God’s Ultimate Covenant

God’s Ultimate Covenant

God and Christ are the ones that present the New Covenant unto us and writes it within the heart for our behalf. For some reason or another you do not hear much being taught about the ones that presented unto the church the New Covenant. Under the New Covenant that God has promise that in this covenant God has given unto us the ability to hear that covenant that is written within the heart.


Now you will not find in the Holy Scriptures the term God’s Ultimate Covenant; however, you will find in the book of Jeremiah where God said that He would make a New Covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah. Yes, you will hear in the modern-day church much about the New Covenant and how it is the covenant of grace. Yes, I truly and strongly believe that the God’s New Covenant is grace; however, for this individual it is well to say that there is more to this New Covenant than grace and grace alone. Therefore, because it is more than grace and grace alone and it is why that I personally believe that it is God’s Ultimate Covenant. Not only is this God’s Ultimate Covenant it is also God’s Ultimate Gift.

Back in 2013 and 2014 I wrote a book called “The Ultimate Covenant of God” and published it in 2015. Now it is now December of 2019 going into 2020 when the Spirit of God brought to mind God’s Ultimate Covenant and why that it is more than grace and yet many do not understand the power of grace within themselves. In that book which I wrote and titled it “The Ultimate Covenant of God” in the sixth chapter of that book I wrote about the R’s of the Ultimate Covenant of God. The in another book that I wrote and titled “God’s Revelation Be Honest” where that I used eight terms to describe God’s revelation.

The R’s of God’s Ultimate Covenant

As I stated in the book of “The Ultimate Covenant of God” I said that the Spirit of God began to reveal unto this servant of the Lord while I was researching deeply for understanding of the New Covenant when the Spirit of God said look at the R’s of the New Covenant. Yes, I ask what R’s? To my great surprise there are over fourteen R’s in the New Covenant the main R is the R of renewing the heart of Israel, next the church, and finally those of us that are living in these last days.

“Here is a list of the R’s of The New Covenant: (1) Restorations Ephesians 1:7; (2) Reconciliation 2 Corinthians 5:18; Hebrews 2:17; (3) Renewed heart Luke 8:15; (4) Refining 1 Peter 1:17; (5) Realized power Romans 8:39; (6) Renewal Romans 12:1; (7) Remembrance Nehemiah 4:14; (8) Restitution Luke 19:5; (9) Regeneration Ezekiel 36:26; (10) Relationship Ephesians 3:15; (11) Revelation Ephesians 1:9-10; (12) Reforms Acts 19:19; (13) Remember God Ecclesiastic 12:1; (14) Remove Ezekiel 36:26. There R’s emphasizes that God always sees us in light of what He has intended us to be, and He always seeks to restore us to what He designed in the beginning.” (The Sixth Chapter of “The Ultimate Covenant of God”)

However, let us consider further yet another way of the R’s of God’s Ultimate Covenant, along with the book I wrote, “God’s Revelation Be Honest” which I stated in the preface of that book.

The “purpose of revelation”, “God’s development of revelation with mankind”, “methods of revelation”, “credibility of revelation”, “probability of revelation”, “possibility of revelation”, “problem of revelation”, and finally the “meaning of revelation”.

Therefore, then the writing of this book is about two key elements and the first is about how the New Covenant has been a part of this pastor’s life and call to ministry, and the second, is how the Body of Christ or the modern-day church is breaking or abusing the New Covenant. Repeating myself again that it all began while I was deep in study of the covenants of God in the Old Testament and their role in the modern-day Body of Christ today.

However, let me add that this is not the first time for the Spirit of God to come into my thoughts and say that I am to write on a subject or while I am studying the Holy Scriptures. Moreover, it is how that the Spirit of God, came this time and addressed what God wants written and why God wants it written and how to write it with a deeper feeling of conviction to write on God’s New Covenant. However, it was in my spirit this time that seem to be different emotion than before for what God’s Spirit was asking me to write about, when the Spirit of God said write about the New Covenant as God’s Ultimate Covenant. Ok Lord! And now today I am saying the same thing that I said about writing “The Ultimate Covenant of God” and now in God’s Ultimate Covenant.

More-so than ever before, the Spirit of God this time has very strongly addressed the subject about the God’s Ultimate Covenant, for again the Holy Spirit addresses, on how that there is the neglect that is going on within the Body of Christ in regards to God’s New Covenant or Ultimate Covenant. The Spirit of God also addressed this fact that there are many who claim to be spiritual and yet they lack the spiritual knowledge of, “My of My New Covenant” and its purpose. He also made it clear of my neglect and lack for writing on this subject because of the spiritual knowledge and understanding of His New Covenant that He gave me.

