Balance of God’s Judgment Chapter One


God’s balance of judgment.

To begin with, Christians should have an honest balance of God’s judgment. Honestly, there has been much stated about how to judge, what not to judge in the scriptures. My goal in this writing is to help you be honest to yourself about judging and judgment. Here are two ways you can look at balance of God’s judgment. First is an honest judgment and secondly through the eyes of a hypocrite or the term hypocritical judgment. Here are some ways that you can gain your own personal understanding to start ask yourself if it is right to judge? Then also ask yourself if I do not judge this matter to gain understanding what have I gained? There can only be one answer to this question, I therefore have gained no knowledge of God’s Word personally for I have not judged for myself the truth of God’s word.

Paul writes about this form of hypocritical judgment before he gets to Rome. To be quite honest all of us fall into this kind of judgment where we are self-condemning or self-deceiving judgment. Scripturally this would be stated as being double minded about the truth of God and others in our judgment. Therefore, I must say that each of us in humanity is quick to make excuses of our behavior. My logic and reasoning about hypocritical judgment for us to take into consideration first what the scriptures state and for what purpose are they stated. To be honest yes we can allow ourselves to say that Jesus said, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” (Matthew 7:1 KJV) Nevertheless, is that being honest about the full spiritual understanding of what will happen to us on the Day of Judgment? In addition, being honest means we should take into consideration the full teaching of Jesus in Matthew 7:1-6 about judgment and our own judgment of self-deception with the teaching of Jesus.

Take very much into consideration the message Christ wrote to the seven churches regarding how we should judge in matters of false doctrine, false teaching, spiritual indifference, false teacher, false prophets just to name a few. To be very honest I have to say that a Christian has to judge in everything he or she reads in the scriptures for gaining knowledge of God’s Word. It is been stated by many individuals when it comes to understanding one another when they say let us reason together on this matter. Therefore, when they make such a statement what they are saying is let us judge on this matter together.

This introduction is for no other reason than to plainly state how God has dealt with me on the balance of His judgment. My Lord and My God has shown me through my earthly family and my church family His universal authorship and the balance of His judgment. Nevertheless, questions have been asked by people of God from the time of Moses until now for God to put in words the how, why, and when for God to put in a language that they could understand the balance of His judgment. God has done that by giving us His complete word of which we call the Bible. In addition, it is related in one form or another in God’s laws, oaths, covenants, vows, commands, and commandments. These are God’s instruction for our understanding the balance of His judgment for righteous living in faith. In the gospel of John, God identifies Himself as the author of these instructions. Yes, the question has been asked how the author identifies Himself.

In the Old Testament God identifies Himself to Moses when Moses asked how to identify you when Israel asked who you are. God answers Moses by saying you tell them “I Am who I Am”. There are two levels to the source of the balance, of God’s judgment in humankind: reason and experience, and both are essential for understanding. God has implanted these two forms, which reveals the truth in every human’s heart, Joel 2:28 and Jeremiah 31:31-34. In the language of the scriptures, it produces the mystery of life here and the one to come. In Joel and Jeremiah’s prophecy, God speaks of the last days where He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and make a new covenant. In the book of Revelation, it speaks of the last days and the new covenant and of the advents to come and their course. Therefore, it is in reason and experience that we gain the knowledge of the balance of God’s judgment to obtain the vision on thinking about the Word of God and the kingdom to come.

I have found during my life and ministry it has been stated that the revelation of the balance of God’s judgment is often called hard to understand and to teach. Because of this kind of reasoning that the Bible remains a closed book. That is why I am so thankful to my God in heaven that He has shown to me by my mother and father, the extraordinary phenomena of life, which helps my understanding about the balance of God’s judgment. Yes, I recognize that many will say that the balance of God’s judgment has nothing to do with life. Take into consideration of what the values of God’s judgment are pertaining to life. In every word of the Bible, I find something that pertains or predicts life and how I should live it. I find them to be the most important realties of the eternal values of which I should not lose touch with in the judgment of God’s Word. Therefore, I find God has had written every situation of life to the Jews first and then to the Jewish Christian known as the first church.

