My Search for What is Spiritual One

The sin of hindering others or spiritual hindrances

When begin to consider what is spiritual and what others feel about what is spiritual. What are their spiritual concerns and spiritual fears? Let us consider the trail of “Spiritual Hindrances” which are to be avoided with all spiritual concerns and care. How should we begin are search in spiritual hindrance? Spiritual hindrances are part of our Christian living that is known as sins or stumbling blocks in are lives. Another way of stating this is what kind of havoc wills this does to the soul of humankind.

To my understanding, this spiritual issue of spiritual hindrances is what takes away from the spiritual joys of life and hath destroyed all godly living. A spiritual hindrance therefore has ruined many souls amongst Christianity and all humanity concerning God’s grace. Furthermore, it should be for all believers to show the soul-strengthening duties of overcoming the spiritual hindrance of sin in our daily living. In being one that overcomes the sins of life, it also takes us to the next step in spiritual living to overcome our spiritual hindrance.

However, Christian readers of God’s Word should be the ones that do not take part in the violence of the world that cause spiritual hindrance; and therefore, as for us Christians the word of God is the means for each of us to overcome spiritual hindrance. Believers are you a willful neglecter of known Christian duties of the will of God that cause spiritual hindrance. For example, public, private, or secret issue which may cause you to have spiritual hindrance in your life to keep you out of the will of God. Furthermore, are you a slave to the appetite of ungodly or worldly, or to any other commanding sense? I believe this to be a clear issue: Art thou a proud seeker of thine own esteem. In addition, are we the peevish and passionate person, ready to take angry fire at every word, or look, or supposed slight? Another question here: Are we a deceiver of others in our dealings, or one that will be rich, right or wrong? If you can answers this will this be the case with your life, I dare say that God in heaven and your soul are in very great strangers to God and God’s kingdom.

I would go, as far as to say Christ said in His teaching, there be “a beam in thine own eye” Mt 7:4. Will not all of us suffer if we look to heaven with a beam in our own eye; therefore, will there not be a cloud between God and us. However, do we attempt to study eternity and gather spiritual refreshment from the life to come, our sins will look us in the face of our God, and we will hear God say, these things do not belong to me. How will we be able to take comfort from God in heaven if we take so much pleasure in the lust of the flesh? O how this will dampen our joys, and make our thoughts of that day when God makes his judgment on our lust. Every willful sin will be as the fire of hell: when we think to quicken our lust; will this quench the fire? NO! I must say as a pastor that it will utterly dispose you; you cannot no more ascend in divine meditation or prayer until you repent in the sinner prayer. Sin cuts the very spiritual ness of the heavenly life. O humanity God is saying! That you take not light of what a life you will lose.

What are your daily delights do you seek for are they vile lust of the flesh? Is it going to be heaven or hell you as an individual will meet together? However, I must state that it will be your choice to become a lover of God or the lover of sin. When we live in our sins and not in the godly life: We have two choose one is to take the foretastes of the glory of God and have a conversation in heaven that God and Christ that we will be cherished by both in heaven. Two, we can live an ungodly way of life, and live in the eternal in the reality of facing the lake of fire. My warning to you and all humanity is therefore take heed lest you be banish from the kingdom of heaven and be cast into the lake of fire. However, take this thought to mind if we were not guilty, and knowest no reigning sin in our soul, think of how sad things would be, if God’s judgment should prove your case to be a life of sin. Watch; therefore especially resolve to keep from the occasions of sin, and out of the way of temptations. What we need for our temptations in life and our daily prayer, remembers the Lord’s Prayer where Christ said these words “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!”

