My Search for What is Spiritual Chapter Five


As we enter into the destructive words and ways of Satan, we need to emphasize that some of what I am about to write would be considered general knowledge to some, while to others it will be totally unheard of. I stress this point that to say that I am fully aware that some will enjoy this book for teaching and learn from it, however, others will either rate it as basic, yet others will scoff with non-belief. Therefore, what I have preached and taught I know and believe to be the truth according to God’s Holy Scriptures, and some I have experience during my years of ministry. Furthermore, the Spirit of God has revealed much through prayer, studying daily and through much research with many translations of the Holy Scriptures, commentaries and many different trustworthy ministers in the work of the Lord.

This book is about the destructive words and ways of Satan, and how he uses his words and ways to deceive the message of God. Spiritual leaders when we consider the spiritual realm, our enemy without having our thoughts line up with God’s Word, and therefore must be totally acceptable unto God. This is my reason and logic that we are to be careful to caution ourselves in this area of Satan’s destructive ways and words.

Spiritual leaders take heed as you teach about destructive words and you know the facts about the words you’re relating in preaching and teaching. It is about harsh word and anger that quick anger can be words which truly expresses how an individual feel, critical words that come from the heart. I state this because of the subject matter that I am writing about the destructive words of Satan. Moreover, most people who read the Bible they consider the words as a common words and do not look for the spiritual meaning that the text of scripture is stating about the evil of Satan’s words. Yes, these destructive words in the spiritual realm of words we must consider the righteous side and the destructive side of its meaning.

Perhaps there are some of you spiritual leaders who struggling in areas in making a decision while still holding on to trusting in nature and not in the spiritual. Those of you who struggling with this decision are ready jump off the worldly fence onto the side of the Lord and fulfill the call of God. I believe it would be safe in stating that some of us feels like we are dancing with the devil because we are still holding on to the things of this world. I am speaking of what James wrote in James 4:1 and the Spirit wars against the flesh and therefore, is a very real struggle and part of our daily spiritual warfare. With all honesty if you are concerned about your spiritual condition, then the Lord is working in your heart and is drawing you to Him. Listen to the words of the prophet Isaiah and these words he wrote: “And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, say, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.” KJV

As we continue this writing on destructive words of Satan or spiritual warfare, it is absolutely imperative and essential that every spiritual leader understand that in order to be successful in our spiritual battle, we must turn our will and life over completely to the Lord God Almighty. You see, many times an individual claim to have had a spiritual rebirth, or born-again experience, when in all reality; they were only baptized or confirmed as a member of the church. The sad reality or fact is some people firmly believe when the church confirms them as a member of the church that is all there is to it, and they keep on doing the same old things they were doing as before, therefore, they are living for the devil. I make this statement because I firmly believe that when Christ comes again, He will be expecting a bride fully ready to enter into the wedding and wedding feast without spot or blemish.

Before, we go any further with this writing on destructive words of Satan or spiritual warfare; spiritual leaders take a close personal look at yourself and your life, and ask yourself is your spiritual life pleasing to God. Not only new born Christians, have to change their outward appearance as the evidence that they have change their lives it is to show it, in like manner it is the same with spiritual leaders Romans 12:2. The fact is we are to think and act different because we have become a spiritual leader. Furthermore, when each of us can examine ourselves objectively as others and our Lord and our God see us, then we will find what is truly holy and acceptable unto God Romans 12:2. Then and only then can we as spiritual leaders may proceed to learn how to arm ourselves to fight the spiritual battle and win it.

As the prophets of old said, I now say to you, the word of the Father came to me saying or the Word of the Lord came unto me saying; write to my people the Jews and the Gentiles the destructive words of Satan and the destructive ways of Satan. Satan will make God’s words look destructive and because Satan knows the scripture, Satan will use that against you for Satan abuses the Word of the Lord. To relate what I mean, Satan wants you to see and feel what he is doing is attractive and therefore will make God’s word look and feel destructive. The first destructive word of Satan is accuse; let us look at what Peter has to say on this subject. In 1 Peter 3: 16 Peter is relating to the people about holy living and their testimony and having a good conscience. However, Peter also brings out the fact of how Satan uses people to make false accusations of their holy conversation. When we truly interpret what Peter was saying, those who bring false accusations of a Holy conversation are the ones who become the accuser and therefore are using a destructive word of Satan to relate their own personal understanding and meaning of God’s Word.

