God’s Positioning System

Our Personal GPS With God
God’s Positioning System with the Church and in the church

Each and every Christian as well as non-Christian that have a built-in GPS System that keeps us on track. Yes today most everybody has a GPS system either in their car or cell-phone. It is well to note that God’s Protection System has been keeping His creation of track to help keeps us from becoming lost and has been working since the very first generation. For when we read in the book od Deuteronomy 5:1-21 we read about how God tell Moses to gather the people together and He will speak to them how to program their own personal GPS system.

They were instructed by God
Instructions were to careful observe His statutes, judgments
To learn His laws, covenants, and commandments

What Does it Take to Program the Direction we Need to Go in God’s GPS?

Things which needs to be considered about our GPS with God



This study will be done in this manner that we will look at each letter in GPS with seven words in each letter of GPS to describe God’s GPS or God’s Positioning System. As we begin this study we will start with G then go to P and finally we will study S of God’s GPS. All, of these letters of God’s GPS will be done with one or two the scriptures reference taken from the Old Testament or the New Testament to describe God’s instruction of what it takes for a Christian to program God’s Divine GPS. I believe it would be safe in saying that almost everybody today knows what a GPS is and many people have one in their car or truck. Therefore, we need to look at the instruction of how to program God’s GPS.

How many of us uses God’s GPS as a positioning system in our lives in the church today? My brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ when we turn on God’s GPS, it tells us what direction we are to go and how to avoided the toll roads. Now in this message and a teaching I would like to tell you about God’s Positioning System and how it will help you to get over the rough roads and focus on the narrow road that leads to the kingdom of heaven. My reasoning for this study, message, and teaching is to help you keep in mind that if we do not know where we are going means we do not know where we are, in addition, do you remember how easy it is to get side-tracked along the way. Furthermore, this will be done with seven vital features, or elements for we are traveling on a journey that leads to the kingdom of heaven and eternal life.


God’s G.P.S.
God’s Positioning System





The G’s

God’s Glory
God’s Grace
God’s Guidance
God’s Goodness
God’s Gentleness
God’s Greatness
God’s Garments

The P’s

God’s Positioning
God’s Protection
God’s Peace
God’s Promotion
God’s Possibility
God’s Power
God’s Prosperity

The S’s

God’s Saving
God’s Strength
God’s Salvation
God’s Security
God’s Savior
God’s Speech
God’s Support



“Get your directions today from God’s satellite system or from God’s G.P.S. and not from just some gas stations for He is the rider of the clouds.”

Here are some texts of scriptures that state God is the Rider of the clouds: Deuteronomy 33:26; Psalm 68:32-33; Psalm 104:1-4; Isaiah 19:1

The point of reasoning for using God’s Satellite System and making known that God is the rider of the clouds should make it clear that God alone knows all, of the heavens that He created. Therefore, God will use this system to guide you and me in this world unto the kingdom of heaven.

NOTE: It is well for us to understand that we have a built-in GPS that was given by God for us to use to guide us in the right direction. This system is turn on only when you do this one thing first you and I must cry out unto God for help. However, the Holy Scriptures gives us many ways to turn on our GPS system. My wife and I have been thinking back on how many times we have used our GPS to help us get to where we are going. As we were disgusting this subject it suddenly came unto my understanding that God has already put into us a built-in GPS system about God’s positioning system.

The Instruction for Our Personal GPS With GOD
What will it do?
1. Gives directions and a map Isaiah 58:11
2. Guides you turn by turn Isaiah 30:21
3. Directs you to help (POI) along the way. Ephesians 4:11
4. Tells if you make a wrong turn. John 16:7-13
5. Re-calculates your route – won’t leave you stranded. Hebrews 13:5-6
6. Takes you all the way to your final destination. Psalm 48:14
7. Gives you extreme confidence. Jeremiah 29:11

Set your GPS course by reliable truth
A reliable truth is our personal GPS is Inspired
A reliable truth is our personal GPS is useful
A reliable truth is our personal GPS “EQUIPS US” for proficiency

It all is done through getting to know the Gospel of Christ in these things
1.Get right with God’s (Justification)
2.Overcome Your Character and Flaws with God’s(Sanctification)
3.Set Your Course By Reliable Truth with the(Revelation: Bible and Holy Spirit)
4.Participate in Renewing of mind from this World through(Redemption and Reconciliation)
5.Enjoy Life Beyond Death through the (Resurrection) of Christ
6.Love with the Greatest Love of All (Glorification) of God and His Son

Application for working our personal GPS:
1. God directs His people through His presence
2. God directs His people through His leaders
3. God directs His people expecting moral purity
4. God directs His people through external signs and circumstances


God’s Positioning System of Glory

The glory of God in God’s GPS is about His Divine manifestation of His Indwelling Spirit in us. With each, and every day that we live upon this earth we see the glory of God for even in the days of Moses the cloud covered the tabernacle of the meeting place and the glory of God filled the tabernacle Exodus 40:34. Consider what the Psalmist stated about the glory of the Lord God “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handwork.” Psalm 19:1 NKJV.

God’s Positioning System of Grace Luke 10:19

Yes, each, and every Christian knows what grace means that it is unmerited favor from God. However, how do we program our GPS to God’s grace that enables us to trample on serpents and over the power of our enemy that nothing can hurt us Luke 10:19. The whole Bible is full of information about God’s grace and God’s saving grace and how we can become part of this saving grace.

God’s Positioning System of Guidance

This part of God’s GPS System is vital to each, and every Christian in their walk of faith. Let me begin by asking you this question in this manner: What does the GPS Manual say about guidance? The fact is this how many open the manual to read the instruction that the GPS of God will direct them? Yes, I can say with all honesty that if we open the manual we do not read the instruction we look for the diagram instead of reading the instruction. Again, I feel safe in saying that God’s GPS began to be written with the fall of man in the very beginning Genesis 1-3.