God has revealed guidelines from the Holy Scriptures for our understanding the truth of His Holy judgment for the last days and the living through the days of tribulation. Most will not agree with me on God’s balance from the scriptures however I have found that what God states in His Holy Word is to accomplish His purpose with His chosen people as well as the rest of the world. In addition, God has set aside a day of judgment and has ordained a judge for the judgment, which is Christ Jesus.

A good example we find in Revelation 17:17 for when you read this text you will plainly see that God’s judgment is to accomplish His intent to fulfill His purpose to give this kingdom over to the beast. Therefore, I find this is the basic reason of God’s Divine Judgment. With all of the events going on in the world today, could you say that what is happening is the fulfillment of Revelation 17:17? Out of this text, I cannot take it lightly for God has stated it very clear in not only this text but also many others His purpose, judgments, and commands to relate the balance of His judgment. In these last days I would say take heed oh people of God for the text of His Holy Word God makes it clear of the wrath of His judgment and the action He will take. Therefore, more than ever do we need to understand the balance of His judgment and why God is going to make judgment and who is going to be judged. Knowing the why, when, and how about God’s judgment will help us to understand not only the Bible but also our living faithful to God’s Holy Word.

Consider 1 Peter 4:17 where Peter is referring to where judgment begins. Before I go any further let me say this, that the word judgment has several terms and meanings in the English language and you will see all of terms and words in the Holy Word of God. You will also find that most of them refer to God, how we worship and magnify His Holy ways and Days. First of all, judgment is used as a sense. Therefore, why do we say an individual has no judgment or common sense? Furthermore, this is an act of judgment on our part when we say that an individual has made a bad judgment or good judgment. Another context we could put it in is that judgment refers to a legal decision natural or spiritual. Biblically it refers to time and process leading up to the Day of Judgment and the handing down of God’s and Christ decision regarding what is written, in the book of deeds or works.

How many times throughout the scriptures do you see the house of Israel going to the prophets to have them ask God to give them information for the house of Israel that makes sense? Furthermore, to make sense of how the judgment will intervene and benefit God’s purpose. I feel in the balance of God’s judgments is for the ultimate purpose for the Jews first and then to the Gentiles to come into His Kingdom with the knowledge and common sense of eternal life.

Continuing with the scope of the balance of God’s judgment, would you consider the law of love a balance of judgment? This law of love begins in the book of Leviticus 19:18 where God says love your neighbor and your children. In the same chapter verse 34 God says if you have a stranger living with you that you are to love that stranger as yourself. Jesus in the gospel of Matthew 19:19 states that we are to honor our father and mother and love our neighbor as ourselves. In Matthew 22:37-39 Christ gives the two great commandments to love God and your neighbor. You will find this law of love in the gospel of Mark that these commandments on the law of love that it is a duty. Paul further writes about this law of love that it is a fulfillment of God’s laws, in the book of James, where it is stated as the royal law.

The second balance is the law of faith beginning with the book of Romans 3:27 where Paul shows us that faith is a God given balance of judgment for life. Paul writes to the church at Ephesus that there is one faith, one Lord, and one baptism meaning it to be universal. Paul gives many examples about the law of faith in the why, who, and how about the balance of God’s judgment that Christians are to live in this law of faith. You will, also will find that Paul relates this law as a law of the mind. The law of the mind should be the mind of Christ in us. Therefore, the law of faith is of wise thoughts about living life here and how to be prepared for living in the last days. In addition, the wonderful works of God and the purpose of the law of faith.