Looking back over my life it was always looking for or searching for the truth in what is spiritual: also looking for the what, where, when, why, was and how it would take me in the path of spiritual life. For example, in my search for what is spiritual I went into many denominations as a member of their faith. My very first step of what is spiritual in faith began in the Church of God. Then Presbyterian, Baptist, Adventist, Nazarene, just to name a few. However, I must say that I did not find the spiritual truth that I was searching for in any of them. It seems to me like all of these faith or denominations that there was part of the spiritual doctrine of God missing for me. However, I must state this was not the case for all of them have the doctrine of God in one form or another. However, it was not until sometime later in my life it was while I was in college taking a class of the history of Methodism in America: the book for the class was “American Methodism by Frederick A Norwood” about what John Wesley said about the general rule of the Methodist Church, which made a real impression on me. The general rule is as follows “abstain from all evil do good and attend to the ordnances of God”. What God showed to me was for an individual Christian and their denominational outlook on what is spiritual that it is right for that individual Christian. Therefore, it is by my studies of the churches and their doctrine of faith that I was able to bring myself to this kind of spiritual understanding that was causing my spiritual hindrance to have a full godly relationship with God.

Spiritual hindrances within us is what causes, a spiritual darkness of life concerning them within our lives. These are a few of the question that we asked by many people and scholars concerning spiritual hindrances and spiritual darkness. From where am I? What am I? Am I anything more than a reasoning individual? Have I an immortal soul, or am I nothing more than a sentient being? What is my purpose of my existence? Why am I here in this world at all? What is the end and aim of life? How shall I employ my time and talents? Shall I live only for today, eat, drink, and be merry? What after death? Do I perish like beasts of the field, or is the grave the portal into another world? If so, whither am I bound? Do these questions appear senseless and irrelevant? However, my answer is that the scriptures that I have studied shed all the light and answer upon all of these problems, and where ever we shall turn for solution it is in Christ.

Therefore, if the Bible had never been wrote how many of these questions could we have answer satisfactorily to humankind? Personally there is a very striking testimony needs to be gave to all humankind by a divine revelation: that God gave to disciples and the prophets by Holy Ghost that humankind might celebrate in heaven. There has been remarks therefore even the most sublime efforts of philosophy can extend no farther than a feeble point to point out the desire, the hope, or , at most the probability, of a future state. There is nothing except the divine revelation in the Word of God that describe the condition of the invisible state which is destine to receive the soul of humankind after they are separated from the body. Humankind is often uncertain as to which is the right course to pursue; we are frequently in doubt as to the real path of duty. The host of wickedness, which seeks to accomplish our downfall, constantly surrounds us: and are in our daily confronted with experiences, which make us sad and sorrowful.

As a pastor I must say even the wisest individual among us has at one time or another needed guidance for his or her own wisdom. However, guidance, which is our own wisdom, fails to supply; the best of humanity needs grace which the human heart is powerless to bestow; the most refined among the sons of men need deliverance from the temptations, which they cannot overcome. Will God mock us then in are need for wisdom? Will God leave us alone in our hour of weakness? Will God refuse to provide for us a refuge from our enemies? Humankind needs a counselor, a comforter, a deliverer in our time of need. The very fact that God has a Father’s regard for His children necessitates that He should give them a written revelation, which communicates His mind and His will concerning His love. Furthermore, God points out to them that He is willing and able to supply there every need.

For the past twenty-five years, doing the work of the Lord I have found that most individuals that fear the things that are spiritual of God and the Holy Ghost is for this reason. One is the lack of spiritual understanding of the things that are spiritual. What I mean by this is that many individuals fear therefore, it is for this point of view if an individual has a fear or a lack of understanding of something they fear it. For example with me when I was a young lad if I could not see in the darkness therefore I was afraid. There are many things in the darkness we cannot see and because to that we fear them because we cannot see them. It is in this example about the darkness that many individuals lack spiritual understanding of the things that are spiritual why. There are many issues regarding darkness, which needs to consider, let us, and look at just one issue. During my years of pastoring one thing I learned is that what people don’t understand they fear therefore when it comes to the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the Holy Ghost if they don’t understand it they fear it.

