Balance of God’s Judgment Introduction


The scriptures are filled with a vase number of examples of the balance of God’s judgment. God’s judgment begins in the book of Genesis through to the book of Revelation. In these examples, you will also find the evil hand of Satan blinding and distorting the word of God in the mind of humanity and especially the modern-day church for Satan knows his time is running out. Therefore, the hand of the Lord God is at work with humanity always. To be honest with the balance of God’s judgment you probably will ask questions like these. Why does God bring judgment? Why does God judge? When does judgment come? During this book, you will find the spiritual process of judgment for spiritual growth and spiritual discipline. You will find throughout the scriptures that discipline is a form of judgment that bears the fruit of the Spirit.

The teaching of God’s judgment within the modern-day church today and by millions of individuals who feel that this kind of teaching of judgment is too harsh. However, note that the judgment will come and in that hour the judging will be taken from the book of deeds and the book of life. The Holy Scriptures records all of the balance of God’s judgments from Genesis to Revelation. The context of the writing of this book is for generating a particular understanding of the standards of judgment and how to be honest about the balance of God’s judgments in living for God. In addition, to offer an account of God’s judgments and the importance for the grounds of making judgments while we live here upon this earth. Furthermore, for one to judge and determine the degree of life he or she wants to be found written in the book of deeds and the book of life, especially in the book of life. To be honest about the God’s principles of judgment of how to guide, direct our concerns in the balance of His judgments. My aim in this book is to illustrate with an honest method in what the scriptures states about the balance of God’s judgments.

In this book, I will deal with what our understanding of God’s wisdom and His judgments and the chain of consequences for violating His judgments. In other words, this book is about God’s written word of His warnings, His promises, His mercy, and the judgments, and why we need to wake up to the reality that life is filled with God’s judgments. Furthermore, to help us respond in making decisions on faith, hope, love, and the fear of the Lord in our daily judgments. God’s balance of judgments is about hardships, trials, and difficulties of human life that we all experience. To be honest is to say that some of the judgments we have to make may scare the living daylights out of us. For example, if Sodom and Gormorah had listened to the judgments of God and lived them they would not have been destroyed. Therefore, I see God’s judgment, against Sodom and Gormorah, why God brought judgment upon them and their destruction. The Bible gives upon every page of God’s loving judgment, that He is slow to anger and full of mercy. Do you not find it strange that Christians who say they read the Bible do not talk much about the judgments of God to one another or to friends?

Judgment; therefore, whether it is political, economic, social, or religious, has always been in the heart of humanity and prompted them to strive for it no matter how remote the accomplishment might seem. Absolute judgment, however, is not without problems. The greatest danger in judgments is in the potentials for abuse, to others and the Holy Word of God. There are those who hunger for judgment so he or she can use it for selfish indulgence. Then there is the legalist who are afraid of it for this very reason. What are Christian’s views of judgments and its conducts? Is it an effective way of developing godly living? The scripture answer humanity questions and problems and explains that the only way to live before God properly and to walk in faith is in the Spirit of God.

Judgment, however, must not provide an opportunity for humanity or the church to assert itself in opposition of the will of the Almighty God. The Prophets and Apostles truly describes what it means for humanity to walk apart from God. The scriptures are not merely a reference to the natural substance of humanity, but also it includes God’s spiritual thoughts and aspiration. Therefore, judgment is the natural product of God that generates the human being thoughts of morally and the transforming power of the Spirit of God. It is by the exercising of judgment, which always seeks the welfare of its objectives that is in the course of life.

Paul speaks of this fact about the obligation to walk by the Spirit Gal 5:16 as the activities of Christian living. Could it also be interpreted in this manner of what Paul meant we are to walk in the balance of God’s judgment that we might not fulfill the lust of the flesh? It is in this contrast to walk in the Spirit of God that Christians continually seeks the cause of the balance of God’s judgment. Consequently, all of humanity has conflict of judgment and its opposing principles.
However, Christians are to possess the spirit of judgments in the new covenant to guard them until the coming day of Christ. In addition, Christians are not to come in violation of the spiritual intent, they are to walk in the enabling power, and actually, they are to fulfill the judgments of God in their life. Balance of God’s Judgment Chapter One