Romans 8:2 we find the law of the Spirit, which marks a law that makes us free from the law of sin and death. In addition, it is a law, which relates to the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The prophet Isaiah’s prophecies about this law and that it would come through the anointed One to proclaim the truth and to deliver us from the bondage of sin. In this law of the Spirit, we must also take into consideration the balance of God’s judgment of how we are to act and think in the Spirit of God. Paul further points out the fact the law of faith, mind, and spirit is also the law of righteousness and that the people then as well as now do not seek after these laws of God in the right manner. What Paul points out in Romans 8 is that we can make the laws and Word of God a rock of offences. Finally, Paul in the book of Galatians 6:2 where Paul states we are to bear one another’s burdens which is the law of Christ. All of these laws in the New Testament in one form or another relates to the fact of the balance of God’s judgment. Therefore, this wide scope of the balance of God’s judgment brings to mind this question. How does this balance pertain to the Great White Throne Judgment Revelation 20:11?

To answer this question according to what John states in Revelation 22:14 John says “blessed are they that are doing God’s commands.” John here in this text makes it clear the way to enter into the kingdom of heaven. In other words, God and Christ are making it clear that these are requirements to balance the judgment of God to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, I feel safe in saying if you break one requirement you break them all. Furthermore, we the church are to teach the requirements of the balance of God’s judgment. After studying about the balance of God’s judgment, it brought to mind what my role and duty is in the balance of God’s judgment. To what Christ stated in Matthew 22:40 Christ makes it clear that the balance of God’s judgment is in the law of what the prophets proclaimed to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles.

From the time of the beginning, starting in Genesis until the final book of Revelation it has been written in the laws and commands of God regarding His judgments. Too many Christians and unbelievers say these judgments and laws of instruction puts a limit on life and enjoying life pleasure. I have found in my own life that it was not until I started following the instructions from God’s Holy Word that true pleasure in life began. Yes, I have heard it said many times that Christ fulfilled the law. However, the law can only be fulfilled in one’s own life when they follow the written law of God’s Holy Word. Until any individual begins to follow the law of God in their personal life, they cannot be called a child of God.

How the family develops judgments!

As a retired minister from the United Methodist Church, I have heard the age-old response from many people while I was serving as pastor. “Why should I go hear that preacher when all they do is preaching about my smoking and drinking and how it is wrong to have a drink of beer in the house?”

Well hear this from a preacher who still preaches about smoking and drinking, for I remember the day when I drank and what happen because of my drinking. It was back when I was twenty-seven years old while I was living with my dad and mom. Well one night I came home, I had too much to drink and was mad at the world, and the drinking had gone to my head. Well I do not remember whether it was mom or dad who said something to get me even angrier than I was however, when I woke up the next morning the inside, of mom and dad is house destroyed. This was the results of my actions, inside of mom and dad’s home was destroyed from my anger and just because of drinking. In addition, mom and dad were in tears over the actions of what their oldest son did to their home. From that morning to this very day, I have not touched a drop of any kind of beer, wine or whiskey. Because of my action at home over drinking, I will continue to preach the warning of sin and how that it can destroy a home and family. Furthermore, what will take place on the Day of Judgment when we stand in Christ and God’s courtroom to be judged?

All development of judgment begins with childhood and it is the same when we become a Christians it begins on the day of conversion. Let me start with a brief introduction of my childhood using mainly my father and mother. My father was not a church going man yet if you would ask him “was he saved,” “he would tell you this well, me and God has that worked out between us.” My mother in her own special way showed me the importance of true love and being faithful in that love. The first time my father gave me any advice that I remember was when I was twelve years old. It was while we were walking the trap line that he said this “son you will find all kinds of discourse in life and there is no way of avoiding it.” Secondly, he taught me with his advice the degrees of what was necessary for what I should believe and what I should not. What I am saying is that my father inspired me with his advice that taught me how to form my own opinions and speak them in my own way and to live them. This is the way my father stated it to me: “son when you form an opinion and you believe that opinion to be right, in no way compromise with what you feel and think because someone else feels you are wrong. However, be big enough to confess to others when you are wrong.”