In the example above of my fear of darkness, let us look at spiritual darkness. One of the paths of our lives is darkness and this darkness can take many forms. However, the issue that I want us to look at of spiritual darkness and what it can do to our lives. In my search for the things that are spiritual, I had to follow through a stage of spiritual darkness that lead into the things of the world, which was a thing like drinking of wine and beer also running around with the wrong company. This stage in my search was truly dark and cold and I was about to give up on my searching for what was spiritual. Then it happen right after I married my second wife Glenna that God began to deal with me on what is spiritual. Glenna and I were married on April 5 1974 the year of my Lord. While we were dating, I watched Glenna’s parents of how they showed God’s love in their family. It was one year later after Glenna and I was married at a small country church by the name of Cutright Chapel during the revival there that I made a complete commitment to the Lord God that I would do His will that He had called me to do. After making that commitment, that is when God brought fourth the true light of His will and brought me out of spiritual darkness and into the spiritual light.

In 1976, I became a teacher of the youth class at Harmony United Methodist Church. Then the Lord showed me that I needed to do more so I became a lay speaker for Harmony Church. However, I knew that I still was not where God wanted me to be in the ministry it was at this time that I began to seek out the field of being a pastor. My first real ministry was a television program on the local cable. The program was called Take a Look Into The Bible and I did this for seven years. Also at that time, I added to the ministry nursing homes and a singing group called the True Seekers. It was not until 1987 that I receive my first appointment as the pastor of the Arden Charge in Barbour County West Virginia.

However, it was not until the time in my life of illness that I began to put together all the issues of what is spiritual. It was right after my first surgery that I began to put my thoughts together on paper as I lay there in that hospital bed. Therefore, I can honestly say that there are many reasons for writing on this subject of what is spiritual. Why I make this statement is in all of my studies of the Holy Word of God I have found that there are 490 words to describe the subject of what is spiritual. Therefore, the first question that I asked myself was Where do I begin?

One of the issues I heard being discuss in many churches and individuals was what is truly spiritual and how do we follow it according to the Bible? I feel safe in saying many generations since the churches begun on the day of Pentecost they have dealt with this issue repeatedly in one form or another. I must say that everything that I have personally learned about what is spiritual goes back to the time when I first read the book of Proverbs. Solomon writings taught me these three things that we must have knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. You will find what I have stated in
Proverbs 2:1 My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee; 2 So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; 3 Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; (KJV).

What is spiritual to what God has taught me it begins with spiritual knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and spiritual understanding of God’s Word? In an individual’s life of spiritual life of knowledge, education they get from school, work, home, and with other people. However, in a Christian life it is the study of the Word of God of where the prophets and the disciples wrote what we call the Bible. Therefore, spiritual knowledge comes by reading and studying the Word of God. Furthermore, by doing so you are proclaiming the spiritual knowledge of Christ Words in your life and therefore receiving the power of the Holy Ghost found in the book of Acts 2:38, Luke explains that those individual’s repent and are baptized we receive the Holy Ghost.

Another way of stating this is proclaiming the calling of God in our life. Therefore, it is by that calling that Christ promises that we would receive the power of spiritual utterance and knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Through all of my studies, I can honestly say that there is no other way you can receive the power of spiritual knowledge than by God and the presence of the Holy Ghost. By having this spiritual knowledge we can become a soul winner for Christ Jesus.

There are many other issues concerning spiritual knowledge they are the events of life as follows love, righteousness, covenants, laws of God found in the Old and New Testament. These are just a few of the issues I have heard discussed in my search for what is spiritual. Therefore, I can say that this is the spiritual truth concerning life with humankind in the church and at home. On these kinds of issues, you will be able to see the need for to prepare your life for what is spiritual. It is one of the keyways of being prepared for spiritual speaking and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of what is spiritual and needs to be spoken. Down through my ministry I have heard someone said by individuals that they did not understand the Bible.