Then what happens when you become the accuser then you also have become the abuser of God’s words. Paul brings out a true fact that the accuser using this world does not abase it. What is a fact according to God’s Holy Word is this world will pass away and it will be no more? A personal note: What gets under my skin is that leaders of the church will get up and say that not all of the Old Testament applies to our Christian living. By allowing, this to happen brings me to the next issue. In my own weakness I, have become an accuser of those in the House of God by making wrong thoughts. That is why today with the help of God and Christ and the Holy Spirit I am telling you my faults and how the Word of God is leading the way so that I might not fall into the trap of Satan’s destructive words. Each test of faith that brings me knowledge of the word also brings me to see these three things in the fall of man. Going back to my introduction where I relate these three things, they are the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life are all in these key words of Satan “thou shall not surely die”. For what will take place according to the book of Revelation is if you allow these key words of Satan into your life, you will die the second death. With what has been said, then the word accuser becomes a destructive word of Satan.

The next destructive word is allure. In addition, Peter also brings out that “they allure through lust” 2 Peter 2: 18. Peter is relating what took place in the beginning and its evil ways. Again, I must go back to the fall of man for Satan by his allurement of Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge, which means Satan brought Eve into temptation Genesis 3:6. Satan even tried to allure Christ into temptation in Matthew 4 by offering Christ the whole world. Here are a couple of ways Satan allures you, first is by something you know that is forbidden like in the first commandment “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” Exodus 20:2. The second, by the lure for silver and gold, or in today’s world to have great riches. In addition, the one I find in the gospel of Mark 10: 35-37 that they ask Jesus that He would do for them whatsoever they desired. Therefore, the lure is ambition and Satan uses this for allurement of sin.

This has always been a destructive word that has brought me a lot of grief and that is anger. I want to at this point, relate to you a fact Satan will use you to bring God to anger and wrath. There is man’s anger, there is God’s anger, and the scriptures relate many examples of both angers. When we look at what James writes about the anger of man, that there is no righteousness of God in it. It is in this anger that another destructive word appears and that is adversity. If Satan can get you to anger, then you fall into the results of God’s judgment and therefore, it can bring bitter destruction as written in the book of Deuteronomy 32: 24. How I know that, when I first began in the ministry and the teaching of God’s Word, famine and pestilence was the things of nature that came against us. However, today I see them as a part of Satan’s destructive ways. These two in how they relate to Satan’s destructive ways I would say that they are our spiritual disease. For out of the spiritual disease comes a spiritual drought, which dries up the spiritual water of our soul. Another way of saying this, these bring the spiritual sickness upon all whose who listen to the word of evil.

One of Satan’s ways for our destruction is that Satan makes everything look attractive. For Satan offered Christ everything by its attractiveness Matthew 4:8. In addition, attractiveness brings desire and wants, not needs. The need is for every individual to come to the knowledge of truth about the destructive words as well as the destructive ways of Satan. What I am saying and meaning is there needs to be an awakening, which brings reform or transforming of the mind Romans 12:1-2. By listening to Satan’s ways and words, it brings blindness, spiritual blindness not blessing. We know that in physical blindness, there is no way of comprehending light for all is darkness. Therefore, blindness brings these destructive ways, dullness, no understanding, and ignorance of God. Satan does not want you awake to what is spiritual for if he can keep you in darkness, he knows that you will look at the lust of your eye that will lead to your impurity. Satan’s words will destroy your spiritual being for James states that the body without the spirit is dead. James 2:26 Therefore, if Satan can destroy your spiritual being here, he knows the final outcome and that is you will be with him in the lake of fire.

In blindness comes the next destructive way and that is bondage. To free yourself from this bondage into liberty you have to obey from the heart with the doctrine of God. For Satan would have that if you are walking with God the Father, that you are not free. In my years of ministry, according to what Paul writes to the people in Rome comparing the Old life with the New. Paul states in Romans 6: 20 “For when ye were servants of sin, ye were free from righteousness” (KJV) Furthermore, Paul also goes on to say and gave warning of the mind that bring us into the captivity to the law of sin. Therefore, what is trying to be taught today that the New Covenant has abolished the law; then why does Paul bring out the fact of being brought into the captivity to the law? From my understanding, the Ten Commandments are the law of sin and death. I agree with Romans 8: 1-2 that if we walk after the spirit then we are free from the law. However, when we look at the destructive words and ways of Satan, are we walking in the spirit or in the flesh?