My logic for stating the advice of my biological father is to make this point, how that my father and mother helped me to establish and develop judgment. For example, when my father said that he and God had it worked out my father was acknowledging his faith of how he believed in God. God’s creation the human race God filled their minds with a strange and marvelous potential to handle reason with logic natural and spiritual. Yet at the same time, it can be triggered with emotions of the mind to link that with material and spiritual. Look at what the Bible states in regards to the balance of judgment with the human mind and how it has the quest for spiritual things. (1 Cor 2:13-14) Another way of looking at or stating the balance of God’s judgment is in the spiritual mind where we hunger and thirst after knowledge in righteousness. (Mt 5:10)

However, on the other side of the story you may hear remarks made to this effect “how dare any individual to compare his biological father with the heavenly Father’s advice.” The logic behind this is for no other reason than to point out the relationship between earthly and heavenly or natural and spiritual. However, when you look deeply into the family relationships and compare them with what the scriptures states we will find the heavenly and earthly judgments are stated.

My logic comes from the book of Philippians 3 Paul is writing to the church and the heavenly and earthly mind. If we are looking for a pattern of God and a pattern of humanity for knowing God and following Christ Philippians 3 would be a good place to start our understanding. I believe Paul here in Philippians 3 is trying to say getting a pattern on eternal perspective of life does not mean we disregard our life here upon earth. Furthermore, it does not mean that we abandon our earthly responsibilities and think of heaven only. Therefore, we must keep in mind on both places so the issues of judgment take their priorities. Choice is based upon judgment whether it is spiritual or natural.

I feel that my father in his own way knew that I would be following and traveling a different road with a different dream. Therefore, with me recognizing and responding positively to the call of God, has enabled me to travel the road of ministry of my Lord Jesus. The wise men in like manner heard the call and warning of God and returned to their own country another way. Matthew, a tax collector for the Roman Empire, walked and traveled a different road when Jesus called and said, “Follow me”. Therefore, I find today that my relationship with my father speaks to the fact that I would follow a different road where it would lead me. In addition, the advice of my father helped me to identify the content of what some would call radical changes.

Now my mother’s help was given in a different manner than my father’s. My mother was a woman that taught me the virtue and loyalty by her action. Another thing that my mother taught me about making judgments was by the way she kept house and kept it in order. Mother’s house was always kept clean and in order for she once said you never know when you may have company. In addition, my mother felt that her house should be kept clean and in order for her husband and children. My mother also did things to show her love and dedication to her family and her marriage. It was from this love and dedication for keeping the family lives together and in order that taught me what it meant to be a good and faithful companion. From the scriptures, my mother’s love has always reminded me of the story of Ruth: “Whither thou goest, I will go, and where thou lodgest, I will lodge and thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.” Ruth 1:16 (KJV)

Another thing my mother taught was the union between two people. It was from the relationship that my mother had for my father, which was a union of love. It was from this union that I would establish and develop the true joy of rejoicing in the love of God the Father and the Lord Jesus. In addition, her faithfulness to my father also taught me the literal faithfulness and the biblical standards found in Genesis 2:18 “it is not good for a man to be alone.” (KJV) By her life, she showed an uncomplicated life that man and woman are to live together in harmony, physically, emotionally, and most of all, spiritually.

Now my biological parents set the stages of my life from childhood to adulthood. The stages of my life have been growing not only naturally but also spiritually. Through these stages of life, I thank my Father in heaven for they have been stages that develop wisdom, faith, and love in my life. These memories are tremendously delightful and certainly good examples of the productivity of my father and mother and their years of caring for each other and their children. Furthermore, it is in these memories of my parents that have helped me to develop the types of work that I have done in the ministry. Therefore, remember that every stage of life holds a sunrise and sunset to hold and follow the ultimate new day in the kingdom of heaven.

