Balance of God’s Judgment Chapter Three


God’s laws needed for the last days

God laws, covenants, and commandments for the last days!

It has been stated many times by many preachers and teachers that the Day of the Lord is at hand. I agree it still is. In addition, it has been said we are in the last days. I agree with this also. God’s Word throughout the scriptures gives us the revelation that the day of the Lord is nearer than it has ever been. In these last days of the church, there is a great need to get back to the complete word of God regarding His vows, oaths, covenants, commands, and commandments. The question has been asked and stated many times why do we need to get back to the laws and commandments and is it necessary for today. All I can say is I know what God is doing in my life now, and what God was doing when I began my walk of faith. In order for any individual to understand the scriptures for themselves and the church in the last days, they must fully understand the Bible from Genesis through Revelation.

What I mean is that you must understand the laws, oaths, vows, covenants, commands, and commandments that God has made with the Jews and the rest of humanity. In today’s fast-paced life style, I feel safe in saying that most Christians do not realize the significance of the oaths, vows, covenants, and commandments that God made regarding the balance of life and the final judgment. With Abrahams covenant and the vision, God gave to John of the revelation of the Day of Judgment, Jesus Second Coming. Most Christians do not see the importance of laws and covenants, and commandments that God made with Moses. They say Christ came and abolished those laws therefore; we do not have to worry about them.

If we have that understanding then we cannot understand how the Old Testaments laws, covenants and commandments intertwined and connected with the New Testament. Therefore, if I do not understand the laws of the prophets and the covenants God gave to Abraham, Moses, Isaac, and Jeremiah then I cannot understand the teaching of the new covenant, which means New Testament. Furthermore, we will not be able to understand the end-time Bible prophecy that are so strongly associated with the major prophecy of world events that will happen in the last days like Israel and Iran over the land that God gave Israel in the book of Ezekiel 36-39. There are two important issues with God’s covenant with Abraham one it is an everlasting covenant and two it is a blood covenant with Israel. Paul said it quite well in Galatians 3:8 that God would justify the Gentiles through the faith preached before the gospel. Paul teaches the church of Galatia the facts of the covenant with Abraham and the fidelity of that covenant and the blessing with the faithfulness of Abraham. (Galatians 3:9) If I may be so bold and say that if we truly look at the book of covenants, that we call the Bible you and I will find the gospel of the new covenant according to the Torah or the law of God.

From my studies, I have found many different definitions of the word covenant. For example, from the Latin, meaning it means testament. From the Greek and Hebrew meaning, it means covenant. Therefore, from these meanings one could say that the Old and New Testaments was a book of covenants. God has chosen to reveal His wisdom and judgments to humankind through the house of Israel with specific instructions. God has acted in the affairs of humanity since the beginning of time and set the course of His action to be written in the scriptures. For this reason, God chose to confine the activities of humanity into a system of laws, covenants, and commandments with Him so He could interact. God’s activities demonstrate His very Divine nature and purpose with humanity. God has chosen one nation or race of people, the house of Israel, to give laws, covenants, and commandments for their heirs and all humanity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ renewed all of the covenants, laws, and commandments of God and made them even higher of an interaction with humanity through the spiritual activities of the Holy Spirit. In simple terms, when you and I study these issues in the scriptures we can see how we are to receive life and life more abundantly now and the life to come. I will say we must therefore, obey God’s written Word or else we will perish. God has set all of humanity under these guidelines to obey them for God has written the consequences of how we will pay in not doing. To gain spiritual knowledge, spiritual wisdom of the gifts of the Spirit of God and the scriptures we must understand the symbols of God’s Word. Therefore, they are not to be just read as a physical mind but as a spiritual mind of the new covenant that is written within the heart. In my research for writing this book, I have found some very strong reasons why God gave the church then and the church now His balance of judgment through the laws, covenants and commandments. (Revelation 2-3) KJV Both in the Old Testament and New Testament, God makes it clear about obeying the laws of the prophets. While Jesus walked among us in the days of His ministry, He taught the laws and commandments of His Father. In addition, Jesus brought out the very strong facts about the Jews and the Gentiles of knowing the kingdom of heaven. The spiritual knowledge is by knowing one-self when it comes to doing for God and their salvation.

