Balance of God’s Judgment Chapter Five


Walking in the balance of God’s judgment!

There is a special message to all ministers and Christians in Ephesians 3 regarding an understanding God’s revelation given for works and grace in each of us to give our understanding of the scriptures. Therefore, to my understanding of Paul’s the revelation that God gave to him was of the knowledge of Christ that he was to give to the Gentiles so they would have the knowledge of Christ. Paul also let them know that this knowledge had been a mystery in the days of old and now God has given him the message that the Gentiles would now be joint heirs with the Jews. All revelations of God made known to the prophets and the apostles and now are to be made known to those who have been called by God “some prophets, some pastors, some evangelists, and some teachers” Ephesians 4:11 to proclaim the mystery of God. Their message is to be for the perfecting the saints for the work of edifying the body of Christ. As Paul states this work is to be a work of unity in faith that we might not turn to every wind of doctrine. Judgment and the balance of God’s judgment has always been a mystery for many individuals in the church. By the Holy Spirit, God has made known to every Christian by the Gifts of the Holy Spirit the understanding of God’s judgment, and how to use personal judgment in life. Judgment is the work of the mind that gives the knowledge of God’s word and the knowledge of Christ for the Day of Judgment. Whereby, all are called to proclaim in their message or testimony until the day of His Second Coming.

Paul goes on to say that, our spiritual talk should be in wise judgment in our communication that we may minister grace to the hearers of the word of God. Works of judgment is a process that begins with the house of God and our judgment should not be distorted. For example, Adam and Eve allowed Satan to distort their judgment and they became disobedient to the command of God. Another example of judgment is how Cain allowed his personal judgment to be distorted and therefore slew his brother Abel. Therefore, distorted judgment brings about disobedience and the fall from grace. According to the Epistle of 1 John and John’s message that we should love one another gives the example, of Cain being the wicked one and slew his brother. (1 John 3:12) My point is that we are to be a living witness to show that we have eternal life. If Cain had made an impartial judgment about his brother’s, offering to God, it would not have been distorted. Cain could have made a judgment of mercy, which would have been a righteous judgment.

As Paul has stated many times, I charge you before God and Jesus that, you proclaim the word and the balance of God’s judgment. This book on the balance of God’s judgment is not to cause confusion or to change anyone’s faith, or ideas about their own conviction or understanding about the Word of God. On the balance of God’s judgment that I am writing about that, some biblical scholars would say that there is no place in the scripture to give proof of the balance of God’s judgment. I will be the first to agree there is no one text that states this subject on balance of judgment. They might even go so far as to say that I am uneducated about biblical facts that I am writing about. However, when I read from the scriptures, I find in God’s covenants, commandments, and laws, a balance for life in God and with others.

The biblical message written by the prophets and the apostles are for the purpose to educate the unlearned to recognize the relevance about the biblical message of God. If the complete Bible was not written for humanity for giving them a complete spiritual understanding of the balance of God’s judgment for life in this world and the world to come and for strength, faith, to face the days of tribulation upon this earth, I pray that God the Father will forgive me for this statement. In addition, I would like to state that we at all times be honest about the revelation of God and His Holy Word.

I personally take the Word of God’s Revelation seriously in every word written by the prophets and apostles regarding religious matters. The facts of the scriptures indicate to believers and nonbelievers the questions they must raise about the revelation of God and Christ and the Holy Spirit. The revelation of God’s Word has obviously become, a subject of widespread interest for individuals, Christians, denominations, and other groups outside of the church. Everywhere in the world, they devote themselves to the task of studies about the supernatural power of good and evil. Some have tried to prove that the revelation of God is false; some have tried finding the truth about human behavior in the realms of the supernatural. In addition, they try to find and explain the supernatural acts of God’s healing for humanity in many different kinds of miracles. Some even try to find personal security through the study of religion; but what is even worse is that some tried to prove that the revelation of God even exists at all.