I can remember back when I was sixteen and living on the farm and dad would holler son wake up and get the fires built. Yes, it was hard at times to get out of bed on a cold morning when it would have been nice to stay in a warm bed. Yet getting up and getting ready involved setting my feet out on an ice-cold floor and start doing the work of the day. My reason for judgment is by telling you to get ready for a different kind of day. This different kind of day will only come once and it will come even if we are not ready. The Bible texts tells us to get ready for when that day rolls around we need to be already dressed for the day.

Every night when we go to bed, we often make plans for the next day when we get up we are ready for the day. The prophets and the apostles tells us that we need to get ready and be ready for the Second Coming and the Day of Judgment for they made it clear for we know not the day or the hour. In addition, Jesus Himself in the gospel of Matthew states it will be “when you do not expect him.” Furthermore, Jesus tells us to be watching and waiting for the time of His Coming is at hand. Also, we must take into consideration those people that Paul calls the “sons of darkness” who are not watching for the Second Coming or the Day of Judgment. Another example, when we lay down to go to sleep at night and do not know what is going on around us Christ is going to come and bring judgment and we are going to be unprepared.

Now a lot of individuals and churches who read the Bible believe that God is going to give them more of a chance than that. Therefore, because they will not admit that Christ is coming without notice a lot of Christians are not going to be ready when the Second Coming comes. Matter of fact many twist the Bible passages around that there are two comings one for believers and two, a thousand years later. Therefore, everyone that is spiritually asleep will find that they have no excuse when the Day of Judgment comes.

I feel safe in saying that all of us have heard down through the years to wake up and be ready for the Second Coming of Christ. In addition, how many do you know around you who were once spiritually awake in the Lord who now spiritually slumber or in the constant state spiritual mind freeze? This is like going back to bed and pulling the covers up over your head and saying get me up when it warms up. When people sin it is usually under the cover of darkness. However, rather than repent and fix the broken relationship with the Lord, they continue sinning. This does not help or solve the problem for this is a man-made drink of the wine of the world. Also, this false security works against them in their family relationship as well as their Christian life.

Under the rule or law of God

Almighty God through His Holy Word brings the perspective view of life that includes both the heavenly and earthly. These writings of the scriptures present God’s viewpoints of life that are often overlooked and often neglected. There is a full library in the Old and New Testaments of characteristics, which contains the knowledge, are wisdom for life in God. God’s thoughts of knowledge and wisdom are stated in many different words, but with the same structure in mind to give humanity the understanding of God’s judgment and how we are to judge righteously.

Whatever viewpoint you want to call the rule of God, keep this thought in mind God’s rules are the forceful facts of our moral life and moral judgment. Whether or not you want to understand it as such, it includes the wickedness as well as beauty and love of God’s Holy Word. In addition, it includes the peace and serenity of God for the whole human race. Today there is so much talk about the environment and the poisoning of our lakes and streams. In like manner, God identifies all of the ways we are poisoning our lives with all of the ill moral acts and ethical dilemma that confront us that God did not inspire.

If we really look at the real truth of the scriptures, we will find these forceful facts that before Christ’s Second Coming; things are going to get worse. I speak and write about these facts about what the Bible states and what the Holy Spirit gives for the understanding about Satan and his evil ways to destroy the truth of God. In addition, the one who approached Eve, made the truth of God a lie about good and evil, and made it sound exciting and therefore Eve became a victim of that lie. (Gen 3:1-6 KJV) God points out how that Satan will distort His Holy Word so you and I will not follow the Word of God or God’s will. I would like to make a point here with this thought: Why tempt Eve first? Well, was it because Adam was stronger than Eve? No, I do not think so; I think it was for this reason and purpose that Satan knew that if he got to Eve that he also could get to Adam.

I would give you a warning that whatever argument Satan has to offer you his initial target is to take away your gift of eternal life. Furthermore, Satan knows when you are slipping and when you overlook the commands of God’s laws. Remember you were created by God and not by Satan and furthermore you were created in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26) Therefore, you are to reflect the moral image of God in your life. Yes, all of us have sinned, and will continue to come short of the glory of God, as Paul wrote in the book of Romans 3:23.

