God’s Master Plan for Life

Gods Master Plan for Life

Gods Master Plan!

In this introduction to God’s Master plan for you and your personal self-study or for your ministry or work in the church it is about one main fact and that is putting God first. In addition, this is the beginning of a complete self-study course which is being offered to help you to help you to develop your gifts that God has given you for your life and for the work of the church. Below is an outline that will be just a few elements of the Bible that are basic.

There are many facts, elements, and issues of God’s Divine Plan, as you will discover during this course of self-study and this is just the beginning. Here at Firm Foundation and Warner Home Ministry we believe that you will receive the greatest good by making sure you understand the Holy Bible through each of these lessons. Therefore, for you to gain the knowledge it is important for you to look up and read all of the scriptures suggested in the material written in this course.

OUTLINE: God’s Master Plan for You

Always put God first
Change the things you can change and let God help you change
Forgive and forget the past and move forward
“un-limit” Yourself and let go of your old ways, change yourself
Be a giver and a tither
Raise your level of faith and your expectation of faith
Live, Walk, Talk positive everyday
Believe God in every life situation

TEXT: 1 Kings 17:1-15, Jeremiah 1:5, Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 6:33
Self-study questions:

God used a brook to supply Elijah with water but finally even the brook dried up. Describe a time when your supply dried up on you and you had to do something different.

Why do you think God allowed the brook to dry up?

Elijah could have just stayed at the dry brook until he died but he realized God had another plan for him. God has a master plan for everyone but we can abort God’s plan for us.

What are some of the ways we do that in life?
The battle is not our choice but what we do with it is. You choose your habits and your habits choose your future. Elijah chose to make a habit of obeying God no matter what the circumstances. Everyone faces challenging situations.
Describe one of the most challenging situations that Christians face in America today?

Identify a habit that you need to change in your life?
For Example:
Always being negative
Always being late
Always making excuses or blaming others
Not being a good or bad money manager
Using food or other things to fill up the void
Being bitter or unforgiving

Sometimes we need to help someone else in order to get our eyes off of our problems. Elijah helped a widow. Who can you help?

Elijah had to “un-limit” himself by believing God for something unusual like clay vessels that just refilled themselves with oil. What is the greatest limitation in your life right now? God’s Master Plan for our Life Lesson One