One evening while working on my research, the word of the Lord came to me saying write about my prophet Jeremiah and the covenant of the day and the night. My first thought was there is no covenant with the day and the night and then that still small voice said go to Jeremiah 33:20-21, so I went to the scripture that God gave me and there it was. I found out by the prophet Jeremiah’s prophecy what is essential to God’s covenant with the day and night regarding other covenants that would bring salvation to the church in the last days. Comparing many different translations of the Bible I found God’s balance of judgment in His planning and shaping the things to come in this universe, regarding the everlasting covenant with the day and the night. The most interesting thing I found was that if any one individual could change the time and season then God would have no reason to keep His covenant with David or humanity.

You will find in Jeremiah 33:2 that Jeremiah is in prison when the word of the Lord came unto Jeremiah saying that I am the one who has formed heaven and earth. This chapter in Jeremiah has much information about the promises of healing a nation and a spiritual cleansing. God also tells Jeremiah of His divine faithfulness to Israel and that He will cause a branch of righteousness in the land. God asked Jeremiah if he could break God’s covenant with the day and night and if Jeremiah could break it to where it would not come at its appointed time then God could break His covenant with David. This covenant of David is the covenant concerning Christ’s coming to bring salvation then and now for the house of Israel and Judah the kingdom of heaven, which is to come.

There is no individual on or within the earth that can change the day or night or any season therefore we cannot break any covenant that God has established with day, night, and seasons.
God through Jeremiah goes on to say that if His covenant was not with the day and the night and if He had not appointed then would He cast away the seed of David and Jacob. Not only is God showing His concern for the house of Israel and Judah but all humanity about the balance of His judgment with the day and night on the breaking of His covenants. What the reality is here when God says concerning the covenant with day, night, and seasons are done in the world what is the next event if we can break this covenant? In addition, God declares by Jeremiah that the branch of righteousness will also fulfill His promise concerning salvation to the house of Israel and to the Gentiles.

This covenant with the day and night begins in the book of Genesis 1:3-5. From the Hebrew-English Tanakh “God said let there be light and there was. 4 God saw that the light was good, and God separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light day, and the darkness He called night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day”

God established the covenant with the day and night before humanity was created. Here are some questions for you to consider. How does this question of God to Jeremiah fit into the covenants with Noah and Abraham? What are the degrees of these covenants and laws of God? Does this covenant of the day and night relate to the new covenant? Many questions can be asked about the covenants, laws, and commandments of God. With the help of God through the Holy Spirit, I will try to deal with them to show the balance of God’s judgment. One of the things my wife tells me is that I am like a pit bull dog once I get hold of something I do not let go until I have an answer. However, the truth is that I read a lot about biblical history, church history and the Bible and as many translations I can read. In addition, I do pay a lot of attention to the laws of God His covenants and commandments of what Christ taught about His Father’s laws, commands, and commandments.

When I began to see the importance of these laws, oaths, vows, commands, covenants, and commandments, which is for my spiritual living and for the balance of God’s judgment in my life. Therefore, I truly began to search more diligently about judgment in all of God’s Holy Word Commands, of how they related to spiritual living for my life and all of humanity. For that evening, that God spoke to me in that small voice I felt that I needed to find the negative and positive about God’s promises, judgments, and laws.

Laws, covenants, and commandments, are they of the gospel of Christ for the last days.

When I began my ministry in 1975, I had questions for God in every mystery and deep thing of God. Now I can honestly say that during these many years of ministry with many congregations that I have served God has answered many of these questions of judgment and making judgments. The laws, covenants and commandments of God hold many mysteries of God regarding His preordained plan, mystery of life, His judgment, His salvation. Primarily if you want the deep understanding of God’s preordained plan, you must place yourself in the picture of that plan. Why are the mystery and deep things of God important? For three reasons one is guidelines, two is for guidance, three is for life in the way of the Lord. God said to the prophets in the scriptures, “The word of the Lord came to me saying” it came to Moses, David, and the prophets that they should write down the law or Torah of God. (Jer. 1:4; Eze. 13:1, 17:1, 27:1) KJV From, the book of Genesis through the book of Revelation, I have found that God has written to prepare humanity for the Day of Judgment and the kingdom of heaven.

