William W Warner Jr has been writing since 1998 and published many books down through the years. Yes, my writings have been for the sole purpose of teaching the complete Bible and to help others to know the deeper meaning of the Bible, to help others to developed their own spiritual knowledge of the holy word of God. My desire is truly about the church and the ministry of the church, and how that the modern-day evangelical church is to take the commission of Jesus into all nation. Also, to help good Christian men and women to increase in knowledge of becoming leaders within the church today. However, about this writer personally my greatest desire is having a full understanding of the prophecy of the book of Revelation.

Yes, I have been in the ministry since 1975. My ministry started in the lay ministry as a lay speaker in the United Methodist Church I have done evangelistic ministry. My evangelistic ministry was a television ministry for three years. Then I went into pastoring full time in the local church in 1986. I was born in Buckhannon West Virginia, in 1939. I completed my college work at West Virginia Wesleyan and my theological training at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D. C. In 1998 I began to write my first book on My Search for What is Spiritual which took me five years to complete my research and write. In my years of retirement of pastoring churches I now have devoted my time to writing the message of the Lord.