Do You Know Your Bible

Do You Know Your Bible



There is much to address in this part of this self-study course and yes there is no doubt that there are more commands of Christ than fifty. These are just the beginning of why you should know the Bible and know our Lord and His commands. In addition, if you are going to be minister in the word of God you must know the Bible and how to interpret it. Therefore, this course is designed to make each individual look at one of the most important parts of the New Testament and that is the commands of Christ. As we open this course of self-study, we begin with where that Christ is just coming out of the wilderness being tested by Satan. It was at this time Jesus began to preach which you will find in the gospel of Matthew 4:17. In this text of scripture we find the command of Jesus “Repent” a subject you do not hear much of today within the walls of the building we call the church. However, it is a direct command of Jesus in His preaching.

What I am about to say and teach during this self-study course is not to offend; however, and yet it is not where I would want any of one individual to fall into this area, of where that someone would label you as a false teacher or a false prophet. I address this subject here at the beginning of this study about: Do you know your Bible? Therefore, I do address this factor or issue first because I do not want you to hear someone state to you why are they teaching and preaching as if the word of God was their own doctrines and precepts rather than the doctrines and precepts of Christ’s commands in the New Testament.

False teaching and preaching are directly responsible, of why that there are millions of people have not accepted Christ according to what the Bible states. In addition, you will find today that many believe and teach that their church is the only true Christians or believers and all the rest are lost and bound for hell. However, they proclaim that they will follow Jesus where He leads yet there are many individuals who are locked into their own doctrines and precepts about the holy word of God. Tragically, what is sad to state what truly takes place is many unsuspecting individuals have been converted to view certain this kind of blind teachings that are not the commands of Christ nor the Word of God or truth of God that is recorded in the scriptures. It is because of this awful damage that is being done by false teachers and prophets in theses last days that Christ warned would come in His name Matthew 24. Therefore, to every member of the Body of Christ or the modern-day church is where that we need to encourage all of those individuals who want to become leaders, teachers, and preachers to teach and preach the precepts and commands of Christ for they are the very Word of God.

Yes, you will find in the four gospels where that it is recorded that shows all of the commands of Christ or the instructions of Christ that He gave to His disciples to be taught and obeyed by all. It is therefore, very important that we be diligent in the teaching this class of a self-study course on: Do you know your Bible? Let me add this not by my own understanding or reasoning but from the reasoning from the Word of God. Throughout this study I would state unto to you for to take heed for yourself and to beware of the religious teachers and leaders who seek to bind up Christians in their own precepts and their own self doctrines. I make this statement, because there is entirely too many false teachers and preachers within the modern-day church that are teaching their own precepts and doctrines and not the precepts and doctrines of Christ or the authority of His doctrines that He commanded while He walked upon this earth. In addition, their commands have no authority whatsoever, over the commands of Christ and should not be taught. Therefore, let us not be satisfied until we get the commands of Christ fixed in our minds to know that we are listening to and following Jesus commands to direct us in our walk of faith.