To answer that question we must use the scriptures to explain. What are some of the scriptures that Christ our Lord taught us to use for spiritual understanding the knowledge of what is a spiritual life? Jesus saw that He needed to teach in a language that all could understand that is why Christ taught in parables. Therefore, you could say that Christ in His teaching in parables was teaching us the doctrine of the kingdom of heaven.

From the book of Psalm and the gospel of John, all things are God’s

In this way of teaching, I would have you at this as the spiritual doctrine of God and to consider it, as one of the high spiritual doctrine that all things are God’s which I have preached down through the years. It has been my endeavor, constantly and continually, to maintain that salvation is of God’s good will and not of humankind free will, that humankind is nothing without the spiritual life of Christ Jesus. Remember also that Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. In addition, I think I may truly say; now of the things which I have spoken, that this will sum it up all of what I feel is spiritual doctrine “John 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” (KJV) “all things are of God” Therefore, my brothers and sisters, what a large issue this is! It contains spiritual words, which grasp the compass of everything that your mind can think upon “all things” and it proclaims God to whom all things owned. “God!” (Grasp this total if you are able), “the spiritual doctrine all things!” What is here that we have omitted? I feel safe in saying that surely whatsoever the Christian can desire are found in those spiritual words of the apostle Paul and John “all things.”

But even the lest of all things should not be comprehensive enough, which contains a still greater word of God, one which is supreme over all inasmuch as all things spring from God’s loins, and yet God remains still the same, as full as ever of God’s glory. “All things are of God.” I feel that the prophet Isaiah said it best. If we were thirsty, here are streams of water from the kingdom of God that can never be exhausted. In addition, if we were hungry, surely here is bread enough from God and bread to spare. If we be poor, Jesus said here are treasures and riches that are utterly inexhaustible, for here we have all things, and all things in God. I shall hope this book will do two things first, to lay down clearly and distinctly, the spiritual doctrine, and then secondly, to show to you the excellent practical tendency of each spiritual doctrine in the word of God.

What is the spiritual foundation of all things are God’s? To begin with it is a way of enlarging Bible thoughts of the scriptures that become spiritual doctrine, therefore, it will be needed to divide the spiritual word, taking up issues as to the what, and the how, and then as to why. “All things are of God!” Again I must ask what is meant here in God’s word by the term “all things” my reply is to be found in the context all things are of the old creation and also in the new creation are of God. However, I feel that it is not necessary for me to remind you of the old creation and the beginning of the time. However, in the book Genesis and the story of creation I need to remind you of the fact that God said “let them have dominion” therefore, to my understanding not only was God saying that we have dominion over all creation but also the we have dominion over our spiritual life.

In addition, this could also be the first record of the spiritual foundation of our choice in how to live life. Another way of giving you the picture of God’s creation and dominion is God has spread out the heavens like a great tent for us to dwell in. Which to me and my understanding: God’s creation has been created by God’s Holy Hands, and all the winds still are, as they ever were, under the guidance and control; nothing is, and nothing shall be, but that which God ordains, determines, and supports. Now concerning the issue of a new creation, I could say that it is a wonderful thought when we think about a new creation to come from God. However, the fact is there are two ways for us to look at what God has had written about the new creation. One is that there will be a new heaven and a new earth for this heaven and this earth will be passed away. Two is that we must be born again if we are going to enter this new creation.

A thought that needs to be addressed do we think that humankind as an infidel that they should teach that some things of the old creation were of humankind. What name shall I give to the human being that will dare to say that anything in the new creation of grace is of humankind? As a child and servant of the Lord, it is my place to say that there is a new creation in all humankind if we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. Therefore, it is also my place to say that those who dare to say that we are not a new creation are in danger of the wrath of God on the Day of Judgment.