To reflect God’s balance is an attitude!

To explain, what reflects God’s balance of judgment is an attitude and how it applies to all humanity in our relationship with God and other people? Beginning with my personal experience as a pastor in the church, I have found this to be a fact, which we are living in a self-changing culture. However, the problem is how we help relate to the world and church that they are to bear the fruit of the Spirit or the attitude of the Spirit of God. (Galatians 5:22-23) Consider these fruits of the Spirit as an attitude for your life. Then ask yourself do I have these attitudes in my life? Moreover, do you apply these fruits of the Spirit in your life?

No man or woman, or child is not without these nine fruits of the Spirit in their life in one form or another. Paul is explaining to the church at Galatia the precept of the deeds or works of the Spirit that is to be in every individual. Paul wrote about these fruits of the Spirit because there was a problem within the church, which was an attitude of indifference. For example, if you or I have no temperance, which means self-control over our attitude, then we will always be out of control. Therefore, Paul wrote about these fruits as a means of making it clear of how the church should walk and reflect an attitude of God and Christ in their lives. Furthermore, Paul wrote these facts about the Spirit to show the church how to have a healthy relationship with God and others. In addition, it was to teach believers how to be happy and how to prosper in the power and authority of God’s reign in their lives.

How do you measure these fruits of the Spirit in your life? It should be measured as a holy measure, which reflects the perfect nature as a visible standard that you have established in your life called the law of faith. The attitudes of the Spirit, one might say, is a judgment being made in ones religious life. The point is these are helpful fruits, which gives us the negative and positive in our judgment of what is natural and what is spiritual. Furthermore, we could say these are fruits, which are the governing laws or rules of the Spirit of God in us. Another example Christ taught was the greatest of these fruits is love. If this is the case then we must ask ourselves do we bear the fruit of the Spirit so that we love our neighbor as yourself. If not then one could say we do not reflect the attitude of God and Christ’s Spirit.

Therefore, I feel safe in saying since the beginning God’s instruction is shown us throughout the scriptures how to behave and make judgments justly in all relationship with Him and others. The attitude of God reflected in us is reasoning, logic, or the fruit of the Spirit. In most churches today, you do not hear much about the teaching of the fruit of the Spirit. Instead, most churches emphasize the ritual of worship with words and therefore to me it does not emphasize a personal relationship of worship with God. Worship is good if it is with the order that God has given us to follow and how did Christ say to worship? When we just state a few words is it how Christ stated for us to worship God? I do not think so for Christ said that we were to worship God in spirit and in truth for God is Spirit.

In other words, one could say their hearts are far removed from the balance of God’s judgment and their reverence consists of tradition. I make this statement because of how many years I followed church tradition. God has shown me in the past three years in His Holy Word about a personal relationship and worship which is the balance of His judgment for worship and the fruits I must bear. I would also say that to worship God and God only for what Christ taught about serving two masters you will love the one and hate the other. God from all I read in the scriptures will not share His glory with anyone or anything. In other, word God first and foremost in all things.

The Bible teaches that we need to approach God with obedience and personal sacrifice on the altar of God to make atonement for our souls. Even the Jewish Rabbis today teach that without a personal sacrifice there is no other term that is more essential for approaching the terms of God on God’s terms. Why I, make this statements is from a sermon wrote by Rabbi Melanie Aron in Los Gatos California. The sermon was the message of October 4, 2005 He stated about hurricane Katrina and how much one should make a personal sacrifice.

The Rabbi stated, “Our initial response is to feel that we should do everything we can for those lives have been totally uprooted.” In addition, Jesus in His message on the Sermon on the Mount taught about personal sacrifice. Furthermore, take into consideration Abraham and his personal sacrifice of giving up his son Isaac recorded in the book of Genesis.

