Beware of the Coming Days Chapter Four



In Revelation 4 and 5 in the apostle John’s visions in the book of Revelation the Lord God is opening a new revelation that to many has never been seen and yet God now reveals the revelation or description of His throne room in Revelation 4. Then we moved to Revelation 5 and we still find that the apostle John now writes about the significances of seeing the Lord take from the hand of Him that sat on the throne the book with the seven seals. This chapter of Revelation 5 I believe is the opening understanding of the many events that will take place in the coming days with Israel, the church, in the last days. In addition, we must never forget that the book of Revelation is the prophetic word of the Lord about the events of the coming days.

Therefore, this chapter is about unveiling the coming days or coming events which are recorded in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is also well to note that in these two chapters are very important that we gain an understanding of the message of the Lord God concerning God in His Throne Room in the kingdom of God. Furthermore, the seals are opened and the purpose of God is now working with Israel, the church, in the last days. This purpose begins with the seven seals, and next the seven trumpets and with the seven last plagues of God’s wrath.

I can only imagine the excitement that the apostle John felt being carried by the Spirit into the presence of God’s throne room. Again, I can only imagine walk John felt as he was invited to see God’s throne room when he stepped into the throne room of God. Now remember this is stepping into the sovereign presence of God and to see God on His throne. Now in this throne room where the throne of God is one must also remember that this throne has always been and will always be God’s throne. Now as you read Revelation 4 and 5 maybe you can relate to the difficult task that John had trying to describe this throne room in heaven.

Now as it goes for most teachers of the book of Revelation, we have the tendency to skip these two chapters of Revelation to get to the seals, trumpets, and the seven bowls of God’s wrath. Yes, what I in this chapter is only a small glimpse of what the apostle John witness in this vision of the throne room of God. I strongly believe that for most individual Christians it is hard for us to describe all of these glorious surroundings that the apostle John write here in Revelation 4 and 5.

Again, by repeating myself I remind you that there are many important things I believe we ought to understand about the Throne Room of God. You will find that the entire chapter of Revelation 4 and 5 is John’s vision of the Throne Room of God. It is well to note and remember that the whole book of Revelation is about the events of the coming days and therefore take heed of this prophetic word for it involves you. Before, I break down the many aspect of this chapter of John’s vision of the Throne Room of God let me ask you this question: What are the lessons we should learn for ourselves as well as the rest of the Body of Christ regarding the coming days and the Throne of God? Furthermore, I cannot speak for anyone else’s interpretation of chapter four here in Revelation, the only thing I can relate is what the Spirit of God reveals unto me personally. There is however, one thing you can be sure of and interpret of what John seen while he was in the Spirit, he saw the image of God sitting on His Throne and all of the surrounding around the Throne of God. In addition, I feel that any thought that John might have had was not about the past, present, or the future. I cannot help but think that the one thing that was on John’s mind I am in the presence of the Almighty God.

What I stated earlier in this chapter about the fact of this most powerful impact this must have had on John while he stands in the midst of God and in God’s Throne Room. With all of this in mind; therefore, use all of your reasoning and logic of what John was about to write after being in the Throne Room of God. A personal thought of what gives me encouragement is to think that John had to be given by the Lord something special, to prepare him for what he was about write and what the Lord was about to show unto him about the coming days and to me this is special to see the Throne Room of God written in Revelation 4.

The very first thing we need to consider is in the opening text of scripture where the apostle John is standing in the open door when heaven’s door was opened. And again, John was in the Spirit instantly and he saw someone sitting on the Throne. There is another important factor that needs to be considered and that is that John is allowing the Spirit to bring him into the present of the Throne Room of God. One might also interpret it as John being spiritually ready or spiritually receptivity to the Spirit of God which also took place in Revelation 1:10 for both texts of scriptures that John was in the Spirit. Remember that I am writing about being aware of the coming days and then the question is: Is Christians spiritually receptivity to prepare them for the coming days?