God when He made the covenant with Abraham, He did not only establish it with Abraham but with his seed also. While I was, still a young lad I did not hear much of any talk about the seven major covenants being taught in the church. During my studying in college and seminary, I began to learn about the laws and the major covenants of God. There were two covenants, I found in the scriptures that were very interesting to me. They were the salt and blood covenants. God made many covenants with the people of Israel in the Old Testament and they were fulfilled by the blood of the Lamb.

Very little is taught about the blood covenant and the other covenants. What is the importance of these covenants in the New Testament? Well to start with, the blood covenant for atonement was fulfilled with the blood of Jesus. Secondly, the salt covenant is a covenant that is very important in what Jesus taught when He said that we are the salt of the earth. (Matthew 5:13) KJV When God establish the blood covenant with Moses to give to the House of Israel, which would become known as the Feast of the Passover, this covenant would also be their means of escape from the plague of God killing all of the firstborn sons. (Exodus 12:13-14) Furthermore, this covenant was to be kept in honor of God for His passing over them. Jesus made the same blood covenant on the night of Passover with His Disciples known today as Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper.

The Jews were to come in remembrance of the yoke of their slavery in the land of Egypt at Passover. The new covenant or Passover is based on the written law within the heart and the Lord’s Supper. On the night, Jesus gave bread and wine; He established and confirmed the blood of the new covenant that would be shed for many. Even in the Old Testament God demanded blood for the sacrifice of sin (Lev 17:11; Heb 9:22). Can the new covenant be used falsely? By doing so can it be dangerous and why? The new covenant can be used falsely if it is not used in the legal and binding agreement in all of God’s covenants, laws, and commandments. Through the ages there has been a common weakness with the Jews and the Gentiles in the insight of what the prophet Jeremiah states about the internal covenant written in our hearts and do not allow ourselves to become entangled with a spiritual relationship with God. Furthermore, God’s covenants express the different purposes and character by which He can be trusted and a God whose nature was mysterious. Please let me be precise. There is infinite mystery, which clothes and enfolds the Christian faith in God and we cannot change that mystery, covenant, law, or commandment in any theological doctrine. However, the revelation of God in Jesus Christ has made available to us a God to worship and serve whose purpose is known and whose character can be trusted. In the last days with the vast increase of knowledge, a more complicated knowledge and a rapid change from the ancient customs. It is precisely in this nature that the laws of God’s written word is being lost.

Therefore, I say this to you, God’s law, covenants, and commandments are precisely the only known word that can be trusted in all of humanity. Furthermore, Jesus Christ alone remains the true source for our faith in troubled times. It is in God’s new covenant of written laws upon the heart of all humankind that the laws of God become recognizable. Humankind often makes covenants. They know the advantages to be derived from them. Human being as an end of uncertainty, as a statement of services and benefits to be rendered, as their security for their performance, as a bond of goodwill, as a ground for perfect confidence and friendship, a covenant has often been an unspeakable value.

The very words of the New Testament and of Christ was sealed and ordained on the cross with the new blood covenant or new covenant. Paul writes much about the purpose of the law and the new covenant and the legalistic view in the church between Jews and Gentiles. The fact that I am bringing out is because of the indifference within the church over the Old and New Testaments laws of God and Christ, which we are obligated to follow and keep. Many individuals and scholars would disagree with the above statement and would say that this is spiritually frustrating to the grace of God. If this were the truth then my first question is how does the law of God in the Old Testament relate to Jews and Gentiles under the new covenant in the New Testament? (Compare Jeremiah 31:31 and Ezekiel 36:22-27) God makes it clear in Ezekiel 36:22-23 that His purpose is to sanctify His great name with the house of Israel and the Gentiles.

God’s laws and covenants are expressed by the prophets to relate to humanity the purpose of God’s character how mysterious and wonderful His actions are and that He can be trusted if we keep His laws and covenants. I submit that the scriptures were written so that humanity would have the insight and knowledge of what is deeply needed in every individual to enter into the kingdom of God. Please let me be more precise. Again let me state that the infinite mystery of God is what clothes and enfolds our Christian faith in God and Christ Jesus and we cannot change this mystery in any of our theological doctrine. However, the revelation of God and Jesus has been made available to us through a God who is worthy to worship and serve in spirit and truth. In the church of the last days by their vast increase of spiritual knowledge, an ever more complicated knowledge and rapid change from the old customs to the new. It is precisely why I state that God’s laws and covenants gives us the whole knowledge of God’s will and nature which can be trusted.