Therefore, these fruits of the Spirit to my personal understanding are God and Christ’s principles of how the Jews and the Gentiles can remove the negative dilemmas of the work of the flesh in their life they face. Paul wrote about the dilemmas of the work of the flesh and therefore we must replace this negative work with positive fruits of the Spirit. What you do in your personal sacrifice is done with repentance and prayer and doing of the good works.

Furthermore, bearing the fruits of the Spirit is the only way to approach what is happening in Christian living without fooling ourselves. In addition, we recognize that Jesus was sent by the Father to fulfill all of the prophecy of God’s requirements on God’s terms legitimately. Another way of stating this about legal terms based on written requirements of the commands of God and Christ from the Old and New Testaments, which are the laws of God. Finally, it is within these requirements if you do as Paul wrote to the people then study to show yourself approved you will find the balance of God’s judgment.

It is certainly understandable that the Jews and the Gentiles would be a bit slow in responding to what is after all and totally, the attitude of each becoming a part of Christianity. On one side the ongoing, issue of teaching, and on the other side we have no need for the Old Testament for we need change for the time we live in. yet on the other hand we have those who say we need both old and new. In the above statement can, you distinguished the internal and external thought that causes the attitude of indifference. When I think about indifference, I think of the seven churches where Jesus points out all of the acts of sin and indifference. (Rev 2:1-3:22) KJV

What does Jesus teach about life and its storms?

There are two accounts given in the gospels in Matthew and Luke where Jesus teaches about the parable of the man who built his house on the rock. (Matthew 7:24-29; Luke 6:46-49) To fully understand what Jesus is saying in this parable you and I must be willing to develop and recognize we are the participant of the words of Jesus in our balance of judgment. I would say this unto you that there are two insights to this parable for your understanding. First is the natural and second is the spiritual these two are what it takes to negotiate our lives. In addition, what Jesus states here is not only how to negotiate life, it is also about judgment and practice regarding His teachings and His Fathers Word. Nevertheless, I feel what Jesus is stating here is the way we should build our spiritual house and its foundation that is critical to our spiritual life here and the life to come.

The instruction Jesus is relating here is that every individual’s life will be tried or tested. The process of each of our lives is tested during the storm, which is the refining process. We, the believers, must consider two factors. One, when are we going to use the best material and two are we going to cut cost by using second hand material. This example is to point out this fact are we going to be tested by God or Satan or both and which is best for our refining? God’s Word is Holy and full of grace and mercy and is the only means of salvation here and in the world to come. While Satan’s words are full of lies and deception, and can only lead you to destruction and the lake of fi re. (Rev 20-:14 KJV) If we are using the Word of God, we are using the best material and are building a strong foundation for life.

In Matthew 7:24-26 states these two kinds of hearing the wise and the foolish. My point is focus on everyday people as well as the Christians the way they hear Jesus and then how do they build upon the foundation of what they have heard. The truth is that God and Jesus’ Words are for our strength and survival in these last days. Moreover, Jesus illustrates the importance of using the best material for the foundation to secure the house in the storm. Another way of looking at these two verses of scripture is those who firmly believe and those who do not. I would strongly urge you to consider the issues of the balance of God’s judgment in this parable pertaining to life.

The four gospels much is given by Christ about hearers and the different kind of hearers and the degrees of hearing and understanding. Here are just four: 1 the indifferent hearer Mark 4:15, 2 the emotional hearer Mark 4:17, 3 the worldly hearer Mark 4:18-19, 4 the receptive hearer Mark 4:20. The indifferent hearer let us say that this individual hears the Word of God not as God’s Word but the word of his or her own heart. The emotional hearer is the individual when he or she hears gets all fi red up and falls away a short time after hearing the Word of God. Now the third hearer is the worldly hearer and this individual is the one whose cares are of this world instead of the cares of God and the words of God. Finally, the fourth hearer the receptive hearer is the one who after hearing proves the results of their hearing.

