Balance of God’s Judgment Chapter Four


A great certainty is coming in the balance of God’s judgment.

The day of the Lord and the judgment of God are upon us. For I believe that the book of Revelation and its prophecy is taking place right now. The only things I know for certain is that the word of God is true and not to be regarded lightly. The more I read this prophecy of Revelation the more I find of the events happening around us in the world today. For example, the changing of the seasons and how the growing season keeps getting shorter. In addition, the winters are being warmer than they were when I a young lad.

The prophets of the Old Testament wrote the history of the Jewish people and the events that would take place regarding them. The book of Revelation states the prophecy or prophetic events that will happen in the last days regarding the Jews and the Gentiles. Revelation 1:3 John writes “Blessed is he who readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” (KJV) After reading, this scripture many times it brings out one very important fact about the prophecy of this book. The fact is that Christ tells John to write to the church of the last days to keep the word of the prophecy of the book of revelation. Why Jesus makes this kind of statement is to tell the church in order to gain access to God and in addition, that God knows we have little strength but if we keep His Word and do not denied Him, He will open the door to the kingdom of heaven unto us.

The Second Coming of Christ is a certainty and the Day of Judgment as well as the Day of Atonement, and of all of the other events that are prophesies in the book of Revelation. I believe that if you do not have the spiritual strength and understanding of this prophecy in the book of Revelation, when the beast comes, he will deceive you. Christ sends a message to each of the seven churches and commends them for the work they are doing. However, Christ also sends the warning about where they are falling short and what will happen to them if they do not overcome their sins. When we are confronting the book of Revelation, we are confronting the spiritual truth of the mystery of God revealed for His wrath and judgments to come.

Today, more than ever, the Bride of Christ needs to bear in mind the prophetic warnings of the book of Revelation. In addition, she needs to take heed that God is not going to let Israel fall into the hands of other nations in the last days. Yes, I believe that God gives grace, love, and mercy; however, God will not always hold His anger. Therefore, take heed do not underestimate or make the mistake about God’s prophecy written in the book of Revelation. Jesus gives seven messages to seven churches and relates all the good that they have done however, Jesus also points out all of their indifference they have in the church. In the messages to the seven churches, Jesus relates the sins of indifference. Jesus shows all of their sins of indifference to God and themselves.

I consider the book of Revelation as the prophecy or prophetic word of Jesus our Lord and the spiritual state of the church in the last days. In addition, I believe that John was the apostle chosen by God to deliver the prophecy of the events that must shortly come to pass. Furthermore, we are to understand the message given to the church and its state and the care it is to give in the last days. The teaching of the book of Revelation by the ministers and the church leaders is to guide the congregation in the good and evil and the life to come in the kingdom of heaven. Christ’s message to the seven churches was about not only the good they had done but also the facts of their backsliding, conscience, of their false doctrine, etc. etc.

The second and third chapter of the book of Revelation deals with the messages of Jesus in commending the church, His promises, and finally His warning to the church. What I find remarkable is so little attention paid to these two chapters in the book of Revelation in the church of the last days. However, you can find many commentaries written about the book of Revelation. In addition, there are many theological debates about the signifance of its prophecy regarding the end times. When we think about the prophetic characters and events that God and Jesus are presenting by the unveiling of the things that must come to pass special emphasis needs to be given to the seven churches and the message Christ gave to each of these churches.

I have read and heard many messages in the church from the book of Revelation. However, the fact remains sadly but true the people of today’s church take lightly or casually the prophecy and messages of the book of Revelation. There are three important issues found in the messages or letters to the seven churches. First Jesus commends the church for the good they are doing and their faith. Secondly, Jesus warns them of their sins and finally the promises Jesus gives to them that overcome their sins. When Jesus commends these seven churches, Jesus is relating to them their spiritual state as well as their spiritual needs. In addition, to their spiritual needs Christ is also relating to the church and every individual their personal character. In the church today, the messenger is just not the pastor but the teachers and church leaders the evangelist etc. etc.

I will say this, if all would study each of the messages that Christ sent to the seven churches, they would find additional light on the balance of God’s judgment. The example of character of the church of Ephesus and their loss of their love they had at first. I really began to think about this fact of the lost love and how it pertains to everyday living and how we get into doing the same thing every day it becomes routine or habit. Because we do the same thing over and over, we do not have to stop and think, it is part of the routine. The problem Christ is pointing out to Ephesus as well as the church today about their love for God and Him, is that has just become a routine and therefore has no zeal or feeling as they had when they first began.

What is the full scope of being faithful? Why did Jesus tell the church of Smyrna to be faithful even unto death? What is the promises Christ gives to them that are faithful? How many times does Christ state “I will” in chapters two and three in the book of Revelation? Why did Jesus state that He hated the teaching of false doctrine in the church of Pergamum? In each of the warnings to these churches, I find that God will judge on these very problems in every individual’s life in the Day of Judgment. Something came to mind while I was studying again in Revelation 2 and 3, about the woman prophet Jezebel. The thought came to mind regarding this fact that maybe Jezebel was making false claims for being a true prophet of God. My reason for pointing this out the book of Revelation and the prophecy Christ spoke to His Disciples in Matthew 24 about the signs of the end and His return all what Christ spoke unto them regarding the false prophets and false Christ. In other words, Jesus spoke of a time that was coming regarding the last days that there would be men and women who would claim to be Christ as well as claiming to be prophets of God.

To the church at Sardis Jesus told them about their reputation of being alive however, the fact is you are dead. This got me to thinking about how many claim some churches have a feeling of being dead when you go into them for worship. Is this really the case with the individual church or is it with the individual of what they expect to happen in the worship of God. My reasoning behind this I know that many times during my years of ministry people have come to me and stated their feelings about this issue of worship. If Christ told the church at Sardis to remember how they had received the word of the gospel and the word of God and to obey it and turn from their sin.

I would ask you what Christ’s reason for making such a statement is, regarding the church of Sardis about their reputation of being dead. Personally, to my understanding, it has a twofold meaning one is regarding worship and two regarding the spirit of worship within the church. This takes me back to the night that Christ walked and talked with me about doing His work and how I felt after His calling. That night I had no knowledge of the Spirit of God and Christ yet there was a desire to serve the Lord. Furthermore, I had no, knowledge of worship and the order of worship when Christ spoke to me.

My point is this about the way I received Christ. It was not in church where there was shouting and dancing or even speaking in the unknown tongue. It was on a dark night when Christ came and brought to me the light that’s the way I receive my Lord. Yes, I know that there are many churches in the world today that there is much shouting and dancing within the worship service. Not to sound like I am judging however, I would ask you this how many within the walls of that church fell the spirit of dancing? Therefore, remember what Christ states to the church at Sardis when Christ said if you do not wake up, that He will come upon you as a thief in the night.

In the spirit of worship if Christ opens the door of your heart, in the spirit of worship no one can shut it. In addition, if Christ shut the door of worship no else can open it, only Christ. Therefore, no one has the power or authority to judge how any individual has received the spirit of worship. In the relationship of worship, it is personal between you and God, and how you and God work out your worship and relationship. In the messages of Christ to each of the seven churches, I find that Christ writes to the church but also to the individual to commend them and to warn them about their worship and walk with God in their life. Balance of God’s Judgment Chapter Five