Acts 1

As we begin to study here in chapter one let us start by stating that this is the early church history and the acts of the apostles from the time of Jesus ascending, the Day of Pentecost, which I believe to be the unstoppable power of God.

Acts Chapter One

The Risen Lord: Acts 1:1-26
The assurance from Jesus: Acts 1:1-8
After He had given commandments to the apostles: Acts 1:2
To whom He had shown Himself alive, being seen during forty days: Acts 1:3
The reason why Luke writes to confirm the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Acts 1:1-3
The Lord confirming: Acts 1:1-5
The Lord commissioning: Acts 1:6-11
The Lord choosing: Acts 1:12-26

The command: The disciples called “apostles” and the Lord commands them that they are to remain in Jerusalem until they are baptized with the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:4-5

Speaking of things pertaining to the kingdom of God:
The Lord confirming, 1:1-5
The Lord commissioning, 1:6-11
The Lord choosing, 1:12-26
The ascension of Jesus: Acts 1:9-11

First: We must consider the action of the disciples; for Jesus is taken up into heaven right before their eyes. Acts 1:9

Secondly: We must consider the attendants or who was present: Two white-robed men suddenly stand beside them. Acts 1:10

Thirdly: wW must consider the assurance: of the two men who tell the amazed apostles that Jesus will return in like manner just as he left! Acts 1:11
The waiting for the Spirit: Acts 1:12-14
They return to the upper room: Acts 1:12
There are only eleven apostles named in: Acts 1:13
There are 120 in the upper room
The prayer meeting: Acts 1:12-14
The business meeting: Acts 1:15-26

The Scriptures Peter quotes from Psalms 109:8, which predicted that after Judas’s death a replacement or someone to take his place. Acts 1:16-17, 20
The selection of Matthias

In regard to the election of Matthias Acts 1:21-26
The conditions for electing a new apostle have to be a long-time believer and one who saw the resurrected Christ. Acts 1:21-22 Acts 2