God’s Positioning System of Goodness

There are so many ways to described the goodness of God that is written in the scriptures as well as each of us can witness the goodness of God all around us as well as in our lives daily.

God’s Positioning System of Gentleness Galatians 5:22-23

Let us focus on this word of Gentleness for it is the character of God and Christ Jesus that is provided by them in the fruit of the Spirit. Therefore, it is good for us to consider this work of gentleness of God’s Positioning System of gentleness working in us and how it applies to the kind of mind we are to demonstrate in life daily.

God’s Positioning System of Greatness

Yes, there are many things about God’s greatness that is incomprehensible and yet this greatness of God is at our disposal for it is written in His word. My point is this because God’s greatness is so great there is no way for us to comprehend God that we would know Him completely for that is impossible. However, the greatness of God should be the central part of all our lives within the church today.

God’s Positioning System of Garments

This part of God’s GPS is one that most individuals would ask this question what does garments have, to do with our journey of faith. Well, let us consider this fact that if God is willing to direct us God is also willing to clothe us with the right clothes so that we will not be found naked on the Day of Judgment. Again, there will always be questions of how to be clothed with the spiritual clothes of God. Yet the truth is that there is many texts of scriptures that tell us about clothes, however, that is another teaching from the word of God.

The main point of logic is to say that when we enter the kingdom of heaven and the wedding feast without the right clothing we will be cast into outer darkness where there is gnashing of teeth Matthew 8:12.

First, your GPS is God’s Positioning System Genesis 3:9:
One of the very first question that was ask by God in the beginning was ask to Adam “Where are you” not that God did not know where Adam was, however, today is God asking you this question that He ask Adam “Where are you?” This question of God’s to my personal understanding is God is asking you a direct question to this fact of your own personal Christian faith “Where are you”? My reason for using this question of God is to bring out the point that God’s GPS is searching our hearts for God has a great searching heart Judges 5:16.

God has opened in the heavens for equipping His called or servants: However, many do not understand that the Holy Spirit was put in us the we will be able to receive a clear signal from God’s satellites in the heavens, where God rides the clouds. Remember that God’s satellite system will not fail us like the man-made GPS system where we sometime have, to use are own common sense to find out where we are going because we did not listen to the GPS. My point of logic is this when we do not listen to the GOD’S POSITIONING SYSTEM we are being disobedience to God and His judgment to yielded from temptation.

Second, your GPS is God’s Protection System Psalm 5:11.
Let us begin by looking at what is written in the book of Psalms about our protection system from God in Psalm 5:11 NKJV. “But let those rejoice who put their trust in You: Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name be joyful in You.”

Yes, today you and I can watch television and see in their movies they show about criminals who provide protection from them for a price. Now to give you the truth our Lord paid the price for us on the cross for our protection from the world and the rulers of darkness. Again, you and I now have the Divine Protection of God that is from all adversaries or satanic power in the rulers of darkness by using God’s GPS. Let us go a step further not only does God give us protection but if we listen to God or obey His voice that He will be an enemy to our enemies Exodus 23:22. Yes, in today’s modern world we have protection systems that offers home security system like ADT or Brink Home Security Systems for a monthly fee.

Third, your GPS is God’s Peace System John 14:27.

During all my years of ministry and even yet today it never ceases to amaze me about this fact of how much God loves us that He sent His only begotten Son to bring unto us God’s GPS. Yes, the one thing that has been stated over and over is about God sent His only begotten Son to give us peace that surpass all understanding as well as to give us life and life more abundantly now while we walk upon this earth until the Lord returns.

Fourth, your GPS is God’s Promotion System Deuteronomy 1:15

Here in this text of scripture God makes it clear that He was the one that took the wise and the knowledgeable men and made them head over them. Yes, God chose the knowledgeable men to be the head over others, however, the apostle Paul speaks of a spiritual promotion that we can receive from God in chapter four of the book of Galatians. Moreover, Paul keeps putting the emphasis of the fact throughout the book of Galatians that this is not a promotion that can be earned through good works or by doing a good job. In addition, God’s promotion is not just for one individual person, God’s promotion is available for all people who are willing to take up the cross of our Lord and follow Him.

Fifth, your GPS is God’s Possibility System Matthew 19:26.

Let us begin by saying that by applying this part of God’s GPS to our lives means that we haft, to have the attitude that with God all things are possible.

Sixth, your GPS is God’s Power System Ephesians 1:19-22.

Power of God I Cor. 1:24. John 18:6
Powerful and Rich Lamb Revelation 7:12
There are many things to consider about God’s mighty power which is so great that it is an incomparable with His mighty strength that He also gave unto His Son to take and lie down His life and take it up again at His resurrection. You will find also in these texts of scriptures that this great power is toward us who believe according, to God’s mighty power Ephesians 1:19. Again I believe it is well for us to be reminded what God asked the prophet Jeremiah “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?” Jeremiah 32:27. It is because of this great and mighty power of God’s GPS that gives us power over the enemy. In addition, it gives unto us the power to meet the conflicts of life head-on in the spiritual warfare in the natural realm and the spiritual realm affecting all of us in the church today.

Seven, your GPS is God’s Prosperity System Job 36:11.

Here are seven more things to consider in God’s GPS System

God’s positioning system for Saving

God’s positioning system for Strength

God’s positioning system for Salvation

God’ positioning system for Security

God’s positioning system for a Savior

God’s positioning systems of Speech

God’s positioning system for Support

The G’s of God’s G.P.S.