I will also go on to say Surely if the first spiritual heresy, the second also a heresy equally or greater and perhaps more so than the first. When we truly look at the meaning of heresy: it means choosing or choice especially of self-willed that can lead to division. Therefore, when we dare touch one of God’s internal or external works of God, while the other thrust its sacrilegious hand into the internal works of grace by the act of heresy they have made division. It therefore takes away the brightest jewel from their crown, and treads it in the dust of evil. Christ stated in His word that we must hold fast, and ever must maintain, that all things with God, without exception, for we are the new creation is with God, and of God alone. “What things” do you say again? Therefore, the spiritual doctrine of a new creation in all things refers to the new nature also; it refers to our new privileges to our new actions in life whatsoever things, which refer to the new nature of God’s people we are. However, my personal desire is after Christ, which is that sinners with a contrite heart would come to know God.

It is therefore the new hope, which guides us through the spiritual darkness of our poor minds, is in God and Christ Jesus. I remember the first glimpse of my new faith when I was a new man that turns his eyes to Christ Jesus as my savior. That first beginning of divine love in my soul was of God. Then and only then was I better able to spiritually understand what the Bible meant when it makes this next statement. Leave humankind to themselves, and their corruption of their own nature to fester, and rot, and breed the fungus of an evil imagination. However, I have found in my ministry that the life of God never comes naturally from a dead heart and evil mind. Therefore with out any doubt I can surely say that whatsoever things which are good that comes in the beginning of our new creation, and as well as in its perfecting, cometh down from Almighty God, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Some individuals seem to teach, that humankind is to take the first step to salvation, and God will take care of the rest. I feel that ok: However, I also feel that someone needs to help any individual see that salvation of the Lord that it was brought from heaven by the way of the cross. Therefore, if any individual human being man or woman teaching someone to take the first step to salvation, they can also teach them to take the last step, in making them whole with God. What did Christ teach? Christ taught that we are teach them that they are to repent and be baptize. Why? It is for this reason of what the Bible states if any individual is dead in trespasses and sins, they have quickened themselves to what I would call the spiritual death. In addition, it could be stated in this manner that they are still on the world and are not part of the new creation.

What is spiritual death? To explain this to you we need to go to the book of Isaiah chapter 59:1-3. What the prophet Isaiah points out is when we separate ourselves from God by sinning God’s face is hidden you so that He does not hear. Therefore what take place when we are dead spiritually this is the way Romans 6:23 states it “The wages of sin is death”. The only way to abolish this death is through Jesus Christ our Lord. Why I state this is that Christ demonstrates His love and His Father love toward us by His death on the cross. Therefore providing justification and reconciliation and therefore bringing us back to God. When the individual accepts the gift of Jesus Christ’s death then and only then is the spiritual death abolished.

There is nothing in humankind by nature apart from God, which is not vile or deceitful. “In me (that is the flesh,) dwelleth no good thing.” Personally, I must say if there is anything good in my nature, if I have been transformed by the renewing of my mind. If I am regenerate, if I have passed from death unto life, if I have been taken out of the family of Satan. And adopted into the family of God’s dear Son, and if I am now no more the heir of wrath, but am a child of the kingdom of heaven, then surely all these things are of God, and therefore in no sense, and in no degree are they mine. Furthermore, this new nature, which is of God, is therefore, this new privileges of ours in new nature is all God’s and what are these.

There is pardon for all humankind, by the washing away of all sins, and who shall say that is not of God? There is justification, the human being robed about with a garment snowhite, which shall make to be partaker of the spiritual heritage with the saints in light, and is that not of God? There is sanctification, which cuts out the very root of sin, and treads the old nature beneath the feet and makes us newborn babe in Christ; is not that of God? There is privilege of adoption, which the Father has given to as many as believe on the only begotten Son, that they may have power to become sons of God. O Lord, surely this adoption is of thee!