Humanity and the church must understand we have a covenant God. “Know therefore that the Lord thy God, He is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love Him and keep His commandments.” Deut 7:9 (KJV) compare “From this you can know that ADONAI your God is indeed God, the faithful God, who keeps his covenant and extends grace to those who love and observe his mitzvoth, to a thousand generations.” Deut 7:9 (CJB)

Humankind often makes covenants. They know the advantages to be derived from them. An end of uncertainty, as a statement of service and benefits to be rendered, as their security for their certain performance, as a bond of goodwill, as a ground for perfect confidence and friendship, a covenant has often been of unspeakable value. In God’s infinite will to our human weakness and need, there is no possible way in which men and women pledge their faithfulness, which God has sought to make use of. To give us perfect confidence in Him, and the full assurance of all of our judgments He, in His infinite riches and power as God, has promised to do in us. It is within this view I would like to bring out this point the lack of trust in humankind: God has consented to bind Himself by covenant, so that it was made known that He could be completely trusted. Furthermore, blessed is the man or woman who truly knows God as their covenant God; who knows what the covenant promises them; what unwavering confidence of expectation it secures, that all its terms will be fulfilled to them; what a claim and hold it gives on the covenant keeping.

Covenants what purpose do they serve in the church of the last days?

Covenants even yet today play an important role in the life of the church. As I have said many times in my messages to the congregation I served down through the years of my ministry, the covenants bring out the promises of God. However, the covenants for most individual Christians in today’s congregations would say this does not pertain to us the congregations or churches today. The real covenant besides the new covenant that is vital to the church today is the covenant of salt, what Jesus said about us being the salt of the earth. Leviticus 2:13 confirms that the Israelite were to offer salt in their meal offerings.

Maybe what Jesus was saying to Israel as well as the church of the last days was that the balance of God’s Judgment would be in how well we season our service with salt. In Leviticus 2:13 it states that this offering not only had to be seasoned with salt but it also was to be void of leaven, which refer to a type of sin, the void of honey also, which was a favorite of the Pagans and was offered in the Pagan sacrifices. Pagan deities of that day were well known to have an appetite for honey. If you were a chef, you would say that honey was a false substitute for sugar. If you use this example, you can see the close relationship God has with Israel and His Son. Honey was, also used to appease the false deities, as well as to humanize them by feeding them honey! By giving the deities a sweet offering of honey, the pagans thought that, the deity would be more apt to respond favorably. Let us look at the covenant of salt carrying a two-fold signification negative and positive or the meaning of right or wrong. The positive attribute of salt is that it means flavor, which makes things taste good, and the negative attribute of salt is that of its use in making something barren or without worth.

These are characteristics, which both signify the blessing, and the balance of God’s judgment. In fact, the very judgment of God makes a person good, bad, or righteous in God’s sight in their established covenant. This is the same principle as fire both being illustrated in the scriptures as blessings, as baptism by fire, or refined by fire, and as God’s final judgment as being cast into the fire. When we come to a full understanding just how we are made righteous, we understand the Christian’s righteousness, and God’s judgment. In the two-fold meaning of the salt covenant, salt that makes meat tasty naturally brings out its true flavor this is the positive. Consider the sacrifice on the altar of Moses’ and the sacrifice of Christ for the last days. Can we compare the sacrifice of Moses and the altar to the sacrifice of Christ as bring us to the new covenant as the balance of God’s judgment?

Why I believe and state it in this manner is, what made the sacrifice good in the day of Moses in like manner made the virtue of righteousness, Christ in His sacrifice, which makes us good in the Day of Judgment. This is one reason of why it is called, “the salt of the covenant.” It now brings out the fact to the church of the last days of knowledge of the savor of the sacrifice; therefore, it is the righteousness of Christ, which is the foundation of the new covenant. Salt is the heart of the covenant both in judgment and in the virtue of Christ. Sacrifice or covenant without salt or without virtue would not suffice, signifying Christ had to be a lamb that was without blemish, that through judgment we Gentiles as heirs could also be made virtuous!