I do not write this to condemn, but to point out the warning as Paul did in his time. Those who walk in the flesh are just lying to themselves when they think that God accepts them for their deeds or their ways. I know by making this statement that there are those who will not give and inch but argue that there is something they can do to make it right with God. In addition, I would say this, yes there is one deed a person can do to be right with God and that is obey God’s will and God’s ways. Jesus and all the Disciples as well as the prophets of old stated by the Father’s word in various ways told the people of Israel to obey God’s Words and God’s ways as a Divine standard in daily living for Christ Matthew 5:48.

In my life, I can honestly say that in one way or another these ways of Satan I have faced. There are many “D’s” of Satan’s destructive ways and destructive words that all spiritual leaders need to learn for their own spiritual well-being. The destructive ways of Satan began in the Garden of Eden and still evident today; Satan’s principle idea is to destroy the ways of God in God’s creation. In the sermons, I have heard and my studies, I have gained some knowledge of this subject. Everyone in life will have the first destructive way happen to him or her, which is disappointment. From the book of Zephaniah 1: 13, the prophet has prophesied to Judea about the earthly treasures and how they would build and plant vineyards and not be able to drink of the wine thereof. To my way of thinking, that is like planting a garden and not be able to taste any of the vegetables it. That would disappoint me greatly. For I am like most people who like to eat and to be told I could not have any food. Another example of that is found in the book of Revelation 13:17 where no man could buy or sell if they did not have the mark of the beast.

Now we come to the second way of Satan and how Satan uses our weakness to bring about discouragement. You will find in both the Old and New Testament examples of discouragement. King David is a prime example to use for this subject. We find in1 Samuel about the Amaleakites has taken David’s two wives’ captive along with many other wives in the kingdom. The people cried until there is no tears left to cry and then they wanted David dead. However, in this destructive way the scriptures say by the prophet Samuel that David found peace in God. Naturally, in our discouragement there will come the next destructive way, which is distress. In the gospel of Luke, we see how Luke writes about distress in the words of our Lord. It states in Luke 21:25-26 where Jesus speaks of the signs that will precede His return or the Second Coming. Note closely what is stated in verse 26 that at this time men/s hearts will fail in fear because of the events, which will take place, and therefore, this, will be a time of great distress.

Another example of this we find Paul writes to the people in Rome regarding the flesh and the spirit, Romans 8; 4-8. In the Complete Jewish Bible 4“so that the just requirement of the Torah might be fulfilled in us old nature want but according to what the Spirit wants. 5 For those who identify with their old nature set their minds to the things of the old nature, but those who identify with the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. 6 Having one’s mind controlled by the Spirit is life shalom. 7 For the mind controlled by the old nature is hostile to God, because it does not submit itself to God’s Torah – indeed it cannot. 8 Thus, those who identify with their old nature cannot please God.” Therefore, Satan knows if he keeps you in your old nature, you will be hostile to the covenant of God written within the heart. Then in this action not only does Satan keep you in distress, but he keeps you discouraged.

In these first two “D’s” you find that they link together in the mind of our natural and spiritual mind. Here is another link to the chain of “D’s”, and that is doubt. What does the word doubt mean regarding these “D’s” of Satan? First and foremost, it means “disbelief” and secondly it means “distrust”, then it means uncertain and finally it means “skeptical”. Do you find any part of this in your walk of faith with God? The New Testament gives us examples of doubt in many ways and not using the word doubt. The first example that comes to mind is when the disciples were trying to heal the boy with a demon. These are the words of the Lord “then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you? Bring him hither to me” Matthew 17:17 (KJV). In this scripture, what Jesus is doing is rebuking the disciples for the lack of faith, which also means rebuking them for doubting. However, when Satan sees any form of doubt, he can put his evil words and ways to work. When he gets doubt going in the natural mind, Satan can use this to work against the spiritual mind and by doing so Satan starts the spiritual warfare between your words and your ways.