There is communion, by which through Christ Jesus we have access by one spirit unto the Father. Nevertheless, whoever dared to think of communion apart from the unspeakable grace of the Most High? I am sure, my brothers and sisters you who have traced the height, and depths, and lengths, and breadths of covenant mercies and covenant privileges, have never yet met with a single privilege, which was not of God. You have walked the broad acres of God’s rich love and grace, but you have not seen there a plant or a flower, which was not of God’s sowing and of God’s rearing. Therefore, when you have gone into the house of God’s treasure, and have taken down those spiritual shoes of iron and brass and the spiritual helmet and the spiritual sword of steel, you have put of the spiritual apparel of divine protection of Almighty God. Furthermore, you have laid hold the spiritual crown of eternal life that fadeth not away, you been constrained joyfully to confess that all things are of God. You cannot imagine such a thing bloom of grace, a single gift of mercy, which is of yourselves and not of God.

Therefore, all actions taken in our new nature are of God’s and not of ourselves. Personally, when I think on this nature, look around me, and say see yonder the missionary, leaving house and home, and all the comforts of their native land, to go and to battle for Christ among people who will scorn them, mistrust their motives, and repay them with self-denial and with persecution. Do you see them with their life in God’s hand venturing even unto death? Can you image an individual oppressed with fever in a land in which they came to live laying on their bed, with stress for reflection, and never change their mind of the step they have taken. They recover their strength enough to crawl out of bed and there stand, instead of remaking their vows they made of dedication to the Lord, they confirm them afresh, by proclaim the Lord and the Lord’s Word.

Furthermore, they continue their labor until they are worn out to proclaim the gospel of Christ Jesus. Shall we applaud them? Shall we, and then commit their body to the earth far from their native homeland, to me personally when we commit their body to that land this then becomes a witness against all unbelief that truly God has sent them. Did they live their life with clamorous songs praise for the Lord? My answer is yes this they chose their reward and they will receive it from the Master on High. Again, I must say this that even though they have given so much of themselves in their work for the Lord and valiantly done so we must therefore remember that everything good that was in them was God’s.

When we look at the spiritual discipline that these individuals had concerning their spiritual calling in mission that came to them from God: how did they answer that call? First, I must state that they must have said yes Lord here is I send me. However, my spiritual calling and yours should be remembered that it came from God. When we are called by God, it is by the working power of the Holy Ghost and not by humankind. When we look through the word of God to whom God called you will find these the House of Israel, the prophets, as well as Christ called His disciples. Then I must relate my own personal spiritual calling from Christ and the Almighty God who created me.

Therefore, we must look at the scriptures and see whom the first individual was created by God called by God. It is well known in the beginning that God called to Adam in the cool of the evening in the garden. (Ge.3:9) It was in this first call of God was a call of fellowship between God and Adam. You could say that this was also a call for fellowship with humankind with God. Personally God did not only call to preach but into a personal relationship of fellowship with Him. What take place in this call from God?

Therefore, to my way of thinking this become a spiritual fellowship with God Almighty. Furthermore then God’s fellowship with us the spiritual law of love and grace. Why did the fellowship change? The only reasonable answer I can give you is answered when God called to Adam and Adam did not respond to God’s call. Adam in not responding to God’s call was because Adam’s eyes were open to the knowledge of good and evil and therefore evil came into Adam’s life. Adam truly knew that by receiving this knowledge of good and evil that he would no longer be able to talk to God personally. Therefore, if humankind was to have any kind of divine fellowship with God it would have to be a spiritual one. God therefore had to give humanity the process of laws, covenants, and promise which has been handed-down by God’s word. It is furthermore, the doctrinal standards of grace and love which we our to live by. Of course, the Word of God that is called spiritual is only words that save the souls of humankind. This doctrine includes the spiritual indwelling of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

However, I find that these spiritual things of the Bible that helps all of us to see our spiritual calling. In all of my studies, I am always looking for key words in each Bible text that I find is one of the ways that I have found to bring out the true meaning of what the scriptures is saying about spiritual understanding. What I mean by this is I take a scripture and look for the keywords of that scripture. For example Rev. 2:5 the words I have underlined is the key word to my understanding.

