A Commentary About the Seven Churches Preface

Commentary About The Seven Churches


A commentary on the seven churches is about the seven messages or letters that Jesus sent to the seven churches in Asia Minor is to bring a consciousness to illustrate the Lord’s message to the church today. The general approach to this commentary is clearly about the church life then and now and what was being practice within the church then which would be the vital key elements for Israel, the church, and the last days. You will find when reading about the seven churches their strengths and their weakness that represents the whole church then and what the church would be today.

The seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3 is probably one of the most neglected subject or not taught much in many local churches today. I believe that no other book in the Holy Scriptures evokes the church as the book of Revelation and yet has the widest understanding and reveals a greater truth about the church then and the church today. The letters or messages to the seven churches recorded in Revelation two and three are seven letters dictated by Jesus to John and I believe are letters relevant to the church today. Through my years of ministering the word of God and being around other pastors has brought me to ask this question: Why is there such a neglect of the book of Revelation and the teaching of the seven letters Jesus sent?

The one thing this writer will try to do is write in a manner of how Jesus addressed each church. What I mean is Jesus opens His message or letter to each church and plainly addresses to whom the message is to be sent and identifies Himself to each church in an expression that corresponds with His message. This commentary of the seven churches is to relate plainly who dictated the message and who wrote the message being dictated. The book of Revelation is the only book that addresses seven different churches. Nevertheless, the messages to these seven churches I believe to represent the church of all ages in this manner Israel, the church, and the last days, in addition, meaning the past, present, and the future.

The messages to the seven churches is about living Christianity in the last days and how to prepare for the coming events given to Jesus to show unto His servants of the things that must shortly come to pass Revelation 1:1. There is only one way for this writer to approach what Jesus wrote to the seven churches: Jesus offers knowledge and wisdom for each individual who is seeking His revelation in relationship to His spiritual truth of His prophetic revelation to the seven churches stating their eternal state. Commentary About the Seven Churches Introduction