In all of the above statement if we compare the Word of God in all of the issues stated I feel safe in saying you will find judgment of humankind as well as the balance of God’s judgment. Now more than ever before, we need to deal with the facts and questions of interpretation, the language of God’s revelation concerning what it means for humanity, in the balance for living, walking, and talking with God. We all, at one time or another, have been misunderstood, and have misunderstood someone else. There is in this world, people who use the language of God in a deceitful way. For example, the television commercial, and how they try to make the public believe that their product is better than other products on the market. Therefore, we might say that at arriving at a definite answer or interpretation of language even everyday language, could be misunderstood.

No two human beings think alike and no two languages are exactly alike. Peter wrote these words for the church “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto you do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn and the day star arise in your hearts: 20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of scripture is of any private interpretation. 21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but by holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.” 2 Peter 1:19-21 (KJV)

Knowing first that God has given us a surer word of prophecy to shine in this present time regarding the balance of God’s judgment in His Holy Word. The sure word of God’s prophecy that will shine in the day and time of our tribulation to guide us in the perilous times and in the day of perplexity and of the deceptions of Satan in the last days. Therefore, we cannot have a sure word of prophecy in our hearts unless we have the sure method of interpretation that sure interpretation Christ has given us in the Holy Spirit. The balance of God’s judgment in the last days is mainly due to the spiritual warfare of the individual person, Christians, or denominations and their method of interpretation. However, the interpretation of the Bible is also somewhat different than reading a book or the morning paper. There is no greater writing than the Word of God and therefore no greater need than to have the right frame of mind for the interpretation of this great and Holy Word.

In Second Peter, he writes about the things to come in the last days and how the righteous judgments will overtake us by the false prophets and teachers with their seducing spirit. (1 Tim 1:3-8) Consider verses 3-9 in 1 Timothy and the judgment according to working doctrine to God’s judgment of how the judgment of God overtook them even as it did at Sodom and Gomorrah by their disobedience. Paul speaks about the wicked and the end of the wicked and the unsparing justice reserved for the last judgment. The important thing that Peter writes is about how God delivered Lot out of all of the filthiness of the wicked in Sodom and Gomorrah. (2 Peter 2:6-7) KJV

Peter talks about self-will, presumption, corruption, and the wages of sin. (2 Pe 1) I believe that on the Day of Judgment God will judge us on all these issues. 2 Peter 2:21- 22 deals with a very important issue regarding them that have known the way of righteousness and turn away from it. In the last judgment and the universal judgment in the book of Revelation, 20:12, 22:12 judgment is done with what is written in the books according to works. Yes, I know that this is highly misunderstood within the church today and in most denominations, it is not taught that judgment is done according to works. However, if I read Revelation 20:12 right there is two sets of books one the book of life and the second is the book of works. Verse thirteen talks about where hell delivers up the dead to be judge according to their works. In this last judgment, God states the future punishment of them whose names are not found written in the book of life.

What should be our spiritual vision of the balance of judgment?

Before attempting to describe a spiritual balance, we need to understand judgment and where the root of judgment begins in the scriptures. The root goes back to Genesis and the fall of man and God’s preordained plan for His creation. I can see the act of the enmity with the seed of woman, why God make a judgment for our salvation spoken in Genesis 3:15. This is the prophecy of Jesus and that He would defeat Satan therefore an ordained plan and the judgment of God in that plan. The fulfillment of that plan, according to the New Testament is with the entrance of John the Baptist’s public ministry and Jesus Christ coming to be baptized.