By doubt, it brings distress and this brings disappointment and discouragement, in these four, it brings disbelief, which means unbelief. Going back to the Old Testament, in the book of Exodus 11:9-10, it shows how that stubborn unbelief leads to a hardened heart. What took place in this verse of scripture was the Lord told them to go in and possess the land he had given them and they rebelled. In other words, they did not trust God enough to obey God. Therefore, be aware of the destructives ways and words of Satan, when it comes to interpreting what the scripture states for the Holy Scriptures can come in many examples of God’s reasoning and God’s judgment. However, the one relating to the subject at hand is found in John 20:24-25, which deals with guilt, frustration, and disappointment. Another way of looking at what these destructive ways of Satan, he wants you to lack in spiritual insight. These two scriptures are about Thomas and what he cannot see; he would not believe until he could see. Let us look at yet another part of this right after Christ’s death on the cross. I can only relate to you the fact the disciples must have been in a state of real frustration at this point in their lives. Then another example we need to look at is when Paul writes to the Hebrews for them to take heed for their unbelief and departing from God Hebrews 3:12. In this day and age, one issue that Satan wants to destroy in people’s lives is the new covenant.

The New Covenant is a covenant that writes the laws of God within the heart. As Israel disobeyed the law of the commandments, so is the church today disobeying the New Covenant with God? How can we break this covenant with God and Christ? There is only one way and that is going back to our old way of life by rejecting the lordship of Christ as well as the leadership of Christ in our life. This way of Satan’s destructive ways, is one that I personally have problems. It is the way of distraction, and why I say I have a problem here is for the fact that whatever I am doing, if it does not hold my interest, I become distracted. However, there are a lot of ways to describe how Satan can and will distract you from the Word of God and the will of God. The best example that I can come up with in the Bible is in Matthew 19: 30, where Jesus bids Peter to come to Him on the water. Now, Peter steps out of the boat and begins to walk toward Christ. Although Peter does walk toward Jesus, he allows himself to be distracted by the wind and the waves and began to sink. Therefore, it is the same with us when we are distracted by every wind and doctrine.

There are many who would say the idea about destructive words and ways of Satan is a waste of time for Satan is not real.; however, he is in the pit of hell However, I know that the Bible clearly teaches that Satan is our personal enemy. Furthermore, that is why I am telling in this book to spiritual leaders the evidence that the Holy Scriptures teaches on destructive ways and words of Satan. Most images of Satan of which we relate to come out of the mind of our artistic ability and is not from the Holy Scriptures. Another reason why God wants you and me to study hard is because God knows that if we do not study hard in the word of God Satan can hide from you right in the Holy Scriptures. Even though I am writing about the destructive words and ways of Satan, I do not have all the answers on this subject.

The next word in the “D’s”, if we are distracted then it would also mean we are discontent. In the book of 1 Samuel 22: 2, we find that King Saul commands that the priests to be killed and verse 2 says that those who were distressed, in debt and everyone who were discontented went to David and made him captain. If we are to understand why we become discontent we have to understand why Satan can hide in the Bible; do you read the names of Satan. One of the hiding places is in Galatians 4: 27, the name here is desolate and the desolate hath many children. Then you spiritual leaders need to ask yourself this question. What does Satan do to people by the destructive words? Take Adam, for example, that when God asked Adam why he ate of the fruit, Satan’s words came in and said the woman beguiled me. Genesis 3:13 In this act of Adam, it also brings up an interesting point that when Eve brought Adam the fruit, Adam’s curiosity caused him to fall in sin.

The Spiritual Leaders Spiritual Qualities for Excellence 

Spiritual qualities should be willingness and a personal sense of who you are in relation to yourself, God and others. You will excel in ways in which no other individual can. Therefore, your interests guide your r choice of spiritual activities and your personal convictions of those qualities in how you perform for God. In addition, I urge you to listen to your own inner being, which inspires your personal capabilities to be a spiritual leader. Furthermore, keep a positive outlook in your spiritual life that you may be strong. Keep good organization of your use of time in your daily Bible studies. Remember, to do the important things first, and then the trivial things take care of themselves.