Rev. 2:5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. (KJV)

Look at the key word fallen could fallen mean this fallen from grace or fallen from the will of God. Another way of looking at this is that we have turned our back on God. However, it could mean that we have become a backslider from the will of God. However, we could also say that we have turned our life over to evil and therefore, we are no longer the children of God when we have fallen from grace. Therefore, that is why it is very important for us as Christians to maintain the words of the Bible, which will make us true children of God. Not only have we the scripture but the testimony of what God done for us by sending His only son to die on the cross to prove His love and grace to His creation. When was the first grace given by God?

The first grace found in the scripture that was show by God was when the fall of humankind in the Garden of Eden. God could have destroyed Adam and Eve right then however God showed the grace. Through out the whole Bible we see the doctrine of grace therefore this grace is what we are to live by. It has become a great fulfillment of God: For this is, a covenant of God found in the book of Genesis to where God states that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent. How terrible will the final bruising of the serpent’s head be! This will be virtually done by Jesus when Jesus took away our sins. Furthermore, Christ has vanquished death for those who believe on His Name.

This is one way that Christ broke the power of Satan; but the final bruising awaits still a fuller accomplishment at our Lord’s Second Coming, and in the day of the Great White Throne Judgment. It is told in the Bible that there is a prophecy that we shall be afflicted by the power of evil in our lower nature, and it will bruised our heels of Christian living: but thanks be to God we shall be triumph in Christ, who sets His foot on the old serpent’ head. Through out all the years of my ministry I had to learn the first part of this promise of grace in my own experience in life and ministry. It was through temptation of Satan, with which Satan used unkindness of the ungodly, who are the seed of Satan. Christ said that they may so bruise us that we may grow limp with sores from them that are evil. However, let us lay hold of the promise of our Lord and Almighty God, that we shall not be dismayed. By faith and trust let us rejoice that we shall live and reign in Christ Jesus.

The first word that I recall that relates to my calling and my search for what is spiritual “God said to me was come do my work”. Therefore, my beginning of God’s work would mean a time of searching God’s Word for the spiritual doctrine for my calling. The first question that I can remember asking myself is why me? It was many years later that God would show me the answer to my question. I was at a revival listening to the message that night when God gave me the answer. The minister who was preaching that night stated this about my question. Why me? This is what the preacher said about himself that he had asked the same question only to God and God reply why not you. At that point and time the spirit of the Lord fell upon me and God spoke again and said why not you. This answer brought new meaning to my search for what is spiritual. Furthermore, this news I knew and understood that I had to look for the deep meaning of my spiritual calling.

Again, I must refer to the book of Genesis and how God called Noah that Noah may warn the people about their wicked ways and to change them or be destroyed. Not only was Noah a preacher but he was the first preacher of the Word of God. The scripture goes on to say that, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Nevertheless, Abraham was called out of the land of Ur to take all that he own and go into a land that God would show him. How many of us today would be willing to take all we have and go out into the world into a place where God want us to be? Not many of humankind are willing. The first calling relates to why Adam and Eve Hid from God. The second calling relate to God’s calling to Noah that Noah would have the power of prophecy to proclaim the warning of God of what was to come. The third calling that was to Abraham that we really need to look at in all Christian life is faith and trust in God, which would be a guide to the spiritual doctrine of faith and trust into the entire world. Furthermore, this show the spiritual power of obedience to those whom God called. The spiritual calling of God still calling many to come to the kingdom of God today.