The visions of John in the book of Revelation there is none more stirring to bring about the reality of the events coming in last days. These visions that God gave to His Son to give to his servant are the visions to unlock the prophecy and mystery of God’s judgment to come. These are the visions of prophecy and the final prophecy in which all mystery will be revealed by the voice of the seventh angel begins to declare that the mystery of prophecy is finished. (Revelation 10: 7)

Therefore, to the church and every Christian, it is crucial to read and understand the words of these visions of John and the judgment that will fall upon all humanity. In these visions, you need to look at the purpose, time, and seasons in which God will judge. By doing so I feel you will have no conflict with the word of prophecy here in the book of Revelation. All of these visions of John deal with the Second Coming of Christ, and the Day of Judgment of how the people of God should live in the last days. The vision of the seven messages sent to the seven churches illustrates God’s principles of doctrine and the warning for sin and the promises that Christ will give to them that overcome their sins. Furthermore, these visions are for us to have judgment and purpose that we may purify our minds to live in righteousness in the blood of the new covenant. (Revelation 2-3)

Christ gives the spiritual doctrine to the seven churches for faith and righteous living. Note this about Revelation two and three, this thought, how many times “I” is stated regarding Christ? “I” is stated 51 times. I bring this up to bring to your attention how Jesus puts His message to each of the churches on a personal level. In addition, in John’s visions God is showing us the process by which the trials will come in the last days and how He will accomplish the prophecy of these visions. Therefore, we all should search our hearts and consecrate ourselves in preparation for the solemn day of His Coming and the Day of Judgment. Another way of looking at the book of Revelation is that John was taken forward in time by the Holy Spirit in the events and trials referring to the inhabitants of the earth. In addition, to open our eyes to see the prophecy of the book of seven or the completeness of God’s will with His preordained plan.

In Revelation 4 John’s vision shows us God’s throne and its surroundings. John begins with the voice I heard was like a trumpet talking with me telling him to come up hither. Chapter four also states about the elders, the four living creatures, and their worship of God. Chapter five reveals the book of the seven seals and the mystery held within this book and the question of who was worthy to open this book In Revelation 5-6 John tells of the vision of the Lamb and the worship of the Lamb. The first seal is open in Revelation 6:1-2 in verses 3-17 there are five other seals opened and the seventh seal is found in Revelation 8:1.

Just before the sound of the seven trumpets, you read about the golden censer. I do not know much about this subject. However, it seems to me this could be a service of worship in preparation for God pouring out His wrath upon the earth. The first trumpet sounds, and here is what followed the hail and fire mingled with blood and a third part of the trees and grass are burnt up. The third trumpet sounds the great star fell from heavens, its name was wormwood, and a third of the people die and the waters become bitter, this is what cause a third of the people to die. (Revelation 8:10-11) After the fourth trumpet sounds there is an angel flying through the heavens crying woe, woe, woe, to the people of the earth.

Now the fifth trumpet sounds and the stars from heavens fall and the angel of God that has the key to the pit opens the door to the pit and the demon locust comes forth with the power to hurt those who do not have the seal of God in their forehead. The torment from these locusts will last for five months. When the sixth trumpet sounds, the angels of death are released to slay one third of men, upon the earth. The scriptures here in Revelation 9:13-21 states even after all that these things the horsemen had done to men, the rest that were alive repented not. Now the sounding of the seventh trumpet is not stated until chapter eleven verse fifteen. At the sounding of this trumpet, there is another thing taking place in the kingdom of heaven in verse 18 that the time of the dead should be judged.

In chapter twelve of Revelation speaks of the woman clothed with the sun. The great red dragon and its evil activity to devour the child being born of the woman clothed with the sun. This chapter also speaks of the war in heaven and Satan being cast out of heaven. It also speaks of how Satan persecutes the woman and the satanic malice of the dragon that brings spiritual warfare to them that keep the commandments of Jesus Christ. In chapter thirteen, John writes about the beast, and its mark, and its number; and how the beast will make war against the saints.

Chapter 14 starts out with the hundred and forty-four thousand singing a new song that no one else could learn but them. These are the devout followers that are the virgin’s followers of Christ out of the great tribulation and they are the twelve tribes of Israel. The prophecy of John about the angel having the message of the everlasting gospel to preach to every nation will be the message to take heed “the hour of judgment has come” (Revelation 14:7). The second message is that the great Babylon has fallen because of her spiritual adultery. The third message, proclaiming that if any man who has worshiped the beast, and received his mark that the wrath of God has come and they will not be present with the Lamb of God. Now the two harvests of the reaping one is the reaping of the earth and two is the reaping of the vine of the earth. (Revelation 14:15-18) In the beginning of chapter 15 you read about the seven angels having the seven last plagues. Then verses two and three relate the spiritual victory of those who overcome the mark of the beast, his name, his number and finally his image.