Jesus in Matthew 5:13 gives us the contrasting view of salt to humankind of God with Christ in them, the man or woman who has fallen away from God has no virtue in God. Note a salt that has no savor has no taste and therefore it is good for nothing. Therefore, if the human individual has no virtue, they are good for nothing in the sight of God. For it is the savor of Christ, which is the salt of goodness, in our life as the new covenant written in the heart of humanity! The savor signifies the good or the balance of God’s judgment of the salt. In this verse we are warned not so much of our duty to salt the world, but to see that our salt is genuine, having a real flavor in our Lord Jesus. In other words, we make our calling and election sure of the law of the gospel in the last days. Also, in the previous verses Matthew 5:11-12 set the context of Christians being insulted, being persecuted, and having all manner of vicious lies spoken against them. In verses 13-14 Jesus gives warning that we should not lose our saltiness. It is within this spiritual context of the greatest importance, for all is the law of salvation spoken by Jesus relating the balance of God’s judgment.

In Christ only can we become the salt of the earth, having flavor and virtue to go forth with the gospel, righteously which is our commission from Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20) In Christ only can we be the light of the world to go forth in righteousness, shining the gospel of the new covenant that lets the world know that we walk in the light and not in darkness. Christ gave the great commission for us to go forth into the world teaching the word of God’s laws, covenants, commandments, and promises to make disciples. Therefore, when we take the commission of Christ out into the world it is to be seasoned with the salt of virtue and the savor of Christ.

Covenant-breakers who cease doing God’s work are like salt that has lost its savor. Apostasy, or departing from the faith, is the result of leaving Christ and the commission of Christ or the gospel of Christ. In addition, you are leaving the word of God’s instruction given by the prophets and the gospel of Christ that you might have life and have it more abundantly. Therefore, I must say again that salt without virtue in Christ is savorless and unfit for good works for God, and therefore should be trampled upon by men and women or humanity. Take this into consideration that salt that has lost it savor or taste in Christ’s teaching could mean an act of judgment. What I mean is when we make a judgment about another individual who we thought was a good person and now that have changed or lost his or her savor. No Christian should hesitate to becoming the salt of the earth, or to let his or her light shine for fear of being unpopular or being reviled, hated, or persecuted by human beings. Where God through Paul says blessed are those who for the sake of Christ and the gospel should endure these things. (John 15:20-21; James 1:12; 1 Peter 4:14-16)

The blood covenant with God is in one-way or another ties into all of the covenants beginning with Abraham and deals with the salvation and protection of God the cutting of the covenant with Abraham found in Genesis 15. The blood covenant God established with Abraham in circumcision would become the spiritual circumcision for the seed of the last days. I must say again that God’s covenants require blood or salt. Therefore, we need to understand how God reveals and blesses humankind through the Old Testament into the New Testament laws, covenants, and commandments of God written within the heart.

Do you have a blood or salt covenant with God? Why is it necessary for you and me to have an established covenant with God? Have you given away your spiritual authority that God has given you? These questions need to be asked by leaders of the church to the congregation why. What is the strongest covenant God makes with humankind? To answer the first question is yes. To the next question, it is necessary to establish a covenant with God because we must be born again and when we become born, again we establish a covenant with God and Christ. I feel safe in saying that many have not given away their spiritual authority; however, they do not use it. The strongest covenant to my understanding is the blood covenant. When we became born again and made this covenant with God, we established an everlasting covenant with God and therefore the blood of the Lamb established this covenant.

The common thought of the blood covenant with Abraham and his seed is as follows. My examples will be in contract form and all contracts have many clauses in them. God states terms of covenant or contract with Abraham in this manner: terms of the agreement are (1) your name will be change. (2) You will become the father of many nations (3) you will establish our covenant with blood (4) raise your hand and clasp it with mine (5) you will be marked as a righteous man (6) both parties have liabilities (7) each day shall be a memorial of my covenant (8) mine and your covenant will be handed from generation to generation.