God in the throne room and what was being done in John’s vision the day will come when we the church will be part of that worship of the one sitting on the throne. The key element to Revelation 4:1 is that I believe, that it signifies entrance not only to John in his vision but also the church today by the Revelation of Jesus Christ that we have entrance into the kingdom of heaven. It is well to take note of how this first verse of scripture proclaims that a voice spoke unto John and said come up here and I will show you the things that must happen. Remember that in Revelation 1:11 Jesus states “what you see write in a book” and now John is address to come up and he will be shown the things that must happen.

Therefore, one might in addition, interpret that specifically that John was to come see and hear about the future events to come and for Israel, the church and the last days in the throne room of God and in His presence. Furthermore, I believe and believe strongly that the book of Revelation is describing the future events that are yet to come as well as the events to come in this stage of the church age in the last days where the church is made up of Jews and Gentiles. For we find in the gospel of Matthew chapter 24:31 where the Lord sends out His angels with the sound of the trumpet which will gather together His chosen ones or chosen people.

I further believe that the significant key element is how one might interpret that Jesus voice speaking in the Throne Room of God as well as the voice of God. Some may interpret that the voice that John heard was the voice of an angel, however, to my understanding comparing the text in Revelation 1:10 the voice behind John I believe was the voice of the Lord and this is the same voice with an invitation to come and see. Yes, you can read about other voices in the book of Revelation for example the voices of the seven thunders. NOTE AND NOTE WELL: Now you also can hear the voices of worship in the Throne Room of God from the four living creatures saying holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty Revelation 4:8. In addition, you will find it state several times about the worship of God here in the book of Revelation.

The four living creatures and twenty-four elders show their godly reverence unto God here in the Throne Room of God. The point I am trying to make is that God is to be honor in everything we do and that He is Omnipotence and we should worship Him with all humility. For when we read the text of Revelation 4:11 it is clear that to show that God is worthy to receive all glory and honor.

One of the most important things I see about those present in the Throne Room of God are the seven Spirits of God before the Throne of God. Yes, these are the seven Spirits that sent greetings to the seven churches in Revelation 1:4. Now you will see that these seven Spirits of God in Revelation 5:6 are sent the same Spirit that are sent into all the earth, therefore, bring up the question: what are the seven Spirits of God sent into all the earth? Yes, many teach and believe that these Spirits of God represents the Holy Spirit and in one way I can agree, however if they are seven Spirits of God sent into all the earth what is their purpose within the Body of Christ today. Some years back I wrote about the study of seven and it began with the prophetic word of the prophet Isaiah and the seven Spirits that would fall upon Christ Isaiah 11:2.

These seven Spirits of God sent into all the earth is an essential element of God’s Spirit, God’s wisdom, God’s counsel, God’s understanding, God’s knowledge, God’s might, as well as the fear of the Lord. When I speak about the fear of the Lord it is that I must reverence the Lord God in all that I do in my own personal life. In addition, I can say with all honesty that to fear the Lord God that His delight is in the fact that we reverence Him. All seven of these Spirit of God that was sent into all the earth came on the day that John the Baptist baptize the Lord Jesus Christ when the dove descended upon the Lord this is what I believe and understand.

While we are still in the Throne Room of God there is a scroll written inside and on the back side with seven seals Revelation 5:1. The question that I have always asked and to me is unsolvable no one on earth nor in heaven found worthy to open the seals: My question is where was the Lord? This is a question I believe each and every Christians has about this text of scripture. Then one of the elders around the throne speaks unto John and states words of encouragement unto John that the root of David from the tribe of Judah was found worthy for He has prevailed to open the scroll Revelation 5:5. This reminds me of the covenant that God made with David that He would out of David’s seed establish a throne of his kingdom forever 2 Samuel 7:13.

Then John see “in the midst of the throne and the four living creatures the Lamb as if it had been slain, having seven horns, and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent into all the earth” Revelation 5:6 NKJV. In this text of scripture, you should be able to see that when Christ came to the earth, He brought with Him the seven Spirits of God. It is well to note also that the book of Revelation is referred to as the book of seven. Now again we find the worship in the vision of John only this time it is the worship of the Lamb of God and with the “number of them ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands” Revelation 5:11. Chapter Five