Chapter 16 of Revelation tells of God’s wrath that He will pour out upon the earth. Chapter 17 is the judgment of God upon the great whore and mystery of Babylon, the woman with the beast and the evil power that makes war with the Lamb of God. Revelation 17:17 makes it clear about who is in control, the God of Heaven. Chapter 18 is about the fall of Babylon and God’s people being called out so that they will not be partakers of Babylon’s sin. Chapter 19 begins with the praise of God for the salvation and righteousness He gives. Next is the marriage of the Lamb and the rider upon the white horse and the victory of the Lamb.

In chapter 20 we find the binding of Satan and the final overthrow of Satan. In addition, the first resurrection and those who are blessed by having part in the first resurrection, and the last judgment of God. Chapter 21 contains John’s vision of the new heaven and new earth coming down from God and the description of the New Jerusalem. Finally, chapter 22 contains two of the most important issues regarding the prophecy of this book of Revelation. The first is found in verse 7 where Christ states, “He will come quickly” and about the “keeping of the prophecy of this book” and those who will be blessed by keeping the prophecy of the book of Revelation. The second issue is found in verse 14 on the conditions of our entrance into the kingdom of heaven and who has the right to eat of the tree of life. I have given you just a brief introduction to the complete book of Revelation to help you to understand that not only is the book of Revelation the book of seven but it is also the book of Christ’s prophecy regarding His people and the events coming in the last days.

The prophecy of Christ regarding the last days is vital for our entrance into the kingdom of heaven, and the last judgment, and the resurrection of life eternal. For me the book of Revelation is the key of understanding what it takes to live righteously in the last days and to have the strength to overcome the evil in the spiritual warfare of the last days. In addition, the book of Revelation is a key book of prophecy that demonstrates the Divine Principles of instruction of Christ for keeping the commandments of God.

God is judge and Christ is our high Priest in the kingdom of heaven. God will hold court and every individual will be held accountable according to His laws that have been repeated again and again throughout the scriptures. To be sure, of this certainty the book of Revelation, a book of prophecy telling that God is judge and will bring judgment upon all of humanity. All too often, all of us read words of our own beliefs and ideas that are completely contrary to God’s Word. So, it is therefore, crucial that we are careful to read the understanding of God’s Word instead of assuming the popular opinion. Therefore, the commentator or the spiritual leader of the Bible must not have preconceived ideas of God’s laws for giving judgment.

In other words, let’s put an end to the problem by letting God be the judge of the Jews and the Gentiles. Follow God’s Word and let God be the judge and set the standards of judging us. The statute of God’s judgments for humanity starts back with the fall of man. God gave Moses the book of the covenant and the commandments for the Jewish nation. God therefore, authorized the statutes of His judgment, and use a variety of terms throughout the Old and New Testament. The instruction of God’s Word is defined as a definite article to be the specific aspect of instruction called the law of God. Let me draw a picture for you that you may learn the Day of Judgment. In Day of Judgment, we will stand in the courtroom, and even the fallen angels will be present to be judged. In the courtroom, there will be all of the books of our deeds and works and the book of life. God will have the angel read out of those books of our works and the book of life and these recorded facts found in these books will be the determining factors of how God will judge and how He will rule. The judge will rule with one of two rulings one will be joyful and the other will be of great sorrow. The joyful one you will hear the judge say enter into the joys of the kingdom of heaven. The second one the one of great sorrow the judge will say depart from me ye worker of evil. (Matthew 7: 23; Luke 13:27) Balance of God’s Judgment Chapter Six