Jesus in the new covenant related that we were to obey His Father’s commandments therefore meaning we are to obey the terms of covenant. When you are born again, you accept the terms of the covenant and the terms of God’s Word. In these terms of your agreement or covenant, you have asked God to bring His Divine protection from the evil hand of Satan. You will furthermore, have a deep and personal relationship with God and Christ, and God through the Holy Spirit and God will say to you, fear not for I will be walking with you. God throughout the Holy Scriptures has made known the terms of work, grace, mercy, love, word and behavior, that humankind is to follow in the will of God.

For the church of the last days, you will find all eight of these terms written in the book of Revelation to the seven churches (Revelation 2-3). You could say that the terms of the contract or covenant is the doctrine of God that we the Christians are to follow. What God told Abraham that he would have a new name Christ also states to the church of Pergamos that they that overcometh will He give them a new name. When we truly look at what Christ states about them that overcometh look at this fact that it is the liability of the new covenant. Another part of the liability is stated in Revelation 2-3 “he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches”. (KJV) These liabilities are to be watchful and to strengthen your faith and your walk with God.

To the church of Thyatira Christ tells them that to the overcomer will He give power over nations. To the church of Philadelphia to them that overcome Christ states, He will make them a pillar in the temple and shall no more go out: meaning, that they will be a memorial in the temple of God. In these four you can see how God has established His covenant with Abraham the everlasting covenant to be passed down from generation to generation. The church of Philadelphia also is the church that marks the loyalty of God and Christ Jesus.

When we look at all of the terms of God’s covenants I, personally find the deepest, the mightiest, and the most high thoughts and the balance of God’s judgment. The blood covenant established with Abraham lays the very root of the old covenant to the new covenant. The only difference in the old covenants with the new covenant is the old covenants were done with the beast of the field where the new covenant is done with the blood of Christ. In relationship to the blood covenant established by God through His Son, consider these facts, if it had not been done.

First, there could not be any direct fellowship between God and humankind. Secondly, there would be no atonement or reconciliation without this blood covenant. Therefore, all we would have is the death penalty for our sins. What God is saying in the Holy Scriptures is I the Almighty God have given you a covenant, which is the altar of my atonement for your soul. Let me say my faith looks into the deep an mysterious terms of the blood covenant and in the ways and means that work together for effecting purpose for my soul. It was a covenant through Christ, the blood-bought seed of David and the covenant of David with God that God decreed a covenant, determined, purposed, and predestinated the salvation of Israel and all humanity.

Furthermore, the blood covenant is not only sure, but it is unchangeable and if it were changeable, it would not be everlasting. Therefore, what you and I can be sure of anything that has the word “change” on it will eventually die or pass away and furthermore, will come to naught. What I have found is that in God’s covenants that we ourselves are able to change. Therefore, what the Almighty God has established must come to pass, and word, or line, or letter, cannot be changed or altered. Whatever the Holy Spirit says to the will of God will be done and whatever God has promised for the Son has to be fulfilled. The blood covenant is an everlasting covenant because it never runs out until all things are fulfilled according to God’s Word. When it expires will be when Jesus has completed all things, and brought every believer into the kingdom of heaven. In addition, when the Father has seen all of His chosen people gathered together and they proclaim that His Son is the Messiah and saying this is the blood of the new covenant then it is completed. Then the heirs and joint heirs of God will be blessed in the kingdom forever and ever, and the song of Moses will be sung. Consider this the next time you pray that you and I cannot even pray without the blood of the new covenant and God’s grace. Now the blood covenant becomes the new covenant.

And you and I need to understand the contracting parties, who established the covenant and for whom and the purpose with which it was established. The covenant of blood is the foundation of the new covenant of God’s grace made by the Father. More than ever do I feel that we are truly in the last days and that we are walking in the blood covenant of Christ Jesus and we will not survive His Second Coming without it. Even now, according to the book of Revelation the Lord God is putting the seal of God on His people who are walking in the blood covenant. I make this bold statement is according to what the scriptures states in Ephesians 1:13-14 and 2 Timothy 2:19 only those who carry that seal will have the strength of God and Christ Jesus to overcome the mark of the beast.