In these four different hearers, you can see not only the individual but also the responsibility of each hearer and the way they use the balance of God’s judgment in the way they live their lives. In the parable of the sower of the seed after Jesus tells this parable the Disciples ask Him to explain what it meant. From the two accounts found in Mark and Matthew where Jesus begins to explain that immediately after the seed is sown Satan comes and tries to destroy that seed. In other words if we the hearers do not allow the word sown to be planted to take root in our mind then Satan has taken it away.

With the parable of the sower of the seed and the parable of the house built on the rock, consider this fact. How many individual men and women never take much thought about these two parables? In addition, how many takes into consideration what the full knowledge of what Jesus and God wanted them to understand about the trials of life and the balance of life. Furthermore, who look at the advantages and disadvantages, how they will benefit, and how they will not. Now God through the Holy Spirit gives to every individual who asks full knowledge and wisdom for building your house on the rock. I feel safe in saying if we carelessly build our life by cutting cost and corners in our beliefs our house or temple of God will collapse.

“When I began my walk in the balance of God’s judgment!”

My real and true search began in 1975 after I had made my complete commitment to do the ministry and work of my Lord. At this early stage of my search, I truly needed an understanding of God’s judgment. God helped me by showing me that I needed to educate myself in these ways of the scriptures in these areas faith, love, and judgment in His Holy Word. Again, I will say God has given guidelines of His preordained plan in His Holy Word. Each and every day that I read from the Holy Scriptures, I find a deeper understanding of God’s judgment to help me prepare for everyday living until His Second Coming. So many people and churches have judgments that if we teach God’s judgment and how God will pour out His Anger, that we will become aliens to God and to others. Personally, to teach God with no judgment or justice is a religious fraud. Why I make this statement is that the day will come when we all will stand in His courtroom to be judged.

Many people including many Christians do not understand God’s judgment, anger, or even going so far to say His hatred for sin and those who sin against Him. Yet the Lord God is capable of having feelings. The Bible gives us the fact that God will not always hold His anger therefore God has feelings or emotions. In addition, the Bible also states that God is not against the Jews or the Gentiles but against the sins that they do. I remember when I was seventeen and the advice my father gave me when he said “son never say or do anything that you do not leave yourself away out” this was my earthly father’s advice to me. When I started to look at that advice spiritually and biblically, I found that what my earthly father’s advice did was to teach that my heavenly Father made a way out by sending His only begotten Son to the cross to give salvation to the Jews first and then the Gentiles. God also gave His Son the instruction of how we are to follow these directions so that the day when we stand in His court we will have a lawyer of salvation. Take heed for God is going to deal with us all and for our sins and works.

Jesus taught about the separating of the sheep and the goats, Matthew 25: 32-33, which will take place on that day of God’s judgment this is the universal judgment. In the book of Hebrews 9:25-28 Paul writes about the fullness of time and the end of the world and the last judgment. Paul also makes it clear about Christ and Him being our substitution for our sins. In these four verses of scriptures, you find Christ on the Day of Atonement will tell the Father that this individual has accepted the blood of the new covenant that was poured out for many on the cross. Paul states in Hebrews 10:26 a warning about having knowledge of the truth and willfully sin, for which there is no blood sacrifice or salvation for our sins. This would be the sin against the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit.

If we take into consideration this warning here of Paul’s would it be safe in saying that it is a willful act of neglect against the Holy Spirit? I also would ask you to take into consideration Hebrews 10:29 about how much more we will face the judgment if we are dishonoring Christ and the Word of God. What Paul states in Hebrews 10:31 makes the Day of Atonement “a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” Paul writes many things and many times about the covenant and the blood of the covenant wherewith Christ has sanctified unholy things to those that accept the Word of God and His covenant. Paul gives many examples of our Lord and His teaching of the kingdom of heaven and the new covenant that God will make in the last days to give a change of heart. Balance of God’s Judgment Chapter Two