First, you should learn how to develop your spiritual qualities or what I would call, your spiritual virtues. In the spiritual nature, these virtues are pure love, truth, righteousness, peace and finally joy. These are the true spiritual nature of God has given to humankind. Next, avoid getting trapped in Satan’s trap of pride in which Satan will use in the process of your feelings. Satan will use both pride and guilt in this manner. That is, Satan will put you on the comparing yourself with others which will put you in fear to where you say I am not worthy to be a spiritual leader. Spiritual quality is the spiritual light, which radiates outward so many directions from within.

In spiritual qualities, look at this thought. Is the law of God and the natural law an integration of spiritual qualities that are helpful to bring balance and satisfaction in spiritual living? Of course, in many ways it develops our spiritual perception of the law of God and law of Christ. What I mean is studying the differences between the natural law and the spiritual law in several degrees of your natural relationship and you’re spiritual. However, when we look at the law of God, then we need to ask the question: What is the characteristics God requires of spiritual qualities for spiritual leaders?

The first quality that comes to mind is instruction of the Great Instructor, God. Instruction is holiness should begin while we are babes in Christ. Secondly, in spiritual qualities in our activities is in the matter that we are combating the evil influence of Satan and we are the spiritual leaders of the environment of the house of God. Another spiritual quality is an awareness of the spiritual danger facing the new child, which is a target for Satan. In addition, being aware of what must be done to help the child from being attacked by evil. Spiritual qualities for the spiritual leader are given instruction in these areas: increasing spiritual knowledge, increasing your Christ like qualities and finally in your faith and trust in God.

I will not be the first to give these spiritual qualities; they have been said and written about many times. There are five things for the spiritual leader will be a spiritual help for their spiritual power. One that is first and foremost is faith. Two is effort so the spiritual energy used to channel our spiritual endeavor in spiritual practice of faith. Spiritual mindfulness is the pure awareness of God’s Word of the New Covenant written within the heart. Therefore, when the spiritual leader puts faith, effort and mindfulness it brings the fourth spiritual faculty or spiritual confusion. Spiritual concentration which brings our attentions, to a spiritual context, which is the subject matter keeping our focus on the spiritual subject of the word of God. Finally, the spiritual qualities of wisdom are that which are the spiritual fulfillment of God’s Divine inspiration into the nature and power of God. Above, I have given you five qualities that I use to study for my own spiritual life in the Lord. In these five, the spiritual leader brings about spiritual perception and spiritual persuasion, which is the divine ability of keeping the divine power of God in your life Furthermore, the ability to spiritually discern between good and evil. Maybe we could it help us to consider the foolishness when compared to wisdom.

In these five qualities, I would also bring to your attention that you make sure God is your spiritual foundation. Those of you living a godly live unto God in your spiritual leadership. The spiritual quality of reading the Holy writings of the scriptures is to profit one’s soul in spiritual life. The Apostles following Christ after the cross also commanded us to read, mainly Paul. Paul’s reason was for the means of spiritual perfection. To me in this present age, the reading of the Holy Word is absolutely necessary, especially to combat the worldly habit in everything that is spiritual and the false teaching warnings found in the Word of God. Spiritual matters that the Holy Word to be the book that brings spiritual works.

I know from my own experience that God speaks with me while I am reading the Holy Scriptures. Regardless of when it was written, the same still small voice that called the prophets to write it is God who speaks. For this reason and this reason, alone my reading of the Holy Word must be my spiritual occupation for me to be with God at all times. To me to read the words of Isaiah or John is like hearing them speak their wisdom that God gave them. It is furthermore, the spiritual exercise of the mind, which benefits my soul, and me and gives me the spiritual food that brings satisfaction.

In spiritual qualities, we should desire the fruit of the Spirit for in these you find the five qualities of faith, effort, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom. No spiritual leader ought to be without the fruit of the Spirit. For example, take the fruit of the spirit that is temperance, which means self-control, which helps you bear the five qualities I have stated. Even in the world today, I believe that there are desires in every soul for the divine teaching to bring forth the fruit of the spirit. The scripture records in Galatians nine fruits that we can bear Galatians 5: 22-23. In addition, all of these you could say, marks the will of mindfulness. Furthermore, these spiritual qualities bring out the spiritual workmanship of the Holy Spirit in us. Finally, when people begin to see the spiritual qualities you bear. They see your communion with God and Christ in real faith, real love and real hope that the love the Father is there. My Search for What is Spiritual Second Edition Spiritual Index