In a spiritual calling there is also another side of spiritual that we need to look at and that is God’s choice of whom He calls. Furthermore, in the manner in which God has called us. This is a question that has been has been upon many individuals mind from time to time I am quite sure. Was I called before God created this world? I honestly do not know one way or the other that I can give you the answer that you would hear. Nevertheless, I do know this that God does not want any of humanity to be ignorant of His word. However, I must remind you that no calling is done without the power of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. In the teaching of Jesus, Jesus taught in parables concerning this spiritual calling to the kingdom of God. Jesus also stated, “many were called but few were chosen”. Jesus also taught that there was only one way we could come to the kingdom of God and that was by Him only. Therefore, to my personal way of thinking this means that I have to have this spiritual calling by the Son of God in order to enter into the kingdom of God. What Christ is teaching in all of His parables is that we cannot be delivered without the atoning blood of Him. This atoning blood of Christ was given to humankind on the cross therefore, showing the world His great love.

Another way of answering the question is what Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus about predestination or being call before the world was created. It is in a subject there has been many points of view, and it has been discuss by many churches down through the centuries. However, it has been part of my spiritual search. These scriptures in the book of Romans and Ephesians which has brought a lot of spiritual light to who was called before the world began and when which is a spiritual truth. In Paul’s writing to the church at Ephesus and the Jews at Rome I understand this as Paul’s way of telling the church that if we are to be the same person God stated in the book of Genesis “let us make man in our image”. Therefore, that same image is part of the preordained plan, as I understand of being predestinated. If we are therefore to be transform into an incorruptible body, we must be justified by the Godhead of that plan.

These verses here in Romans 8:29-30 Paul plainly states a subject to those in Rome that was to be related to each individual Jew as well as each individual Christians then in even in today’s church. Furthermore, this subject on predestinate is not a subject that is understood in the body called the church. Why? I will state it like this it is a subject of predestining brings division among many individuals in the body of Christ. It was some time later after I had been pastoring that I had to deal with this issue. It was on my last charge that I served during Bible study. I felt that God wanted each of these Christian to know and understand what God had called each of them out to understand what God’s predestined plan was about.

That night I brought out the deviation of predestinate is God’s foreknowledge. God has stated many times in the Bible about His plans for humankind. Therefore, does this mean that God has predestined us before the world was created? What do you think? What God wanted all humankind to know was the fact that we need to understand His words about He wanted when He, Christ, and the Holy Ghost foreordained this world. God wants us to know about spiritual life before we get to the kingdom of heaven. Furthermore, I believe that God wants us to know all about His plans that pertain to our salvation and spiritual life.

Christ also called his disciple to follow Him in His and the Father has foreordained plan. Jesus taught the people in parables about those who were called. Therefore, you could say that the parables that Jesus taught were spiritually taught by Christ to shows to humankind salvation, how to maintain salvation in our calling to salvation. The prophecy of this spiritual calling of the church goes back the major and minor prophets as well as Christ disciples. When you study the scriptures these are keywords, which was used by the prophet Isaiah and later by Paul during their ministry they were church or congregation, chosen, calling, body of Christ, and body of the Lord. Paul said many times in his writing about the churches about their faith and work for the building the kingdom of heaven. In so doing, Paul relates to them about the spiritual gifts for understanding the power Almighty God had poured out on all flesh. Furthermore, Paul even stated in 1 Cor. 12:1 that he did not want anyone to be ignorant about the gifts of the Holy Ghost and the things that were spiritual. In this chapter in Corinthians Paul is speaking about the nine gifts of the Holy Ghost and there purpose for humankind. Paul also goes on to say those we who believe in the blood of the Lamb are to seek the best of these gifts for our spiritual life in Christ Jesus.

We find in the book of 1 Corinthians 12: 4-11 Paul wrote the order of these gifts and expressed the importance that to every human being it is for them to profit with all. Furthermore, these gifts of the spirit are to help church leaders as well as individual Christian to teach others to seek out these gifts for help in trials of life. There are nine gifts of the spirit and they are as follows faith, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, healing, working of miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, divers kind of tongues, and finally the interpretation of tongues. Which one of these gifts of the spirit is best for you? I can only say I do not know what you feel is best for you however, as for myself as a minister I would need the gift of the word of wisdom, knowledge, in proclaiming the word of God. My Search for What is Spiritual Two