We are marked with the seal of God, the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. Ephesians 1:13-14 are the scripture that tells how we are sealed with the inheritance until the day of redemption or the Second Coming of Christ. Ephesians 1:14 makes it clear that we are sealed by the purchase for the glory of Christ and God the Father. Therefore, being sealed with the seal of God means, we are to get rid of all sins of anger, slander, and all of malice. According to 2 Timothy 2:19 states that God is sure of those who are sealed. Paul writes this understanding to Timothy that the individuals who have that seal knows the name of the one Christ Jesus these are the individuals with the sure seal of God.

During this time of seals, trumpets, vials, and the mark of the beast we must steadily and steadfastly determine where we stand, for us to choose life is to choose death, which is to choose eternal life. God has said in the scriptures that the time is coming when there will be a great deception in the world and the church so great that if it were possible it would deceive the very elect (Matthew 24). I cannot state this strongly enough that if you do not have the mind of Jesus Christ during that time of deception you will not be able to stand or make it into the kingdom of heaven.

When you become a Christian, you begin the battle of spiritual warfare!

One of the most important issues that we can address in the church today that Christians and other people encounter is that of spiritual warfare. In my years of ministry, I have been asked many questions addressing this issue. Why do bad things happen? Why do bad things happen in my life? Why do bad things happen to good people? Let me explain it in this manner by dealing with the fiery trials of life. Today more than ever, we need to understand the balance of God’s judgment regarding these questions. Here are five issues that Satan uses against us a spiritual battle, a spiritual war, a spiritual fight, a spiritual wrestling, and finally a spiritual struggle. It is good for a new Christian to know these five issues when they become saved. Why it is important, for at that moment they become saved Satan comes and wages the war of deception. Old or new Christians, there is a battle that Satan wages against you and me that will never end until the day the Lord calls us home. One of the biggest lies Satan uses on the saved is in the question are you sure that you are really saved?

Furthermore, never underestimate Satan and his power of deception. I will say this that the church that teaches nothing but love, mercy, and victory will fall in the battle of spiritual warfare. A church that prepares for the spiritual war will have the victory. For they have overcome the many devices of Satan’s deceptions by putting on the whole armor of God. What Paul wrote in 2 Tim 2:3-4 he states that a good soldier of Christ does not entangle themselves with the affairs of life. Christians are followers of the Lord Jesus and we are at war with Satan or the force of darkness. Therefore, I say this that the followers of God and Christ must be trained, then practice, and finally engage themselves in the battle to gain victory. Again, I must state that an individual that is never taught about the battle of spiritual warfare will probably will lose the war.

Again, a person that is taught nothing but victory, love, mercy, and prosperity will go into battle with little knowledge of how to fight the enemy. I feel safe in saying that Satan wants us to have no knowledge of his deceptions and evil means of those deceptions. Are you going to let Satan defeat you and never realize the balance of God’s judgment until you stand before Him in judgment? One of the biggest deceptions of Satan is to cause strife between you and God and with the people around you. For example strife between church leaders and pastor, within the church over the Word of God and how it is to be taught to the people is one of Satan’s traps for spiritual warfare. Therefore, this battle between church leaders and pastor relates this fact that it is a battle fought over the word of doctrine and causes division within the church. It is a spiritual battle of the mind and emotions that tears the church apart in the battle of indifference. When you become saved, you are involved with the war between God and Satan and there is no place in this world that you can find to get out of the battle. There is no neutral ground. You are fruitful for Christ by letting your light shine or you are carnal (worldly). Remember what Christ states in the gospel of Matthew 12:30 “he that is not with me is against me.” Always remember that Satan is using you to get to God.

Paul wrote to the church at Corinth in his second letter of this fact do not ever underestimate the enemy “Satan.” In addition, never ever think that Satan does anything haphazard in his plans of deceptions. In 2 Corinthians 2:11 Paul states, “we are not ignorant of his devices.” Paul lets us know that God has given us knowledge by God’s Holy Word so that we can go into combat, fight a good spiritual warfare, and come out victorious. Here is a key factor about spiritual warfare between the Word of God and the voice of Satan. In reality, in this conflict between God and Satan, Satan uses God’s creation by filling their minds with thoughts of contradiction of God’s Word. The New Testament describes all of the ways that the Jews and the Gentiles will suffer the violence of the deceptions of Satan. However, the bright side of the story is that God has sent His Son to bring deliverance unto us even in the last days. Balance of God’s Judgment Chapter Four