was that it brought more questions than answers about who has authority in the spiritual relationship and the subject became so vast that there is no way to write a short answer for it would takes books to give a complete answer. Here are some more questions spiritual leader’s needs to consider with close consideration. The first does Christ rule by majority vote? The answer is no! Does Jesus will determined by, popular consent of man? The answer is no! Yet another question in answer form when it is given once in the Holy Scriptures is to be faithfully administered to God’s people by spiritual leaders within the Body of Christ.

We find within the pages of the New Testament a clear form of teaching of Christ and His Apostles that certain responsibility of ruling in spiritual leaders. Christians as well as spiritual leader are not to blindly accept false or unscriptural leaders, however, they are nonetheless responsible to follow the Holy Scriptures, obey it, and honor it as a spiritual leader. Our Lord Jesus Christ first invested in the making of Apostles. Therefore, they became the foundation or the roots of authority intended for the administration of the Body of Christ.

Moreover, the vision may be expressed in all aspects and various dimensions of their life on this spiritual journey. As they embrace and participate in God’s welfare in the natural world.

In a spiritual leader’s vision also must be for the family of God as well as their natural family. It is to provide spiritual food as food for the family. It is to provide spiritual food as well as natural food for the family. Let us look at the love Christ was asking Peter in regards to proving service for the Lord in feeding His sheep found in the gospel of John 21:15-90. Jesus asked Peter three times, do you love me, and the first response from Christ was, “feed my lambs”. What I see here as Christ questions Peter after the meal, was about Peter’s love for Christ are in the facts that follow. First, Christ says, “feed my lambs” meaning my lambs of the fold, or the newborn of the church. Christ is telling Peter here are the lambs of my fold needing to be nourished so, “feed my lambs”. Christ is also saying to Peter take the responsibility of being a spiritual leader of nurturing my lambs. In addition, Christ commanded Peter that His lambs should be fed the spiritual food.

When we look into the deep meaning of the scripture here in John, we see that Christ is putting Peter to the test. What kind of test? One, it is a test of love for Christ and secondly, it is a test for service. The test here when we look at the spiritual meaning of John 21:17 Christ reveals the true quality of love and furthermore, it shows the determining factor of the individual’s final destiny because of the services rendered, in the second part of Christ’s test of Peter was feed my sheep. Another thing that comes to mind is the fact that Peter is the Disciple that when Christ asked “who do they say I am” and Peter states that Christ is the Son of the living God. In that thought, I feel that Peter of whom do, they say I am, Peter relates the words of God spiritually or Peter was divinely inspired.

In John 21: 18, Christ tells Peter in a few words of events in life which will happen to him. In addition, when Christ states “verily, verily, I say unto thee” what Christ is saying to Peter, Peter I say unto you when you were young you did not need help to go where you wanted to go. However, Peter, the day will come when they will take you and you will not know a thing about it, meaning the day of Peter’s death. As God sent John, the Baptist before Christ to prepare the people for Christ’s coming and now Christ is saying to Peter, prepare my sheep for my Second Coming. Furthermore, Christ has given Peter the keys of heaven and said upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. In the gospel of Mark 4:43-49, Christ here speaks of the fire that is never quenched. Why would Christ speak about a fire that you could not quench? In the scripture, fire is known to do two things, destroy and cleanse.

Spiritual leaders of the church, if I would ask you if your house is on fire, what would be the first thing you would do? My answer is get out. It is the same meaning about a sinful life, which burns and destroys the soul. The spiritual leader needs to sound the alarm for you to get out. For I would sound this warning in Revelation 20:15 “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” (KJV) I feel safe in saying there is no punishment or pain like this of the lake of fire. During my years of ministry there has been a few that I have felt was an unbeliever because they did not want to believe in the place of eternal punishment.

Therefore, I call upon all spiritual leaders who profess scriptural to proclaim the warning of hell’s fire to this place. I would admonish you to tell of a God who will punish men and women who will listen to the lie of Satan in the garden who said, “Ye shall not surely die” (KJV) Spiritual leaders, if you make the mistake of the thinking this is not forever, I feel you are in danger. I also know many who believe in hell, but do not allow themselves to think that anybody is going to hell.

Many Christian organizations see the fire of hell and are neglecting to send the engine out to put out the fire of hell in people’s lives. What I mean by this statement is we are woefully ignoring the fire of hell. The church is to be the spiritual firehouse that puts out the fire of sin. In many conversations me and my wife have, we discuss with all honesty what we feel are the causes of the fire of sin in people’s lives. What I am about to say may sound cruel, but with all honesty, I believe that the greatest causes of our spiritual lack is mainly over are spiritual lack of interest in church activities. I will go on to say something happens when we have no interest in church activities. For example, look at the problems the church had in the book of Revelation. Furthermore, if people in church are not careful, they will find themselves just coming to church and going through the motions of church.

What are church activities then and today? One, what is fellowship? What is worship? Is there a relationship between these two? Does God want fellowship? What is the social order of worship? Let us see how the word of God explains what church activities are. Let us begin with Ephesians 4: 16, in this scripture there must be an understanding of the common purpose. To me it relates to these issues, one is the unity of Christ and secondly, the spiritual progress and thirdly the spiritual love. My Search for What is Spiritual Second Edition Chapter Four