Yes, and looking back of what took place over several months and with much prayer for instructions on what to write about the New Covenant in my first book of The Ultimate Covenant of God. Therefore, this book will further be about how that the people neglect God’s word regarding His Ultimate Covenant or New Covenant in this modern-day generation. Again, it is each of us Christians who lack the spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom about God’s New and Ultimate Covenant which is God’s Ultimate Covenant that God has given to Israel, and the church that are living in the last days in the prophecy of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, Revelation 1:1.

Furthermore, taking it a step further that this book is about relationship, abuse, conflicts within the Body of Christ, or the modern-day church. As a matter of fact, it is about those who claim to be Christians and will not profess, they do not have the spiritual understanding of God’s Ultimate Covenant or much less for stating its purpose and provision of having it, Revelation 2 and 3. This statement was made for this purpose that all of us if we are honest do not like to admit that we do not understand or know what the churches of today call the covenant of grace, much less of even when it started and with who it started with. Then the Spirit of God said unto me, moreover that most of the people of the Body of Christ does not even know the spiritual warfare that goes on over My New Covenant, or Ultimate Covenant, and therefore, write about this conflict and the spiritual battle that is going on within the walls of every individual Christian because their spiritual warfare is the spiritual law within their own heart.

Next the Spirit of God said before you write any further on this new book let it be known unto them to know the many terms that you will be mainly using or stating during the writing of this book to describe God’s Ultimate Covenant. The first term will be instead of church; you will be using both of these terms to describe the church, the modern-day church or the Body of Christ, then secondly the term instead of Bible you will be using Holy Scriptures, and finally you will be stating these terms also; Israel, the church, and the last days, in addition, these last days or those that are living in these last days. These are terms and some of terms on how to describe how they are recorded in the Holy Scriptures in various ways. Yes, again, they are written throughout the Old and New Testaments in various terms regarding God’s judgments, statutes, commands, commandments, and laws. Yes, each of us has read these terms recorded throughout the pages of the Holy Scriptures.

There is another issue which needs to be addressed which are being taught in the modern Body of Christ which is a popular teaching within the traditional Christianity today in the following question. Does the New Covenant negate for us to deny that God’s law even exists; in addition, in order to do away with the Ten Commandments and other laws of God? Again, the purpose of this book on God’s Ultimate Covenant is to examine this question and many other questions regarding the New Covenant or God’s Ultimate Covenant. In addition, how many individuals even know the structure of the Holy Scriptures and its prophecy and why it was written and how that it is organized around God’s Divine Covenants and purpose that reveals God’s Divine relationship with every human being that He created in His image and likeness Genesis 1:26.

Then when any person or individual would state unto you the term God’s Ultimate Covenant would you understand what they stating unto you. Yes, and again, this is not a term that you will hear in the traditional church or in its teaching within the church of today and furthermore it is not a term used in the Holy Scriptures. Yet in all truth and all honesty it is a term that there is a covenant made that is God’s Ultimate Covenant and that it does truly exist within the church today.

Therefore, then what I am about to ask is in order: The Holy Spirit brought to mind this question: Does the people of the modern-day church fully understand the power of the New Covenant or God’s Ultimate Covenant? Now this individual pastor can honestly say that I truly believe that no one individual Christian can answer yes to this question. Yes, one can further state that there are many opinions on the full and true meaning of God’s New Covenant. In addition, it is well to take this a step further by stating that this is a book about what I strongly believe as to my own personal understanding as God’s Ultimate Covenant, with the purpose of giving a personal understanding of what the Holy Spirit has revealed unto this pastor back in 2013. Therefore, my reasoning and logic for stating the above statements is to say that this was the year that I truly began to search for a deeper understanding of why that we live today in God’s New Covenant or Ultimate Covenant.

God’s Ultimate Covenant at this day and time for me personally was truly inspired, many years ago at the night of my calling back in 1953; however, it was during a message in a Sunday morning worship service that truly inspired me to write a book called The Ultimate Covenant of God. Therefore, that book was written about what the understanding was about the prophetic word of God’s New Covenant written in the book of Jeremiah 31:31-34 and by the prophet Ezekiel; in Ezekiel 36:25-27. In addition, the writing of the Ultimate Covenant of God was to give the saints of the church and the church leaders a new way to look at God’s New Covenant from this understanding that the New Covenant was not made with the modern-day church; but, with the House of Israel, and the House of Judah. This New Covenant is and Ultimate Covenant that is for Israel and Judah and for the modern-day church today that is made up of Jews and Gentiles that are living in these last days. Chapter One